Detroit’s Collapse is 100 Percent Because of it’s 89 Percent Black Population

Eighty-nine percent Black Detroit is on the verge of being taken over by the state of Michigan because – well – the Black people of The Motor City can’t creating any jobs or wealth, relying on the state to provide EBT cards/Food Stamps, TANF/Welfare, and federal aid/federal grants to keep the city limping along.

We are days away from the city being taken over, and The Detroit News reports this:

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said Wednesday he is concerned that harsh comments against a possible consent agreement to solve Detroit’s financial crisis could foster economic chaos and even civil unrest.

In an interview, Patterson expanded on remarks he made before a Chamber of Commerce breakfast Wednesday morning at OaklandUniversity. During the event, he described Detroit as a “tinderbox” and criticized a minister’s comments made at a Detroit town hall meeting.

The outspoken Patterson also predicted Detroit couldn’t survive without an emergency manager “yet continues to borrow money in an effort to get out of debt.”

“Detroit is in a desperate economic struggle and appears headed towards the cliff we call bankruptcy,” said Patterson. “An emergency manager may be the only way out of it. We have seen that in Flint, Pontiac, other cities, struggling with money problems. In Pontiac, we went from hundreds ofemployees and eliminated police and fire departments, much of city hall, and will probably be down to about 20 before it is all done.”

He also criticized Detroit City Council’s vote Tuesday to borrow $137 million to allow the city to make two upcoming debt payments.

“Trying to borrow your way out — like trying to sell $135 million (in bonds) like the council is talking — doesn’t solve anything,” Patterson said. “It just increases your debt. You don’t get out of debt by adding to it.”

Patterson said an emergency manager is “not pejorative” in his dictionary.

“The (emergency manager) may be all that stands between economic chaos and bankruptcy,” Patterson said.

Patterson also criticized comments by the Rev. Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party at a Detroit town hall meeting Monday on the fiscal crisis. Shabazz told state officials, “Before we let you take over our city, we will burn it down first.” in reference to any state ordered takeover by an emergency manager.

The real reason Detroit collapsed… Notice the correlation to the overall Black percentage of the population

Roughly 100 year ago, the Titanic would hit an iceberg and sink to the bottom of an icy Atlantic ocean. Thinking the boat was unsinkable was part of the hubris of the engineers who designed it and the careless navigation of the ship by the captain.

At that same time, Detroit, Michigan was a growing city of 465,766 people, almost 99 percent of them being of European descent. They built a city – with the auto industry as the backbone of the economy – that became known as “The Arsenal of Democracy” and “The Paris of the West.”

Hundreds of thousands of Black people would move north during this time period and seek fortune and stability for their families in what become known as The Motor City, and also gravitate to places like Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Cleveland. This was known as “The Great Migration,” though history will one day call it by a different name: The Black Undertow Effect.

2012 Detroit is a much different picture than what 1912 Detroit looked like, and not once in Dan Austin’s Lost Detroit: Stories Behind the Motor’s Majestic Ruins (a pictorial account of Detroit’s mighty buildings left to the ravages of the new rulers of the city) does he allude to the inconvenient truth that the city is now 82 percent Black. The people who built Detroit, toiled in its factories, kept the city streets safe for children and the growing of local economies, and labored at building small businesses all vacated the Motor City for the suburbs (basically white people rebuilding what they fled) when the Black Undertow became too unbearable.

Detroit’s population fell to 713,777 in 2010, the lowest since 1910, when it was 466,000. In a shift that was unthinkable 20 years ago, Detroit is now smaller than Austin, Tex., Charlotte, N.C., and Jacksonville, Fla.

“It’s a major city in free-fall,” said L. Brooks Patterson, the county executive of neighboring Oakland County, which was also hit by the implosion of the automobile industry but whose population rose by almost 1 percent, thanks to an influx of black residents. “Detroit’s tax base is eroding, its citizens are fleeing and its school system is in the hands of a financial manager.” 

But a major factor, too, has been the exodus of black residents to the suburbs, which followed the white flight that started in the 1960s. Detroit lost 185,393 black residents in the last decade. 

“This is the biggest loss of blacks the city has shown, and that’s tied to the foreclosures in the city’s housing,” Mr. Frey said. Because of the Great Migration — when blacks flowed from the South to the North — and the loss of whites, he said, “Detroit has been the most segregated city in the country and it is still pretty segregated, but not as much.” At one point, the city was 83 percent black. 

Many blacks moved to nearby suburbs, but census data shows that even those suburbs have barely held their own against population loss.

Detroit has hit the Black Undertow Iceberg: Many cities in America will be next

As Black people flee the still dead Frankenstein-monster that is Detroit, they move to the safe Whitopia’s that will inevitably be vacated by white people fleeing the crime and depreciated property value that follows the Black refugee’s of The Motor City.

