The Return of McDonald’s 365Black! Filet-O-Fish Order Gets Violent

Mess up the order? More 365Black activity at McDonald’s

McDonald’s. Black people. What a combination! Even Daniel Tosh, the popular comedian and host of one of cable’s most popular shows – Tosh.0 – pointed out the hilarity of McDonald’s 365Black campaign in his recent episode celebrating “Black History Month.”

For those who haven’t seen this episode, find it and watch it immediately. 
But for now, courtesy of Black people’s inability to maintain proper decorum (and irrational thinking when it comes to the consequences of their actions), we have another 365Black moment at McDonald’s:

Bond has been set at $750,000 for the man arrested for shooting the manager of a McDonald’s in Canton Tuesday. 

Michael Wilks, 36, of Jackson had placed an order at the fast food restaurant.Police say he then shot the manager in the arm, claiming he messed up his order. 

Wilks then went to the America’s Best Value Inn, where he checked into a room, trying to elude police. 

Eyewitnesses told authorities, who quickly found him, and arrested him. 

The McDonald’s manager, Maurice Sheppard, is recovering from his injuries. 

“He insinuated his food hadn’t been prepared correctly but it seemed from his mind state, at that time, and that nobody could have done anything that would have been satisfying to him,” said Chief Vicki McNeil, Canton Police Dept. 

Police have also recovered the gun used in the crime. 

Wilks is also being investigated for other crimes in Hinds County.

Cue the music:
Gimme that Filet-O-Fish!



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