We Shall Overcome

Courtesy of Zenster: All you need to know about Detroit’s Collapse

Can you feel it? It’s in the air. You can almost taste it.

No, not the fallout from the Trayvon Martin racial-bomb that turned out to be a huge dud for Organized Blackness and those Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) foolish enough to believe that a “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” was the rocket-fuel needed to propel the narrative into a different stratosphere.

No, it’s not the sad story of 64 percent Black Baltimore (a city with one of the highest crime rates in America;  89 percent of those held in jail for their penchant for law-breaking are Black males), where the city is forced to sell-off landmarks and historic buildings – in hopes of meeting the budget – erected by a vastly different people than the Black population in charge of the city’s future now, whose sons and daughters help make the Baltimore City Public Schools the worst in all of Maryland. It’s not poverty that causes horrifically low test scores by these primarily Black students; it’s that 87 percent of Baltimore City Public School students are Black.

No, it’s the soon-to-be biggest story in the world: the takeover of the 89 percent Black Detroit by the state of Michigan and the placement of a emergency financial manager in charge of the city’s fiscal restructuring. Suzette Hackney of The Detroit Free Press reported that Michigan’s white governor Rick Snyder met with a hostile crowd in Detroit today, with many of the Black people chanting “We Shall Overcome”as the news of fiscal Armageddon become ominously clear:

Detroit’s financial review team this afternoon declared that the city is under a financial emergency and no consent agreement between the city and state has been adopted, a move that forces Gov. Rick Snyder to appoint an emergency manager within the next 10 days under state law. 

State officials, however, are hopeful that an agreement can be reached before an emergency manager is named. 

“In that 10-day window, if a consent agreement can be adopted, that’s an alternative for the governor and that’s what he prefers to see,” state Treasurer Andy Dillon said after the review team’s meeting. 

Dillon said the financial review team, in a recommendation letter to Snyder, said they preferred to see the city and state enter into a consent agreement. He said there are three steps left in the process within the next 10 days: Mayor Dave Bing would have to accept the agreement, City Council would also have to vote to accept it and the governor would have to sign off as well. 

About 100 Detroiters turned out, many of them defiant and outraged over what they considered a hostile takeover of a predominately black city. 

As the meeting was about to begin at 3 p.m., most in the audience began chanting, “No takeover!”

The chanting and outbursts continued throughout the two-hour meeting, as security struggled to gain order.

For many in attendance, the state’s threat to appoint an emergency manager stirs the bitter memories of unfair wages, forced segregation and other injustices against black people about a half-century ago.

“This is white on black crime,” community activist and Minister Malik Shabazz said from a microphone during public comment. “This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down.”

“We will burn it down,” Minister Shabazz said. Again? Come on Black people. This is why white people gave the city to you in 1967 – because for five days ten percent of Detroit’s Black population tried to burn it to the ground – leaving to rebuild their lives in what are some of the most prosperous suburbs in all of America (with the highest test scores too!).

The Detroit News reported this:

State officials say they hope to negotiate a consent decree with Detroit within 10 days after a raucous review team meeting concluded Monday with no deal in place.The team, which was required by law to report to Gov. Rick Snyder today, reiterated only that a severe financial emergency exists in Detroit and no consent decree has been adopted. The team sent a letter to Snyder indicating that negotiations toward a deal continue. 

Gov. Rick Snyder now has 10 days to rule on whether Detroit is in a fiscal crisis and say if a consent agreement has been adopted under Public Act 4, the controversial law that allows Michigan governors to appoint emergency managers with broad powers to run failing local governments. 

Officials from the state and Detroit are moving closer to a consent deal, state Treasurer Andy Dillon said during the meeting. 

An unruly crowd repeatedly shouted down Dillon as he attempted to explain the status of discussions. Crowd members chanted “no justice, no peace,” “no takeover” and the song “we shall overcome.” 

“This is the last day we have to act, so we’re here today to address that,” Dillon told the crowd. The review team was acting under during the last of a 60-day extension to report findings about Detroit’s financial condition to the governor. 

“We have a 10-day window … it is our hope that within this window, we can complete our discussions with the city … and come to an agreement,” Dillon said.Dillon stressed the proposed document currently before the review team is not a formal consent agreement under Public Act 4, but he said he believes both sides are “very close with respect to language.” He praised the city for its progress in union concessions and other efforts to address its financial crisis. 

The review team found that a severe financial emergency exists in Detroit and no consent decree has been adopted. 

That was one of four conclusions it could report under Public Act 4, the controversial law under which emergency managers can be appointed to rule over finances of failing cities. Dillon said the review team could meet again Thursday and possibly Friday, with the hopes of getting an agreement approved by the city council and mayor by the end of the week. He said the proposed agreement would include a nine-member financial advisory board whose powers are still being debated, and the creation of a program manager position to carry out the city’s financial plan. 

During public comment to the review team, residents lined up to blast the state for taking away the rights of Detroiters. 

Activist minister Malik Shabazz said black cities are under attack all over the state.“We understand we have financial difficulties,” Shabazz said. “Give us the help we want, need and deserve, not the help you want to impose on us. We don’t want an emergency manager or a consent decree. This is white supremacy and we will fight you. 

“Before we let you take over our city we will burn it down first,” Shabazz said.Ed McNeil, chief negotiator for AFSCME Council 25, said people have sacrificed and fought hard to bring the city back. 

“There’s no kind of way in this world you should be taking anything from Detroit and its residents,” McNeil said. “We intend to keep it our city. We intend to work in our city and progressing for our city.”

And here’s a hilarious anecdote from Detroit’s Fox Affiliate:

Conrad Mallett, one of the state’s first black Michigan Supreme Court justices, came under pointed criticism for cooperating with the white treasurer as the review board shaped its recommendation.

“You sit up there and you fix it for him, just like a good colored person,” former Detroit Public Schools board member Marie Thornton told Mallett, now president of Sinai-Grace Hospital.

Mallett dismissed the complaints as a “family fight” within the city, which is 80 percent black. He added he’s not mad at his critics but said they need to realize the review board’s goal it to create a stable financial future for Michigan’s largest city.A final deal remains up in the air in part because Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is hospitalized after having surgery over the weekend on a perforated intestine, said Dennis Muchmore, Snyder’s chief of staff.

Doctors said the mayor likely would remain hospitalized for five to seven days, but would be able to perform some duties of his office. Bing’s chief of staff and deputy mayor in his absence, Kirk Lewis, is handling negotiations with the governor’s office.Detroit faces a $200 million budget deficit and could run out of cash by the end of May. The governor has declined to offer any short-term financial assistance until some agreement is reached to deal with the city’s ongoing financial difficulties and its long-term liabilities for pensions, health care and bonds. Two ratings agencies this month downgraded Detroit’s bond ratings.

“Everyone knows Detroit’s finances are in very difficult shape,” Snyder said.

“We Shall Overcome,”Black people sang. What exactly, is difficult to discern. Black ineptitude? The Visible Black Hand of Economics? Black incompetence in virtually every level of the city government of Detroit? Black crime in Detroit, which makes the city inhospitable to investors and urban pioneers?

The countdown is on. The invasion of Detroit is mere days away.

The Paris of the West in 1950, when the city was 80 percent white; The Mogadishu of the West in 2012, courtesy of an 89 percent Black population.

We Shall Overcome.

Yes, America will one day overcome the insanity of Black-Run America (BRA).

We Shall. Overcome.

It begins with admitting the reason Detroit failed. The collapse of Detroit is culmination of more than 40 years of uninterrupted Actual Black Run America (ABRA).

The lesson to other major America cities: Don’t Get Detroit-ed!



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