Michelle Obama Speaks on the Trayvon Martin Incident; Black Crime Continues to Terrorize St. Louis

Courtesy of NPR, the Black Bride of the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) Frankenstein Monster – Michelle Obama – has spoken on the Trayvon Martin affair:

My heart goes out to the parents, because we all as parents understand the tragedy of that kind of loss, and I think that’s really the thing that most people connect to,” Obama said. “And it’s important for us not to lose sight of the fact that this is a family that’s grieving and there’s been a tremendous loss. And we all have to rally around that piece of it.”

The First Lady also made it clear that the “race” conversation can not end with Trayvon Martin:

Talking is good. Conversations have to be forever. You know, they can’t come in spits and starts when there’s an incident. I think we all need, as a country, to continue to talk about these issues, to understand our communities and the challenges that we face, which are different and unique depending upon where you live,” Obama said.

It’s all about, you know, continuing to get to know ourselves in a very diverse and complicated country that is America. It is a wonderful place to live. But because it is so diverse, our challenges are complex. So there isn’t, you know, a one-shot solution to this. It is complicated. It takes time. It takes openness. It takes compassion. It takes patience. And it takes a lot of work. So we should all be ready to roll up our sleeves and keep doing that work.”

There can be no debate on race in America, unless the parameters of this dialogue are set by the same rules and prejudices that shaped the Kerner Report. So, you want openness? You want patience? You want to roll up your sleeves Michelle?

Let’s look at an incident that just happened in St. Louis, a town renowned for high rates of Black criminality:

Three men face several charges in connection to the alleged kidnapping and rape of a woman outside a south St. Louis bar.

Lawrence Brandon, Antoin Brewer and Antonieo Deobra were each charged with kidnapping, two counts of forcible rape, seven counts of armed criminal action, two counts of forcible sodomy, two counts of stealing a motor vehicle and two counts of robbery.

The 52 year-old victim told authorities she was leaving The Silver Lining bar in the 3700 block of Delor around 11:30 p.m. Monday when the three suspects approached and threw her into the backseat of her car.

The victim said she was repeatedly raped, but was able to escape about four hours later when the suspects stopped for gas in the 1300 block of Gravois.

Would you believe, Michelle, that all three of those accused rapist looked like the son you never gave Barack? Would you believe their victim was a white woman?

Doesn’t fit the accepted narrative, does it?

Mark my word, the summer of 2012 will finally spark that “debate” on race.



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