What’s a Wonder Lic? LSU (BLACK) cornerback Morris Claiborne scores a 4 out of 50. Only we ask what was this guy doing at LSU

Louisiana State University (LSU) is the flagship school of the state of Louisiana. Boasting a student body that is overwhelmingly white, the few Black males who attend the school do so to play for the football team. Word has now emerged that Morris Claiborne, one of the Southeastern Conference’s (SEC) feared cornerbacks from the past few seasons, scored an impressively embarrassing 4 out of 50 on his Wonderlic test:

Former LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, a likely top-five pick in this month’s NFL draft, scored a four on his Wonderlic intelligence test at the NFL combine:

That’s four. Zero-four. Four out of 50. Usually those two numbers bring to mind Tim Tebow’s passing stats or the Oakland Raiders won-loss record, not a score on a test where a mark of 10 is considered literate.

Claiborne’s four ties the lowest reported score in draft history. The NFL average is 21. The public average is 24. Vince Young, the most popular failed Wonderlic test-taker in NFL history, scored a six. 

Claiborne’s score is indicative of the type of athlete-student recruited by SEC schools. The Black male population at the 14-member SEC schools is incredibly low for reason: most don’t have the intelligence to compete with other high school seniors to gain acceptance to Vanderbilt, Auburn University, the University of Georgia, the University of Florida, Texas A&M, or the University of South Carolina. Head Coach Steve Spurrier complained that academic standards were too high at USC, because it kept a number of high-profile Black athletes from enrolling at the school.

Either you have academic standards and academic integrity, or you have an entire student body that worships Black athletes like Claiborne who shouldn’t even be allowed to enroll at an HBCU.

The entire sports world is laughing at Claiborne. We ask: what was this idiot even doing at LSU? The same reason most of the other Black members of the LSU football program are enrolled there: because of the perceived belief that only a team full of semi-literate Black athletes can be competitive.



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7 Responses to What’s a Wonder Lic? LSU (BLACK) cornerback Morris Claiborne scores a 4 out of 50. Only we ask what was this guy doing at LSU

  1. Congrats on the new site. I like the modern comment app.

    • Shamla says:

      LSU s Four Brawl Players:a0 8/24/2011a0According to CollegeFootballTalk.com Randy Rosetta of TigerSportsDigest.com reports that qucrterbaak Jordan Jefferson was not directly involved in the bar fight. a0Rosetta cites unnamed individuals close to the LSU program as the source for that information. a0 And while no arrests or charges have been made or filed, no one has been cleared either.

  2. Rastus says:

    Aint kneed no edjumacation play in dat footsball leaugue. YT always gone siport nfl.

  3. Truedat says:

    When White players score below 10 on the Wonderlic, which many have, do you condemn the entire White athlete population? Furthermore, the world is full of non and underachievers with great IQ and Wonderlic scores. The Wonderlic doesn’t measure drive, ambition, or emotional intelligence. And the Wonderlic is NOT indicative of success in the NFL.

  4. Quinnotaur says:


  5. Quinnotaur says:

    By the way, lets tally up all the black v.s. white, criminal/felon affleets. I double dog dare you. I seem to remember a time when the Dallas cowboys were so beset with incarcerated/detained knee-grows that they almost couldn’t field a viable team. I won’t even get into baseball. The sad part is I’m not even a sports fan and can come to these conclusions.

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