"Don’t Get Detroit-ed": An Introduction to a New Series

PK: “Don’t Get Detroit-ed” will be a new feature here once or twice a week, joining the “Guns Don’t Kill People, Dangerous Minorities Do” articles. All sites must evolve, and this is part of one individuals desire to bring to light unfortunate – but always discernable – truths that threaten the stability of our nations future.

# posts are fun, but people are dying out there. Cities are being destroyed. As a result of white people’s sensible reaction to Black crime – their abandonment of cities for suburbs  – increases in the price of gas put strains on families which are directly the fault of one failed social policy: Black-Run America (BRA).

No one wants to admit the reality of Climate Change. Real Climate Change.

What city will be featured first in the “Don’t Get Detroit-ed” Series?

Cities where the effects of Climate Change have been most overwhelming and noticeable include Camden, New Jersey; Birmingham, Alabama; and Baltimore, Maryland.

What happened in Detroit is far worse.  This is why we dub the warning of Climate Change “Don’t be Detroit-ed.”

And this isn’t being an alarmist, as a long list of cities across the United States are in jeopardy of being Detroit-ed, perhaps the worst fate to befall a metropolitan area in the world.

No, that’s no severe enough. What has happened to Detroit goes beyond the 10 plagues of Egypt listed out in the book of Exodus. Plagues of blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, pestilence, boils, hail, locust, darkness, and the death of the firstborn… these pale in comparison to what has happened to Detroit since 1973.

In 1990, Primetime Live on ABC aired one of the most damning news stories on what it means to be Detroit-ed. Titled Detroit’s Agony, the venerable Diane Sawyer introduces the 14-minute story, with Judd Rose reporting, stating:

“Our first story is not about a city. It’s about a warning. Detroit… Once a symbol of US competitive vitality. Some say Detroit it is still a symbol of the future, the first urban dynamo to fall. “

Newsweek reported on the Primetime Live special back in 1990, noting:

The program was not overtly racist. But it only nodded to the city’s black middle class and stable residential neighborhoods. It also lapsed into gratuitous stigmatizing shorthand. To stigmatize the racial divide, producers juxtaposed blacks dancing to M.C. Hammer with suburban whites sipping tea. “So now when it’s Hammer time in the city, it’s tea time in the suburbs. ‘ Rose said.

The best quote comes courtesy of Mayor Coleman Young, who stated that any criticism of Detroit is code for attacking “Blacks.” That Detroit in 1950 had a population of two million (and was 80 percent white), and in 1990 – 17 years after his election – had a population of less than a million and was 70 percent Black is one of the most ominous signs of Climate Change available.

It’s not a faulty or fraudulent science. When a city goes from one extreme (80 percent white) to the other (70 percent Black), you’ll see discernible Climate Change.

Young was quoted as telling Rose in Detroit’s Agony:

In this country, Black people are victims of racism. It’s not accidental that the cities around the nation that have the largest percentage of Blacks, have the largest percentage of poverty, have the largest percentage of crime, and the largest percentage of unemployment.

Immediately after making this assertion (which is true, because once a city goes majority Black, the Visible Black Hand of Economics takes over), Rose points out:

But in Detroit, Blacks aren’t just the majority. They’re the authority. They run the police, the police, the courts, the schools, and city hall. But Black political power hasn’t meant Black economic prosperity.

When Young claims that other big cities have similar problems (to which Rose didn’t state also our courtesy of the Black population), Rose – with a burnt-out home in the background and the 73-story Renaissance Center towering in the distance – this:

Most big cities do have the same problems. In some cases worse. Washington has more murders, Los Angeles has more gangs, New York City has more racial violence. America’s cities are on a dark and dangerous road. But you come here [Detroit], and you get the feeling that this, this is what the end of the road looks like.

Mr. Rose was correct back in 1990. Detroit is the end of the road for American cities. And Mr. Rose was astute to make the observation that Detroit in 1990 was completely run by Black people; he was correct to point out that this did not automatically translate to economic prowess (recall the Black woman who famously said that Obama would pay her mortgage and gas once he was in office; Black people really believe that under a white controlled government, economic gains are created solely by the government and that this is the cause for such deep economic divisions between the races).

Now, imagine 22 more years of uninterrupted Actual Black-Run America (ABRA) in Detroit. It’s the point now where the state government of Michigan will step in and assume authority of the Black-run city (now with a population of less than 775,000 and 89 percent Black).

What do the cities up top and the cities at the bottom have an abundance of, and, conversely, a lack of?
Yes, the answer is Black people

This is what we mean by being Detroit-ed.

Precious metal thieves running wild; no tax-base to even afford keeping the lights on; 911 calls no longer being responded too by police; vigilante justice rising with the police effectively giving up; ambulance drivers abandoned and forced to stay in their vehicles as New Year’s revelers fire their guns all around them; corruption and fraud in every level of government and city service; crime statistics no longer kept and actually actively covered-up; paramilitary patrolling the ‘nice’ neighborhoods as ‘guards’; and toddlers being killed left and right, this is what civilization looks like once Climate Change has occurred and the Black Undertow assumes power.

The Black mayor of Detroit, David Bing, has asked for $150 million bailout to save the city, without acknowledging that it is largely federal grants and federal aid that has kept the city on life support since Coleman Young assumed office.

Michigan Gov. Rick Synder has removed this option, stating that every struggling city in Michigan (all more than 50 percent Black in population, though Michigan is only 16 percent Black) can’t be bailed anymore.

All the while, the Black people in Detroit warn [and whine] of impending “colonialism” by the ‘white’ government…

This, to borrow a phrase from Mr. Rose in Detroit’s Agony, is truly life at the end of the road.

Strange that Detroit’s lily-white suburbs – where it’s still Tea-time and not “Hammer Time” – thrive. How is that possible again? Though the Black Undertow slowly seeps into these suburbs, they still thrive.

Detroit’s Agony should have been a wake-up call. It wasn’t. The call went unheeded.

Now, other cities are racing to see which one will be the next to join the ignoble ranks of Detroit, and represent the end of America.

To be Detroit-ed means for Climate Change, real Climate Change, to completely incapacitate a city in every quantifiable category. It means: once you go Black, you never come back. The life the city knew when it was majority white will be replaced with the type of community Black people create regardless of the county or state.

From sea to shining sea, it’s always the same outcome.

Unless your Washington D.C., but that’s a story for another day.

Tonight, we induct the first city into the “Don’t Get Detroit-ed” Watch List.

So sit back and prepare to learn about cities where property value is inevitably plummeting, school districts are failing, crime is skyrocketing, and federal aid dependency is higher than the price of a gallon of gas.

It wasn’t unions that killed Detroit; it wasn’t progressives espousing some utopian form of liberalism; it was Black people.



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