More Than a Feeling: Black on (Gay) Black Attack in Atlanta = Hate Crime; Black on White Attack in Philly = Nothing

God Bless WSHH… but why no “Hate Crime” in Black-on-white attack in Philly?

World Star Hip Hop ( is the most important Web site on the Internet, for it shows Black America in all its glory. Black people willingly upload videos of themselves engaging in behaviors that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) dismiss as “stereotypical” and Organized Blackness claims are only isolated incidents of neglected youth lashing out against a society dominated by white privilege.

No. World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) is just Black people ‘keepin it real’. It’s undiluted, uncensored, uncouth, unapologetically untrammeled Black behavior. That’s why the recent video upload of Black people in Atlanta assaulting a quote “faggot” (No Homo, right?) instantly became a WSHH sensation:

Members of an Atlanta street gang were filmed beating a man who was brutally assaulted because “faggots” were not allowed in their neighborhood, according to a videotape of the apparent hate crime.

The 30-second clip, posted today to the Worldstar Hip Hop web site, was shot outside a grocery store in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood. The business, located at 1029 McDaniel Street SW, is a popular congregating spot for members of the Pittsburgh Jack City Gang (or “PBJC”). The group has also used the name “Jack City 1029.”

After being provided a link to the video, an Atlanta police spokesperson told TSG that the clip had been forwarded to the department’s gang division as well as the unit that investigates bias crimes against the LGBT community. Officer Kim Jones added that she was researching whether a police report was generated at the time of the attack (which investigators believe took place over the weekend).

As seen above, the video opens with an unseen cameraman and a second man outside the grocery store. The second man announces, “Round one. Jack City. No faggots.” Then, after a diminutive man exits the grocery, an assailant approaches him from behind and delivers a brutal punch to the side of the victim’s head. The man’s cell phone flies from his hand and he crumples to the ground.

Black people have gleefully uploaded their crimes for the world to see on WSHH (nor bragging about them on Facebook), but this time, the usage of the word “faggot” has stripped the usual Black-on-Black crime we have come to expect to dominate the news in a big-city like Atlanta, to a level of naked bigotry that can not be tolerated:

Federal authorities joined Atlanta police Monday in investigating video footage posted online of an apparent gang-related beating in southwest Atlanta.

The video, posted on YouTube and the website for and reported by online news site The Smoking Gun, shows three men attacking a man they claim to be gay coming from a grocery store on McDaniel Street.

One of the alleged assailants shouts a derogatory term for gays as he attacks the victim.

In a prepared statement emailed to the media Monday night, U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said, “Along with the Atlanta Police Department, we are working to determine if the actions portrayed in the video violate federal law, including the hate crime statute.

“The actions depicted in the video are appalling and unacceptable in our community, and we encourage anyone with information about this video to contact the FBI or Atlanta Police,” Yates said.

YouTube removed the video on Monday, citing it violates the website’s policy against violence.

In the video, the victim appears to be talking on his cell phone as he emerges from the store, and rounds a corner into an apparent ambush.

Three assailants  swarm the man, punching and kicking him repeatedly. When the man falls to the ground, someone grabs a car tire and strikes him with it.

Atlanta police say they were made aware of the video by the media, but weren’t able to determine Monday when the footage was shot and whether anyone had filed a report.

“We encourage the victim to come forward to discuss the incident with investigators,” police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a statement. “The Atlanta Police Department is working to determine more about the attack depicted on this video, including attempting to identify the victim and the perpetrators.”

 Just like the predominately white student body of Georgia Tech (located in downtown Atlanta) – targeted on a daily basis for robbery, random assaults, rape, and murder by Black people – it now seems gay bashing is a enjoyable game in the Black community of Atlanta. Considering that the gay community is the last chance for ensuring that property values remaining high in Fulton County (via the first wave of gentrification), this incident might spook one or two members of that community from settling down in The City too Busy to Hate.

But this incident, when compared to a recent ruling in Philadelphia shows us one simple fact: white people have no real legal protections anymore when they are assaulted by Black people, especially when said Black people are using racial epithets during the barrage. Remember the Urban Terrorists who targeted whitey in Philadelphia recently? As they beat two white guys, they yelled racially charged slurs and pejoratives toward them. Federal authorities aren’t launching an investigation however:

THREE JUVENILES accused of assaulting a cabdriver and his passenger in Center City Saturday night while shouting racial slurs will not be charged with a hate crime, the District Attorney’s Office said yesterday.

