Freedom Failed: Black Riots at the Spring Fair at the Mall at Stonecrest Not Worth Covering

Black people riot at the Fair at the Mall at Stonecrest: No coverage in any metro Atlanta media

This will be a quick post, but a needed one (new one coming tonight). Stonecrest Mall in DeKalb County (outside of Atlanta headed down I-20 toward Augusta) was once a nice mall. Located in 54 percent Black DeKalb County, the mall quickly reverted to the culture of the majority population that frequented said mall.

Black people.

Stores closed.

Interestingly, this mall was home to Atlanta’s Christmas Nike Air Jordan Riot. As we all know, Black people rioted nationwide over these shoes.

However, the media of Atlanta didn’t see fit to report on the Spring Fair at the Mall at Stonecrest riot that happened on May 5, 2012. Information is sketchy at best, but a call to Donald Bieler, the Director of Marketing and Specialty Leasing at Stonecrest Mall, provided the proof that a big coverup of a riot is underway.

And, of course, it was a Black riot.

Mr. Bieler confirmed that there were “incidents” with “teens” (codeword for Black people). He told me that if I wanted to bring my family to the Fair at the Mall of Stonecrest, it should be only during the day on Saturday. And that after “four or five hours” of fun, we should leave.

He said they were instituting a gated fee for entry during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights ($20.00), hoping that this would be the additional measure needed to ensure safety of the fair attendees.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution, any of the local affiliates (ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC), nor the DeKalb County paper The Champion have spoken about this incident. The media has one job: to report the news, in an unbiased manner, so as to inform the public.

In Black-Run America (BRA), any news that could put Black people in a bad light is not fit to print. Indeed, it can’t be printed. As we learned with The Buffalo News, Black people will threaten a riot if it is printed.

The Black Mecca of America is going down. No one is willing to admit that the spread of the Black Undertow throughout Metro Atlanta has doomed the once thriving suburbs of The City too Busy to Hate.

Soon, Stonecrest Mall will go the way of Union Station (formerly Shannon Mall) in Union City. Once a thriving mall, it now sits entirely – and eerily – vacant, a reminder that when white people stop spending money, the stores profitability dries up. This is called Mall Envy. It is a vivid reminder that there is no Black purchasing power in America, and that in the absence of white people, Black people are grossly incapable of maintaining any infrastructure (be it economic, buildings, quality schools, safe neighborhoods, etc.) that is left for them to keep flourishing. As custodians of a civilization that whites bequeathed to them by simply packing up and leaving town (Detroit, Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis), Black people have yet – in any city in America – to stop the regression of said city to the mean.

In January of 2012, one of the oldest Chick-fil-A’s in all of America had to close at The Gallery at South DeKalb Mall because of falling sales:

After almost 42-years in business, the Chick-fil-A at South DeKalb Mall closes this week. This location opened just three years after the first mall store opened at Greenbriar Mall in 1967. At that time, enclosed malls were growing in popularity. In fact, Greenbriar was only Atlanta’s third such shopping facility. 

Brenda Morrow, a spokesperson for Chick-fil-A, says, “We had a great run at South DeKalb Mall.” She cites “declining sales over the years” as the reason for the closure. When a location underperforms, “for financial reasons, it is difficult to run a store in the caliber which we run the stores.”

Hilariously, The Gallery at South DeKalb Mall brags about being a Black mall that caters to Black people:

We’ve carved out a unique niche by constantly asking our community how we can better serve them. This non-traditional relationship with our trade area makes for a successful commerce-meets-community business model. 

The Gallery at South DeKalb caters to a close-knit community of African-American consumers with more than 600,000 potential customers in the primary and secondary market area.

Tweets about the Black Riot at Stonecrest Mall 

Shame on all of the media of the metro Atlanta for failing to report on The Fair at Stonecrest Mall riots, well, Black riots. Much needed economic activity at the mall can’t transpire when Black people drive away potential customers to this mall (or other malls in the metro Atlanta area).

Luckily, Black people who did go to The Fair at the Mall at Stonecrest on May 5 used Twitter to let the world know of what actually happened (methodology on uncovering the coverup: accessing Twitter and searching for the word “Stonecrest”). Consult the pictures to enjoy the Tweets of Black people describing the type of Black behavior that the Director of Marketing and Specialty Leasing at Stonecrest Mall warned me to stay away from – by only coming to the Fair during the day – if I wanted to ensure a good time for me and my family.

Freedom. Failed.

Black Mecca Down: The Fall of the City too Busy to Hate is coming. America, Real America, can only be saved when we begin to learn the lessons of what the collapse of Detroit and the transpiring fall of Atlanta mean: race matters.



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