The Bell Curve Strikes Back: Atlanta Journal Constitution Looks at Academic Fraud Across America and Sees a Rising Tide of Minority Dysfunction

The findings aren’t the ravings of madmen; ignoring them, however, is mad.

The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) cheating scandal, where almost entirely Black administrators, Black principals, and Black teachers conspired to increase primarily Black students test scores has set The City Too Busy To Hate back thirty to forty years. Let’s take a quick look at the scorecard for APS:

Student enrollment:  48,000
Student demographics: Black students, 80.9 percent/ white students, 11.3 percent/Hispanic, 3.4 percent/American Indian and Alaskan, 2.1 percent/Asian, 0.8 percent.
Percentage of students with disabilities: 9.1
Percentage of students on free and reduced lunch: 82. 1
Of the 4,375 students in the gifted and talented program. 51.3 percent are black, 40.9 percent are white, 1.9 percent are Asian and 1.7 percent are Hispanic
Of the 2,070 students who received in-school suspensions,  89.1 percent are black, 6.3 percent are Hispanic and 3.6 percent are white.
Of the 5,170 students who received out-of-school suspensions, 95.4 percent are black, 2 percent are Hispanic and 1.8 percent are white.
Of the 285 students expelled, 98.5 percent are black and 1. 8 percent are Hispanic. There are no white or Asian students expelled.

White students enrolled in the APS district sure are disproportionately represented in gifted programs.

The gains on the tests by these primarily Black students set off alarm bells at the Department of Education, for they were statistically impossible based upon decades of aggregating Black students test results.

Firmly established results and racial patterns have emerged, which immediately cause consternation for any school district that sees increased improvements within the minority community. Teacher bonuses became tied to increased student performance, an impossible goal in a world where reality is shaped – not by the machinations of Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) – but by the forces Charles Murray and Richard Herrenstein described in the book The Bell Curve.

Now, The Atlanta Journal Constitution has decided to investigate other school districts around the nation, after the Black people in charge of APS gave the city a Black-eye through the cheating scandal. Washington D.C. and Philadelphia have been rocked with similar scandals, where the racial gap in education appeared to close.

Sadly, cheating proved to be the only way that Waiting for Superman could transpire.

Here’s what the AJC found (please note: all students in enrolled in Detroit Public Schools – 90 percent Black enrollment receive free lunches):

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s investigation found concentrations of extreme swings in test scores in several urban school systems, resembling a statistical pattern that indicated organized cheating in Atlanta. The degree of changes in these districts defies statistical probability.

Enrollment: 50,009
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 75 percent
AJC analysis: From 2005 through 2009, questionable scores appeared in 233 classes, compared to the 65 that would be expected, based on other Georgia scores. Odds: less than 1 in 1 trillion.
History: State investigators in 2011 confirmed cheating at nearly two-thirds of elementary and middle schools. About 180 educators were implicated in the scandal.
High stakes: Teacher bonuses were based on meeting district-set targets, primarily test scores. Principals were allowed “no excuses” not to boost scores.

Enrollment: 84,212
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 83 percent
AJC analysis: From 2006 through 2009, suspicious changes in 228 classes; 116 would be expected. After district began aggressively investigating cheating, fewer classes flagged, and those were mostly for decreases. Odds: 1 in 100 billion.
History: From 2008 to 2010, investigators found evidence that educators at three elementary schools changed students’ answers on state achievement tests. Sixteen schools have been implicated.
High stakes: Student progress heavily influences teacher evaluations.

Enrollment: 157,575
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 76 percent
AJC analysis: In 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2011, 242 classes exhibited suspicious scores; 130 would be expected. Odds: 1 in 100 billion.
History: In 2011, an investigation found that students at one elementary school were being taught only reading and math – the only subjects taught on the state tests. The students’ social studies and science grades were fabricated.
High stakes: Since 2007, some teacher bonuses have been based on student performance.

Enrollment: 75,263
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 85 percent
AJC analysis: Suspicious scores in 181 classes in 2008 and 2009, compared to an expected 57. Odds: less than 1 in 1 trillion.
History: The state identified questionable erasures on some Detroit tests in 2009.
High stakes: N/A

Enrollment: 7,275
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 100 percent
AJC analysis: In 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011, suspicious scores surfaced in 46 classes, compared to an expected 12. Odds: 1 in 100 billion.
History: In 2003, news reports said the district excluded special-needs students from testing and violated test-security policies.
High stakes: N/A

Enrollment: 10,221
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 94 percent
AJC analysis: In 2006 and 2007, 40 classes had questionable scores, while eight would have been expected. Odds: 1 in 1 trillion.
History: No public reports of cheating.
High stakes: N/A

Enrollment: 204,245
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 79 percent
AJC analysis: Since 2006, 307 classes exhibited improbable changes, compared to an expected 177. Odds: less than 1 in 1 trillion.
History: After the Dallas Morning News identified possible cheating in 2004 and 2007, the district fired numerous principals and teachers.
High stakes: In 2011, 75 percent of the district’s teachers received bonuses through a pay-for-performance system.