But when did this actually start to occur? The book Violence in the Model City: The Cavanagh Administration, Race Relations, and the Detroit Riot of 1967 by Sidney Fine reports this on page 15:

It was crime and its association with blacks that triggered a major crisis in race relations in Detroit in 1960. Four days after the Civil Rights Commission concluded its hearings in the city, the Detroit News noted in an editorial that although blacks constituted 26 percent of the city’s population, they were responsible for almost 65 percent of its serious crimes. Asserting that the black community bore “a share of responsibility” for this fact, the News complained that the black leadership had “not pressed as hard” on this issues as it should have. “A wave of murders, rapes and purse snatching,” with blacks identified as the perpetrators, culminated that same month in the murder of a white nurse’s aide, a twenty-eight-year-old mother of three.

You see, Black crime has always been bad in America. This is why white people didn’t want to live around Black people then, and why laws were erected in the south that convinced Black people to participate in “The Great Migration” north that culminated with Democrats in Michigan in 1972 giving the nod to Alabama segregationist George Wallace in the primary.

Yes, you read that right.

Well, actually it culminated in white people abandoning Detroit to the ravages of the Black Undertow, who promptly elected Coleman Young – the city’s first Black mayor – and watched as The Motor City started an unprecedented collapse in human history that confirmed Black people can’t maintain the civilization they are handed. Well, it was more like a baton-passing in a track meet, with white people sprinting out of the city before they were mugged again.

It should be stated here that Detroit’s International Airport is named after Coleman Young, the Black mayor of Detroit who presided over the collapse of Detroit that can best be described as a continual aerial bombardment of the city with Black people serving as the munitions.

Detroit is a reminder, not of what liberalism does to a city (Pittsburgh has been rated as the best place to live in America and it has never been a bastion of conservatism), but what Black people do to a city, a county, or a country that has been immolated because of the power of white guilt in the face of Black incompetence.

As the concept of Structural Inequality shows us, even Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) now admit that Black people can’t sustain the infrastructure of a city they have inherited because of white flight.

Detroit, a city that was nearly 100 percent white but one century ago, is now on the verge of being taken over by the state of Michigan (much as Black-run Washington D.C. was once taken over by an act of Congress because Black people were running the city into the ground) in a moment that confirms one thing: the Black Undertow is the greatest threat to the future security, prosperity, and existence of the United States of America.

The New York Times admitted what the concept of the Black Undertow has done to Detroit, and will inevitably do to Whitopia’s surrounding the city with this op-ed by Sugrue, in a piece that should have been named “A Dream that Never was to be”:

AT first glance, the numbers released by the Census Bureau last week showing a precipitous drop in Detroit’s population — 25 percent over the last decade — seem to bear a silver lining: most of those leaving the city are blacks headed to the suburbs, once the refuge of mid-century white flight. 

But a closer analysis of the data suggests that the story of housing discrimination that has dominated American urban life since the early 20th century is far from over. In the Detroit metropolitan area, blacks are moving into so-called secondhand suburbs: established communities with deteriorating housing stock that are falling out of favor with younger white homebuyers. If historical trends hold, these suburbs will likely shift from white to black — and soon look much like Detroit itself, with resegregated schools, dwindling tax bases and decaying public services.

Why can’t Black people sustain a city and maintain public services? Why does Sugrue admit that – just like Detroit – where ever Black people end up they will only replicate what they left?

How many other major cities have been overwhelmed by this phenomenon? Memphis? Charlotte? Birmingham? Philadelphia? Cleveland? Chicago? St. Louis? Atlanta? Newark? Baltimore? Montgomery? Milwaukee? Harrisburg? Buffalo? New Orleans?

What about Prince George’s County, with Washington D.C. quickly becoming a Stuff White People Like (SWPL) playground?

Folks, Rush Limbaugh would have you believe its “liberalism” that has ruined Detroit, as he told Fox News this recently:

In an appearance on Fox News Channel aired on Thursday night’s “On the Record with Greta Van Sustren,” conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh explained, in no uncertain terms, how to fix Detroit, where unemployment and poverty are rampant. His solution: End liberalism.

“Get rid of every liberal in government,” he said. “What is the one constant in Detroit, all of these years? Been run by liberals. Liberal ideology. Liberal economics. Liberal belief system. Detroit, other places: A microcosm of where Europe is, and where we are headed — unchecked, unstopped liberalism. For those of you who like the Democrat Party, that’s where we are headed. There hasn’t been any opposition there, not of any strength or power. Take a look. That’s the one thing that is constant. It was the same thing in New Orleans, post-Katrina. What’s the one thing that was constant there? All run by liberals. All run by Democrats.”

What does that even mean? The connection between New Orleans collapse (plus rampant crime) and Detroit’s is Black people! New Orleans and Detroit aren’t two of the most dangerous cities in the world because of liberalism, they are two of the most dangerous cities in the world because of Black people. This is why hospitals in Cincinnati and Baltimore are used as trauma-training centers for military surgeons preparing to go overseas to war zones; because Black people have turned these cities into war zones that are far worse than what our troops see overseas.

Wait, The Baltimore Sun did just publish a celebratory article for the city posting the fewest murders since 1977. Thank God we have harsher sentences on Black criminals, the real reason crime has dropped (barely) recently.

