Freedom Failed: World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) Edition

From a sit-in to a World Star Hip Hop approved Black Brawl: Freedom Failed

Were one of the 48 contiguous states in the Union to decide to go all anti-Federalist and declare that they will honor “Restrictive Covenants,” tomorrow, I would move there.

This is the first step toward restoring a sane policy of home ownership and establishing the ability to build long-term capital that can be passed down from generation to generation, allowing REAL WEALTH to be built and accumulated. Only people – family’s – who want to establish roots in a community and understand that they (and their posterity) will directly effect the quality of neighborhood and have the ability to sustain an economy for the long-term can understand what it means to build a nation.

As part of the Second Battle of Atlanta – which starts tonight (finally) – I started reading Sprawl City: Race, Politics, and Planning in Atlanta. It’s a left-of-center read which only needs one simple rebuttal: the Atlanta metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs growth are directly correlated with an innate desire by white people to live as far away from Black people as possible.

When whites abandon one suburb for another, the character of that suburb falls upon the new majority population. The same truth is for a county as well. 

But because “Restrictive Covenants” are unconstitutional (Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948) (LandMark Publication), Clayton County can go from 90 percent white in 1980 to almost 90 percent Black in 2012. Where a thriving community with top schools once existed, you now have the lowest property values in all of Georgia and the worst school system.

The Black Undertow folks. It’s real. Damn real.

Also, I’m of the opinion that a business owner should be able to discriminate when it comes to who they will serve. Were this idea to be seriously debated, I’m of the opinion that most white business owners would run for the hills instead of getting behind what is arguably the most pro-business concept (ultimately it would a referendum for freedom) imaginable.

However, I believe that immigrant business owners would nod their heads in approval and get behind this concept, for they largely own the small shops that cater to the Black population of America (taking their lives into their own hands by opening up shop in primarily Black areas).

It is with this in mind that we bring to you latest video of Blacks Behaving Badly (a wonderful term coined by a writer who now pens columns for The Daily Caller). I don’t like these types of videos unless they prove a point.

This one does. It directly relates to why Restrictive Covenants must make a comeback (real estate agents would see huge dividends to a restoration of this legal concept on property and who it can be sold to) and why business owners must immediately start demanding that their right to discriminate be restored.

After all, looking at the residential patterns of metro Atlanta citizens, your average white person would rather commute an hour each way to work (10 hours a week; 40 hours a month; 480 hours a year of wasted productivity or time spent with the family) then live next to a Black person or send their kids to a school filled with Black kids who will inevitably bring down the quality of education.

Declaring Restrictive Covenants unconstitutional was a move in the direction of “freedom”; so was the passing of Civil Rights laws that made it impossible for a business owner to discriminate against certain types of customers frequenting their establishment.

Guess what?

Freedom Failed.




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