What Do You See on the Horizon?

There are two views for the future, two paths this world can take: Black-Run America (BRA) continues, unabated, with massive third world immigration helping put the nail in the coffin of the historic American majority population.

County after county in America collapses (like Jefferson County, Alabama, which the New York Times covers here and we cover here, revealing a much different why Birmingham is now a shell of its former self) and tyrannical law after oppressive law are implemented to keep white flight from removing the last vestiges of a tax-base from a city.

Or, BRA ends.

The most oppressive force in world history – one that keeps an adult discussion on racial differences in crime, achievement, and why some cities collapse and others thrive, from occurring – falters, cracking apart at some unforeseen fault line. There exist plenty of scenarios which could provide the spark for this to transpire, but it’s in the early stages of the confusion where salvation rests.

Those are the two choices left for America. There is no alternative. There is no compromise. If BRA survives in America, the managerial-elite of this ideology will work to ensure that no nation escapes its reach. Its pernicious influence. 

Like the enemy in Ender’s Game, if BRA falters in America, it collapses worldwide.

We are so close to the collapse of Detroit – no, not the Big Three car companies, which have all been on the precipice of bankruptcy only to regroup, reorganize, restructure, innovate, and recover – but the actual city, which Black people have lorded over since the Great Revolution of 1967.

The Great Revolution of 1967 — that’s what the real Leftist Agitators for Genocide (LAG) call the Black Riot of 1967, still the worst riot in American history — is documented in Detroit: I Do Mind Dying as an event that was the harbinger of healthy change from the insidious white rule that had actually built the city. This book shows the true evil that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) – judging by their mating habits – even shy away from.

Now, in 2012, Actual Black-Run America (ABRA) Detroit prepares to die.

The lesson of what happened in Detroit post -1967 must be told, for it must not happen to another American city (or county) again. It must be documented, it must be debated, and it must be confronted.

Luckily for those pushing the BRA-agenda, they have no actual opposition. The managerial-elite of BRA are unopposed, with the looming take-over of Detroit via financial martial law by the state of Michigan not even a cause for consternation.

This will be repeated again in cities like Baltimore, St. Louis, Newark, Atlanta, Memphis, and others if BRA limps along until we as a nation no longer imagine 2050, but see A.D 2050 with our own eyes.

Personally, I believe millions of people across this nation are just waiting for an individual of some note to say, “You know what, Black people ruined Detroit.”

The result of this statement would be a Chernobyl-style meltdown by the media, with this individual’s comments immediately deemed outside the realm of acceptable discourse and an untold number of editorials in dying newspapers and on Web sites – both left and right – attacking the morality of this statement, with writers spilling buckets of bilge claiming how its that very line of thought that somehow keeps Black people from abiding by the law, their children from going to school and learning, and Black people from being able to run a business.

Worse, it’s this type of language that keeps Black people dependent on entitlements programs and somehow enables their No. 2 pencils from filling in the proper bubble on a scan-tron or test during an aptitude exam like the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, or military exam.

Black people did ruin Detroit, courtesy of the types of LAGs who praised the actions of Black rioters in Detroit: I Do Mind Dying by Dan and Sur Georgakas. Because the state failed to open fire on the Black insurrection of 1967 – putting it down before it could put down roots – we now live in a world where merely noticing Black pathologies is grounds for immediate termination.

We now see the type of LAG thinking in Iowa, a state attacked constantly for its unforgivable whiteness (though the same never happens in Detroit, where its debilitating Blackness is the reason why a nine-month old is dead today). It is a lawsuit that showcases what the future holds for all white people if BRA continues:

IOWA CITY, Iowa– A judge will soon decide whether to grant thousands of black employees and job applicants monetary damages for hiring practices throughout Iowa’s state government they say have disadvantaged them for decades.

Experts say the case is the largest class-action lawsuit of its kind against an entire state government’s civil service system.

The plaintiffs, up to 6,000 African-Americans passed over for state jobs and promotions dating back to 2003, do not say they faced overt racism or discriminatory hiring tests in Iowa, a state that is 91 percent white. Instead, their lawyers argue that managers subconsciously favored whites, leaving blacks at a disadvantage in decisions over who got interviewed, hired and promoted.

The case represents a growing front of discrimination litigation.

Anthony Greenwald, an expert on implicit bias who testified on behalf of the plaintiffs, said the decision would be one of the first of its kind because similar cases against corporations have usually been dismissed or settled before trial.

“The decision will be important. It will be certainly looked at outside of Iowa,” he said.
Scholars and employment lawyers have shown a growing interest in implicit bias in the last several years, after Greenwald and other scientists developed the Implicit Association Test to test racial stereotypes.

Their research found an inherent preference for whites over blacks — in up to 80 percent of test-takers and among many people who do not consider themselves racist.
The theory hit a legal obstacle last year when the U.S. Supreme Court disqualified a class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart’s pay and promotion practices for women. The court found the class was too broad and failed to challenge a specific hiring practice as discriminatory.

Lawyers defending Iowa have cited that decision in asking the judge to dismiss this case. But the high court’s decision did not specifically reject the theory of implicit bias, and dissenting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote that such claims can be allowed.
Class attorney Thomas Newkirk said the science and other evidence that shows disadvantaged groups such as blacks face employment discrimination in subtle ways “is becoming overwhelming.”

