I Can Do Bad All By Myself (The New Jersey Edition)

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I spent a month in New Jersey one night…

Described by a veteran NJ state trooper I talked to once as, “the most liberal state you’d ever want to live in,” New Jersey is just that. New Jersey has been known as a historically liberal state. They abolished the death penalty in 2007 and before that didn’t execute anyone since 1963. They also have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Yet another poignant fact is New Jersey’s intensive commitment to diversity, it’s central, most populous university (Rutgers University) now has a majority non-white freshman class. According to the 2010 census, New Jersey is 13.7% Black and 59.3% white of non-Hispanic origin.

 In light of all these facts, all this history, consider the percentage of Black inmates currently imprisoned within the New Jersey correctional system of 2012:
  • 61% of all inmates in the New Jersey correctional system are Black (14,469 of 23, 810 total inmates)
  • In New Jersey juvenile facilities, Blacks compose of 65% of the inmate population.
  • In New Jersey halfway houses and county jails, 64% of the inmates are Black.
  • In New Jersey State Prison, a maximum security prison where only the most violent inmates are sent, Blacks are 66% of the population.
  • In Northern State Prison (outside of the infamous Newark), Blacks are 64% of the inmate population and 70% of the administrative segregation population (meaning the inmates you have to keep on lockdown 23 hours a day or they’ll kill others or be killed by others).
  Remember this is liberal, DWL (disingenuous white liberal) populated, anti-gun, pro-diversity New Jersey we’re talking about.   
 These are staggering…..staggering numbers here. I personally didn’t even think it was this huge of a disproportion. Police in NJ exist for two things it appears, traffic tickets and Black people. Even a DWL to the bone couldn’t admit most of these cases are due to “racism.” A conspiracy (and the subsequent complicity) required for this level of mass incarceration would be so visible you could spot it from space. And yet, recently New Jersey was named one of the least corrupt, most transparent governments in the country. Funny how that works out….
You’d be hard pressed to find a more “diversity friendly” environment than what takes place in New Jersey schools, business, government institutions, etc., and yet at the same time you could perhaps find only a few states with a more disproportional Black incarceration rate in their correctional systems.
There is a color to crime in New Jersey…and it is diversity approved! 
Links to facts stated in this article:


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