Memorial Day Warning — Avoid Urban Beach Week and Areas with Black Populations (of any size)

PK NOTE: Read this article on what the city of Indianapolis had to do to ensure that the Indiana Black Expo didn’t have violence at it in 2011. To pull of a “safe” and “violence free” Expo, a police state was erected.

Why did they die? So Urban Beach Week could transpire. Freedom Failed

It was last year over Memorial Day Weekend that we were given a trial run of the summer of 2012. Thus far, the level of Black-on-white violence is startling, but not unexpected.

Jim Goad wrote about it at TakiMag; we wrote about it here, having personally witnessed the extraordinary efforts the Myrtle Beach Police had to take to ensure the safety of tourists during Black Biker Week there.

It is today that SBPDL issues a warning to all Real Americans who will be heading to the beach or areas with high levels of integration over Memorial Day Weekend.

Considering changing your travel plans. Stay at home. But if you do go out, make sure to take a Flip Cam or recording device (iPhones have amazing cameras built in) to capture whatever violence might transpire. It’s hard to believe that the violence at Carson Beach in South Boston – where more than 1,000 Black people engaged in low-level war with law-abiding citizens, requiring SWAT teams and police to hurriedly evacuate these citizens from the beach – wasn’t captured on film.

Or perhaps it was and police confiscated people’s recording devices, for the documented footage of Urban Terrorism in our midst – from Black Pack Attacks – might be the fatal blow to Black-Run America (BRA) that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) everywhere fear is imminent.

In researching for Black Mecca Down: The Fall of The City too Busy to Hate, it became hilariously obvious that even the Black political class in Atlanta understood that Freaknik had to go. Tom Wolfe, with magnificent prose, describes Freaknik in devastating language in his novel on Atlanta, A Man in Full. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book; The Chocolate Mecca, chapter one, is all you need to read.

Though Freaknik died, Urban Beach Week in Miami took its place. Marked with violence, crime, and well… the typical lawlessness that follows Black people since its founding, Urban Beach Week in 2011 was overwhelmed by Urban Terrorism. Calls for the cancellation of this event that draws 200,000 – 300,000 Black people to Miami went unheeded (for one more year).

After all, you can’t cancel events that cater exclusively to Black people in BRA; that would be the height of racism and immediately require an investigation by the EEOC and Department of Justice. No matter the violence, no matter the costs required for security and extra police (that must be provided by the taxpayer), and no matter the damage to public property and losses for businesses – not to mention horrible tips at restaurants – an exclusively Black event must be allowed to endure.

Except Freaknik. And Greekfest in Virginia Beach.

But back to Urban Beach Week and the extraordinary measures of security the police in Miami must undertake to ensure tranquility and peace:

Terrance Smith hasn’t had much difficulty selling South Beach as a Memorial Day weekend destination this year. The promoter, who since 2001 has pumped up Miami Beach as the spot to be for several hundred thousand members of what he calls the “hip-hop generation,” says bookings for hotel rooms remain as popular as ever — despite police-involved shootings during the weekend last year. 

“People don’t think about something that happened 12 months ago,” Smith said.
Maybe not outside South Florida. 

But when the expected crowds return to South Beach this month — Memorial Day will be observed Monday, May 28 — they will find that wounds inflicted by years of raucous, days-long street bacchanals were ripped open last year when 11 officers unleashed a barrage of bullets on Collins Avenue during their chase of a driver they said was armed. 

The driver died. Four bystanders were hit by bullets. 

This year, the heavy police presence, which some argue contributed to the tension, will intensify significantly. A checkpoint. Watch towers. Police in pairs on every corner. Drivers on all three causeways leading into South Beach — the MacArthur, Venetian and Julia Tuttle — will be affected, with police surveillance on the MacArthur and Tuttle. 

“What we’re trying to control is just the volume [of people.] We reach a breaking point that we just can’t handle,’’ said Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez, named chief in March. 


The city of Miami Beach is employing new tactics this year to handle the Memorial Day weekend crowds, estimated at around 200,000 people. 

• Traffic Loop: A one-way South Beach traffic loop that will send cars north on Collins and south on Washington avenues. Ocean Drive will be closed to cars. 

• DUI checkpoint: Police will stage a Friday night-Saturday morning DUI checkpoint on the MacArthur Causeway and deploy roving DUI squads. 

License-tag readers: They will record just about every car that enters Miami Beach from the MacArthur and Julia Tuttle causeways. Two others will be used throughout the city. 

• Four towers with video cameras: They’ll be placed throughout South Beach. The city purchased two towers this year after borrowing two last year from the Broward Sheriff’s Office. 

• Light towers: More than 50 will light up South Beach. 

• Handbills or fliers: They’ll be banned in most of the South Beach entertainment district.

Calls for curfews (normally reserved for either times of war or after natural disaster… or for cities with Black population) have been made for Urban Beach Week. The event should just be cancelled.

But this is freedom, BRA style. Just like in Chicago, where Black people – not heat exhaustion – required beaches to be shutdown. Yes, it was Black people. Yes, the violence was covered up.

So Matt Drudge, be ready. And Real Americans, be warned.

Black Pack Attacks are on the rise; Mahogany Mobs are on the loose. The Department of Justice has sided with them.

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