One Day

This all started as a joke. I’ve said it repeatedly here. SBPDL was nothing more than a joke. Now…

This week, the end of Black-Run America (BRA) is the restoration of hope — for everyone residing in America.

I tried to time Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis for the week The Motor City – an almost all-Black city – lost her independence.

That moment is now upon us. The key to understanding America in the 20th century and where we are headed in the 21st century is found in Detroit. This is the reason SBPDL has turned our gaze upon the once dubbed “Paris of the West” and instead targeted the now “Mogadishu of the West” for a book detailing what exactly happened there.

Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) like Thomas J. Sugrue, Luke Bergmann, and Kevin Boyle have all published scholarly works that basically blame white racism and white flight for Detroit’s collapse. No, the answer rests with those who were victorious in the 1967 riot — which was tantamount to a low-level ethnic cleansing of whites from the city.

Coming tomorrow, Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis will be made available. At more than 300 pages, this is the book that dares act as cutting of the Gordian Knot of Gunnar Myrdal’s American Dilemma.

Chapters include:

  •  in-depth looks at the role the NAACP played in destroying the most important freedom in America, Freedom of Association, by waging a war on restrictive covenants. It all started in Detroit.
  • a look at Kwame Kilpatrick’s reign of terror, which epitomizes why 82 percent Black Detroit is on the verge of financial Armageddon.
  • a look at Luke Bergmann’s embarrassing book Getting Ghost: Two Young Lives and the Struggle for the Soul of an American City, which is an undercover account of Black life in the drug culture of Detroit.
  • a breakdown of Detroit’s population by race over the years (less than 1 percent Black 100 years ago; a breakdown of Detroit Public School enrollment by race over the past eighty years.
  • asks the question why a homogenous Black city isn’t thriving, which is contrary to the findings of Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam, who found that the more diversity in a community, the less social trust is present. This book shows that the Blacker a city, the less social trust exists. 
  • and of course, much more. 
One day, this madness will end. May Escape from Detroit play a part in that moment occurring. A limited edition print run of 100 hardback copies of the book will be made available for shipment on May 1, 2012. They will be autographed, individually numbered, and include an extra chapter only available in this format. It will detail why the blame of Detroit’s collapse has nothing to do with the decline of the auto industry, with an in-depth look at when and why the big three automakers in America (GM, Ford, and Chrysler) disengaged from Detroit and moved to the suburbs. It will detail the United Auto Workers (UAW) deals with Black militants that ultimately sealed the fate for America’s ability to compete with foreign car makers. And we will contrast this all with a look at Pittsburgh and the United Steel Workers (USW). 
For $100, you can reserve a copy of this book in hardcover. All proceeds will go to the “I Can See” Campaign, coming to a city near you very, very soon.

For a $50 donation, we’ll send you a signed copy of the softcover book (will be available on April 6, 2012). 

There’s always hope. Instead of praying for it; instead of wishing for change, it’s time to make it happen.

I’ve always heard people say that “one day, things will get better.” I’m tired of waiting.

Escape from Detroit. Detroit was once the manufacturing capital of the world, “The Arsenal of Democracy.” That was when the city was more than 90 percent white (earning that nickname in the 1940s for producing the planes and tanks necessary to win World War II).

Now, the city is where freedom failed. It is no coincidence that it failed with a population that is nearly 90 percent Black.

Learn why.



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