Detroit’s collapse is 100 percent racial. Just look at the breakdown of population from 1910 (nearly all-white) to now (nearly all-Black). Just check out p. 23 of Thomas Sugrue’s The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit to see a racial breakdown of Detroit from 1910-1970. Better yet, look at the data we have provided above.
There is no inequality in Detroit; it’s just that Black people can’t maintain the civilization (buildings, infrastructure, economy, businesses, tax-revenue, school system) that white people left them.
No, it wasn’t liberalism that killed Detroit Limbaugh. It was what we call Black-Run America (BRA) plus the city actually being run by Black people.
And, no, just because The USA Today states Detroit is resurgent doesn’t make it so. Nor does BusinessWeek parroting the same theme either.
We will know that Detroit is making a comeback only when Coleman Young International Airport is stripped of its namesake, for he represents the very Organized Blackness that helped bring about the disastrous Black Riot of 1967 that sealed the fate of the city.
On that day, Black-Run America dies forever.
Until then, major cities/counties like Birmingham/Jefferson County will continue to hit icebergs. We just call these icebergs the Black Undertow.


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9 Responses to Detroit’s Collapse is 100 Percent Because of it’s 89 Percent Black Population

  1. Chelsea says:

    This is the truth! That dumbass Malik Shabazz (don’t they all have that name?) is threatening to burn Detroit down?! Go for it! Burn it all down and save us the trouble of having to bail your pathetic asses out of financial ruin. I feel the same way, many of the U.S.’s cities will follow this same trend if something is not done to stop the black undertow.

  2. Professor hale says:

    Detroit’s population fell to 713,777 in 2010, the lowest since 1910, when it was 466,000.

    So there aren’t any numbers between 713K and 466 K? i am pretty sure that detroit used to bave a population less than 713K in it’s past, a lot sooner than 100 years ago. This is just bad writting.

    In Rush’s defense, since there is a 1-1 relationship between blacks and liberals, getting rid of the liberals running Detroit would also accomplish getting rid of the blacks. Also, Rush is smart enough not to bring up race. it is one thing that everyone calls him racist just bor being conservative. He would be burned out if he actually mentioned blacks being in any way responsible for their own problems. Man’s got to eat.

  3. Geoff-UK says:

    Why do Michigan taxpayers have to bail out Detroit? Particularly when Detroit citizens don’t WANT a financial manager? Let whatever’s going to happen, happen.

  4. never reward failure says:

    But Clint Eastwood said Dodge and Detroit are coming back in that super bowl commercial? You mean it isn’t true. I am shocked I tell ya, shocked. I don’t know if you have ever watched the Hardcore Pawn show on the teevee it is not as fake and scripted as Pawn Stars. The shop is based in Detroilet and it is a fun watch on a Saturday night as every episode features the inhabitants of the crown jewel of BRA. Soon the glorious libtardtopia states like New York and California will need bailouts. They will ask the other states to reward their failure.

  5. No, it wasn’t liberalism that killed Detroit Limbaugh. It was what we call Black-Run America (BRA) plus the city actually being run by Black people.

    A distinction without a difference, given how Black people have been voting and thinking, namely, Left Marxist.

  6. calicurmudgeon says:

    No, it wasn’t liberalism that killed Detroit Limbaugh. It was what we call Black-Run America (BRA) plus the city actually being run by Black people.

    What is the difference? About 90% of them have been voting “Liberal”/Left/Commie for decades now.

  7. hotbabehunter says:

    –one of the big problems is one we saw in the obama election. black people will vote for black people if they are the best person for the job or not. look at the history of haiti, and zimbaubwee sp? in africa to see where the usa is going. well almost any country in africa for that matter. but zimbaubwee sp?is the best example i know. the world forced the ruling whites that develped and built rhodesia after hundeds of years tolet blacks vote democraticlly. they voted in a dictator named mugabi sp?,and he changed the name ofthe country, he became a dictator-did not leave office, now there is rampid rape, slavery, prostatution, drugs, poverty, hyper inflation, ohh wait a minute that is detroit.

    –i do not care what race, religion,sex anyone is as long as they are the best lawyer, surgeon, doctor, political leader, etc, blacks seem to have a problem doing that and thus the demis of all the inhabitants of that what ever area they live in. even most blacks eventually recognize they have created a toilet and leave when possible to the next white area to soil. kinda like paper plates and plastic eating utensils.

  8. Shirtless says:

    The difference, Calicurmudgeon, is that a city can be liberal and white and survive quite well.

  9. bobby says:

    It has been proven time and again that blacks are stupid and do nothing to innovate or improve themselves. After decades, they still can’t even speak simple English.
    All of the ethnic groups find a way to create opportunities for themselves – not Blacks. They live off of everyone else. On top of that, they have zero respect for others. They take pride in getting in your way and being obnoxious assholes with a sense of entitlement.

    I grew up in St. Louis and we got out before our neighborhood went to shit from Blacks moving in.
    Every Black city fails. People are tired of their bullshit. They ruin everything they touch.

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