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Detroit and Kool-Aid: What Could Go Wrong?

We already know that Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes Unprepared Kool-Aid (#48). Now, in 90 percent Black Detroit, two Black friends have answered that burning question of “who makes a better glass of Kool-Aid” by reaching for their guns … Continue reading

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Zebra 2.0: 365 Days of Terror in Barack Obama’s America

What can be said of the events that were chronicled last year at SBPDL, which clearly illustrate more than just random occurrences (as Lawrence Auster notes). The first pick for the SBPDL Book Club Black Pack Attack violence against primarily … Continue reading

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This Little Piggy Went to the Market…

PK Note: Yeah, this story is a few days old. So what? It’s hilarious, and cuts to the heart of why universal suffrage and democracy are headed for the ash heap of history. Odds are good: She’s on EBT/Food Stamps … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading a couple of books: Tamar Jacoby’s Someone Else’s House: America’s Unfinished Struggle For Integration and Clark Howard’s Zebra :The True Account of the 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco. The former is a book that documents … Continue reading

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Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth: The Coming End Of BRA

The Key to the White North Fulton battle with Black South Fulton: Buckhead It will never end. No matter how many concessions one makes; no matter how many attempts to rectify racial inequities from the past (largely made-up or exaggerated); … Continue reading

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Lights Out: 90 Percent Black Detroit Blacked Out

Not a good day to be a citizen of 90 percent Black Detroit: Detroit, whose 139 square miles contain 60 percent fewer residents than in 1950, will try to nudge them into a smaller living space by eliminating almost half … Continue reading

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The Black Gold Rush in The Black Mecca Ends; More than 50 percent of Metro Atlanta Mortgages Underwater

Gold rushes end once the resource that attracted people to the area has been exhausted. Infrastructure that was quickly built to accommodate the influx of people instantly loses value once the economy that momentarily was based upon intense speculation collapses. … Continue reading

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