Enrollment: 664,233
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 79 percent
AJC analysis: In 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2011, 740 classes showed unusual changes, compared to an expected 572. Odds: 1 in 1 trillion.
History: In 2010, Los Angeles shut down six charter schools accused of cheating on state tests. Last year, the district accused teachers of giving questions to students in advance of testing, improperly coaching students and changing answers.
High stakes: N/A

Enrollment: 63,000
Eligible for free or reduced-price meals: 68 percent
AJC analysis: From 2008 to 2010, suspicious scores occurred in 91 classes; 42 would be expected. Odds: 1 in 10 billion.
History: No public reports of cheating.
High stakes: The district began offering performance-based bonuses to teachers in low-performing schools in 2004.
Sources: School districts, National Center for Education Statistics, National Center for Performance Initiatives, staff reports.
Notes: “Classes” refers to grade-wide test administrations. Also, numbers for enrollment and free or reduced-price meals are for the most recent year for which data was available.

Wait a second… what is the correlation between these school systems? Is is “free lunches” — a sign that the parents of the students lacked the job skills (intelligence) to provide for their children and force the state to care for their feeding?

How many white kids actually attend these schools? Let’s look at Dallas first, a city that is in line for being Detroit-ed soon if only based on the current demographics of the students enrolled in public schools there and the resoundingly pathetic test scores they produce:

30 years prior to 2003, half of DISD’s students were White. As time passed, the White population decreased due to private schools and white flight. As of 2003, DISD was 58% Hispanic, 34% African American, 6% White, and 2% Asian and Native American. As of that year, 190 DISD schools were 90% or more combined black and Hispanic, 37 schools were 90% or more Hispanic, and 24 schools were 90% or more black.

Gary, Indiana is 84 percent Black and a city that was Detroit-ed long ago. The Visible Black Hand of Economics is on full display there, with ample evidence illustrating why this phenomenon occurs producing the lowest test scores and graduation rates in the state of Indiana.

East St. Louis, Illinois? 97 percent Black, with the highest crime rate in the nation:

East St. Louis has the highest crime rate in the United States (according to the FBI’s 100 most dangerous cities list). According to FBI‘s data of 2007, its murder rate hit 101.9 per population of 100,000, surpassing that of cities such as Gary, Indiana (48.3 per pop. 100,000), New Orleans, Louisiana (37.6), Baltimore, Maryland (43.3), and Detroit, Michigan (47.3), as well as that of its neighbor St. Louis (37.2). FBI data shows East St. Louis’ rate of rape exceeded 250 per population of 100,000.

Mobile, Alabama? Sixty percent of the county is white, with the sons and daughters of these families primarily attending private schools or racially homogenous schools. It’s the Black schools that are failing.

And finally, Houston Independent School District. Most white people in Houston send their sons and daughters to private schools, while the HSID is only seven percent white, 61 percent Hispanic, and 27 percent Black.

Oh, and Atlanta Public Schools are 80 percent Black. Surrounding the city reside some of the top performing school districts in all the nation. The students in those districts? Over 80 percent white.

The future ain’t what it used to be, primarily because the reality of The Bell Curve can’t be discussed in public. All of the aforementioned school districts the AJC looked are at almost all populated by students of color. When you understand that The New York Times celebrated these twin facts, you begin to wonder what the future will actually look:

The South has become the first region in the country where more than half of public school students are poor and more than half are members of minorities, according to a new report. 

So, we should laud the AJC for daring to do an expose that looks at cheating around the nation. But the writers of this study failed to include the one piece of data that ties it all together: race.

In the absence of white students (and Asian), school systems collapse. Administrators and teachers must resort to cheating, with the slightest uptick in progress immediately alerting the Department of Education of fraud because of long-established academic results of minority students.

No matter how long we ignore it, the findings of The Bell Curve always strike back. Suspicious test scores across the nation? Only because of the primarily Black mean results that have been long established on these tests.

Twenty years after its publication, The Bell Curve findings still go unheeded. How many cities must be Detroit-ed until they do?



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