“Clearly, the problem is not in Iowa alone, but we believe Iowa is the exactly the right place to ask society to take control of this important issue fairly for all races, and to seek a better future for all as a result,” he said.

What. The. Hell.


Only in a nation governed by BRA could a lawsuit like this even be heard in a courtroom. How many of these 6,000 Black applicants are related to one of Iowa’s 2.9 Black population, who represent a whopping 24 percent of the states prison population?:

Black prison population in Iowa could grow–now 2% of population and 24 % of prisoners

Black prison population in Iowa could grow
By MIKE GLOVER | Associated Press Writer
May 14, 2009
Chicago Tribune
DES MOINES, Iowa – Blacks continue to be incarcerated in Iowa prisons at a number far out of proporation to their overall population in the state, and that disparity is expected to grow over the next 10 years, state prison officials were told Wednesday.

The state began to study the racial breakdown of prison inmates under former Gov. Tom Vilsack, and that initial study found that 24 percent of the state’s prison beds are occupied by blacks who make up roughly 2 percent of the population.

The Iowa Board of Corrections was told that those numbers remain unchanged as of last year but are expected to grow.

“The projections are that the percent of African-Americans in prison will slightly increase over the next 10 years,” said Lettie Prell, research director for the Iowa Department of Corrections. She said tougher penalties for crimes like robbery will likely lead to the increase.

Prell also said there is a disparity in sentencing practices when sentences are measured by race.

She said 48.3 percent of blacks convicted of serious drug charges receive prison time, compared to 36.5 percent of whites. That same disparity is seen throughout the range of felony drug cases.

Looking at the correctional population as a whole, just over 20 percent of whites in the corrections system are in prison or confined in community facilities, while nearly 40 percent of blacks in the corrections system are in prison or confined in community facilities.

“On the whole, incarceration rates for African-Americans is higher than for whites for the various types of crimes,” Prell said.

Prell said studies have shown a broad array of social and economic forces account for the disparity in prison population.

“They go way beyond the scope of corrections itself,” she said.

Prell said corrections officials have launched pilot projects in Waterloo and Des Moines that begin before an inmate is released and are designed to closely supervise inmates and offer a variety of counseling programs. Early results are encouraging, though a tight state budget has reduced available funding for those efforts, she said.
“We’re doing what we can to grow those initiatives,” Prell said.

Steve Sailer noted that Iowa’s Black people are perhaps the nations worst Black population. You don’t have to convince us of that, with the 2010 Beat Whitey Night event at the Iowa State Fair still fresh in our memories.

If not Iowa, a similar lawsuit will be filed in Alabama. Perhaps North Dakota. Maybe North Carolina. It could be Colorado.

And – if the judicial system of BRA has its way – those Black people who whites subconsciously discriminated against will see a judge rule in their favor.

So we come to the most important part of the lesson, an invaluable quotation from the underrated 1999 movie Ride With the Devil. One of the remaining Missouri guerrilla-fighters is having a discussion with a citizen of that state – which was under Union occupation at the time – whose loyalties are with the rebelling South:

Mr. Evans: You ever been to Lawrence KS young man? 

Jack Bull Chiles: [scoffs] No, I reckon not Mr. Evans. I don’t believe I’d be too welcome in Lawrence. 

Mr. Evans: I didn’t think so. Before this war began, my business took me there often. As I saw those northerners build that town, I witnessed the seeds of our destruction being sown. 

Jack Bull Chiles: The foundin’ of that town was truly the beginnin’ of the Yankee invasion.
Mr. Evans: I’m not speakin’ of numbers, nor even abolitionist trouble makin’. It was the schoolhouse. Before they built their church, even, they built that schoolhouse. And they let in every tailor’s son… and every farmer’s daughter in that country. 

Jack Bull Chiles: Spellin’ won’t help you hold a plow any firmer. Or a gun either. 

Mr. Evans: No, it won’t Mr. Chiles. But my point is merely that they rounded every pup up into that schoolhouse because they fancied that everyone should think and talk the same free-thinkin’ way they do with no regard to station, custom, propriety. And that is why they will win. Because they believe everyone should live and think just like them. And we shall lose because we don’t care one way or another how they live. We just worry about ourselves. 

Jack Bull Chiles: Are you sayin’, sir, that we fight for nothin’? 

Mr. Evans: Far from it, Mr. Chiles. You fight for everything that we ever had, as did my son. It’s just that… we don’t have it anymore. 

“We just worry about ourselves…”

What happened if we didn’t? What happened if people didn’t slink off to Idaho or Montana to watch the world die, or tolerate paying $4.00/a gallon for gas so they can escape to a Whitopia and raise a family, away from the unsafe inner-cities where the Black Undertow rules uncontested?

This is what we at SBPDL mean by the simple term “Exist”… this is why the impending release of the Fair Campaign’s first salvo is so important. We aim to misbehave in a perfectly legal manner.

There are only two futures for this nation: the uncivil application of “co-exist” nationwide (as we see in Iowa, the courts will push this agenda) or the ability to “Exist.”

That’s all we see on the horizon.



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