It Will Take Dramatic Examples to Shake People From Their Apathy

PK: Need to re-charge the batteries. Escape from Detroit is available to purchase via paperback by clicking here. Should be up at Amazon soon. Stuff Black People Don’t Like: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Character is only a few weeks away. A book tentatively titled SBPDL III: Obama’s War on White America is looking like a June release. And, of course, The Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White is a summer 2012 release. It’s an ambitious schedule (plus a secret book project with one of the most dynamic authors in America), but one that I’m excited to tackle. Negro Fatigue and the I Can See Campaign will come at the right moment. We aren’t there yet, but we are close.

SBPDL has become an avocation for me. A passion. It’s something I shouldn’t do, but it’s become something I must do. There’s an idea that is eating away at me, but it will have to wait a few days. It ties into the whole concept of “Don’t Get Detroit-ed” and why moving to states like Montana, Idaho, Arizona, etc. – while it might seem like a great idea and is something I contemplate on a daily basis (that or leaving America) – is not a long-term viable solution. Unless you gain political power, but that’s a topic for another day. 

So, we’ll be quiet here over the Easter weekend (unless something world-shattering happens). Here’s to you and your family. May you enjoy watching your children and/or your grandchildren hunt for Easter Egg’s and realize that it is up to you to ensure that their children and grandchildren will be able to do the same exact activity. 

The moment SBPDL shifted focus was on July 7th, 2009. It was this story when the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) began to come to me:

Akron police say they aren’t ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation.
But to Marty Marshall, his wife and two kids, it seems pretty clear. 

It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend’s home in South Akron. 

Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ”This is our world” and ”This is a black world” as they confronted Marshall and his family. 

The Marshalls, who are white, say the crowd of teens who attacked them and two friends June 27 on Girard Street numbered close to 50. The teens were all black. 

”This was almost like being a terrorist act,” Marshall said. ”And we allow this to go on in our neighborhoods?” 

They said it started when one teen, without any words or warning, blindsided and assaulted Marshall’s friend as he stood outside with the others.

What happened next in this story? Nothing. No news. No candlelight vigils held around the nation. No marches. No rallies. It was forgotten.

But the statement by one of the 50 Black attackers – “This is a Black world” – has haunted me ever since. Reading the story of Dallas Watts, a 78-year-old white guy who resembles Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, left me with the realization that the summer of 2012 is the finale of the “This is a Black world” paradigm.

What happened to Mr. Watts?:

Saturday afternoon around 4:45 p.m., 78-year-old Dallas Watts was walking home from the gas station at the corner of Starr and White in East Toledo.

He was confronted by six juveniles between the ages of 11 to 17, both white and black, and for the next three or four minutes was nearly beaten to death because of, as he says, the color of his skin.

“This white man said, ‘Take him down!’ and the next thing I knew, I was sucker punched from the back,” Watts said.

For the next four minutes, the group of juveniles punched and kicked Watts, until he nearly passed out. Two customers at the nearby gas station stepped in to help.

“All I could hear before I passed out, ‘Don’t kill him, or we all go to jail,'” Watts recalled. “If (the customers) had not gotten involved, he would have killed me.”

Fitting, this assault happened only hours after a rally for Trayvon Martin near the Thurgood Marshall Building in Toledo. Marshall was the first Black Supreme Court Justice who famously said, in response to the condemnation of any government bias against or in favor of anyone, bellowed, “You guys [i.e., white people] have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it’s our [i.e., black people’s] turn.”

The summer of 2012 – sadly – is going to provide the dramatic examples that shake people (white people) from their apathy. Last summer was but a taste. It is only the role of Web sites like GL Piggy, One STDV, Vdare, OD, Unamusement Park, Lawrence Auster, and others to provide the analysis for what is transpiring.

It has been a Black world in America since 1948, the year freedom died when restrictive covenants were declared unconstitutional. Web sites like The Blaze and Daily Caller are beginning to get increasingly racial with their content, because their editors sense a shift taking place. So-called “conservatives” are beginning to realize that they ‘judge by content of character not color of skin’ creed is only being practiced by whitey.

Thus, right-of-center sites are starting to shift their focus to cater to these new interests.

For those who have been reading SBPDL, you’re just ahead of the curve. Starting Monday, just when you think you have all the answers, we go and change the question.



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