The teens, who are black, were not charged with hate crimes because there was no evidence that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims, who are white, said Tasha Jamerson, D.A. spokeswoman. Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn’t rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said.

“They just didn’t have that in this case,” she said. “If they had somebody who, two blocks before, heard them say, ‘We’re going to beat somebody up because they’re white, brown or purple,’ it might be different.”

Such is life in Black-Run America (BRA), where Obama’s War on white America gets more obvious on a daily basis. Lawrence Auster at VFR recently opined on the meaning of “hate crimes” and it’s vital for you to read what he stated:

The creation of the legal category of “hate-crime” illustrates how liberalism is the dominant force of our society, progressively taking over and displacing normal and traditional concepts. Traditionally, a crime consists of two elements: the intention to commit the criminal act, and the criminal act. Those are the two things that must be found in order for a jury to find a person guilty of a crime. The only required psychological component is that the defendant had mens rea—the guilty thought, the guilty intent to commit the crime. The precise nature and quality of this intention does not matter, insofar as the establishment of his guilt is concerned, only that he had the intention to commit the crime.

The establishment of “hate-crime” as a category in criminal law adds on to the normal idea of criminal intent the idea of “hate.” If you “hate” the ethnic, religious, or sexual group to which your victim belongs, and if such hate was part of your motivation, your crime is much worse, and is punished more severely, and society condemns you more harshly. Determining whether such “hate” obtained in a given crime involves looking into the thoughts of the defendant in a manner that does not happen in normal criminal law. It defines as criminal certain kinds of thoughts, which has never been the case in the Anglo-American legal tradition. It makes certain kinds of intentions more criminal, and more punishable, than other kinds of intentions. So, even as society keeps letting off with light punishments people who have committed terrible murders, it makes a huge deal of, and punishes more severely, people who have committed crimes who also had “hate” in their mind when they committed them. In 1989 an acquaintance said that racism is now worse than murder. With the establishment of the category of hate-crimes, that statement has become literally true. 

As I’ve always said, the ruling principle of modern liberal society is non-discrimination. Therefore under liberalism discrimination is the worst thing there is, the thing that must be rooted out and eliminated, as liberals are always saying it must be. The introduction of hate-crimes statutes shows how this liberal ideology has taken over our society. It shows how, to a very significant degree, America is no longer a free country, but an ideological state, ruling society according the ideology of non-discrimination. But of course this ideology is not imposed equally on everyone, but principally on white Christian heterosexual men, who according to the liberal ideology are the main or only source of hate and discrimination in our society. Thus when, as in Philadelphia this week, blacks commit what appears from the news reports to be a grossly obvious hate-crime against whites, physically assaulting a white cab driver and the white cabbie while yelling racial epithets, the hate-crime charge was instantly dismissed by Philadelphia’s district attorney.

The economy of Philadelphia will continue to falter with white flight from a city under-siege by Black people engaging in Flash Mobs Mahogany Mob attacks on white people and then uploading their buffoonery for all to observe on WSHH.  Atlanta’s property values will continue to plummet, and commercial real estate prices will bottom out (as companies seek to open headquarters in the lily-white suburbs up 400 north in Alpharetta) because Black crime makes living in the city an intolerable act of cruelty; commuting two hours every day to work in the city and live away from that same Black crime is an even greater act of cruelty (and one of the sparsely researched areas of why marriages are failing: having to spend so much time commuting to and from your Whitopia in a bid to escape Black Undertow cities).

None of this warrants national discussion; none of this warrants national dialogue. We would rather see every major city in America turned into another version of Detroit, then confront the reality of race.

One day, to even acknowledge that Black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime in America will automatically be deemed a “hate crime” in BRA. To even point out twisted application of the law (when comparing the attacks in Atlanta and Philly) is probably grounds for some sort of punishment in our brave new world.

SBPDL has more than a feeling that a few people around the nation saw these two stories and made the same connection we did. In the end, the Black attack in Atlanta (is there any other kind?) only brought more attention to WSHH, that wonderful Web site that confirms every anecdote you’ve ever heard or read about Black people.

And that’s a good thing.

The bad thing? The quick decision to go after Hate Crime charges in the Atlanta story, but to deny that there was a Hate Crime in the Philadelphia situation (when racial slurs against whites were used by Blacks in the latter) shows that the legal war against white people continues unabated.

More than a feeling that a lot of people wish someone would confront that “bad thing” – they’d have a huge portion of the nation behind them. 



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