PK NOTE: An article that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or a major newspaper should be publishing goes up tomorrow.

God help us all. On the same day the Attorney General of the United States of America (Eric “My People” Holder) praises one of the more corrupt individuals in this nation – Al Sharpton – we see George Zimmerman charged with second degree murder after a month and a half long lynch mob was created by the mainstream media and Organized Blackness, which basically affirmed his guilt for the killing of sweet, innocent Trayvon Martin.

Never mind that facts around the case slowly came out, seemingly exonerating Zimmerman and painting a picture of Martin far different than the requisite minority Abercrombie and Fitch model; Zimmerman is guilty in the eyes of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Organized Blackness, and a MSM dedicated to ensuring white people never forget the sins of the past.


You live in nation ruled by the concept of Black-Run America (BRA). There is no deviation from that script. Not even among the so-called “right,” which is ruled by Eunuchs Masquerading as Conservatives (EMACs).

Expiation indeed.



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