Do it for the LULZ

Today, I was in a very public – and racially mixed – place and CNN was on all of the televisions. Lo and behold, the boring stories showcased on CNN quickly shifted to National Review firing John Derbyshire. Every eye quickly turned to the various televisions broadcasting this story of an individual daring to say something negative about Black America.

I just started laughing hysterically. Really, I didn’t stop laughing for a good 10 minutes.

Black people gave me stares of death, and all I could do was laugh.

Anyways, what is no laughing matter is this: John Derbyshire needs your help.

Please head over to and show him the kind of support you once showed Paul Kersey. All donations to SBPDL this week (those desiring a signed copy of Escape From Detroit) will go to The Derb immediately.



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly has moved to!
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