I’ve Seen the Future and It Will Be: Atlanta’s Minority Mandates Governing City Contracts (and Bids) for Blacks Only?

It’s called The Black Mecca. But why? Because Atlanta has one of the most powerful affirmative action programs in place (plus rules that mandate 35 percent of city contracts go to minority contractors) in the entire nation:

It was the place to be, we were told throughout the Eighties and Nineties. The housing was cheap, the weather benign, the social and business networks poppin’, the elected officials black and enlightened, and the opportunities limitless. Twenty years before it had been “the city too busy to hate.” Now it was the “Black Mecca,” and pilgrims streamed in by the tens of thousands each year.

Maynard Jackson was elected Atlanta’s first black mayor in 1973, only 5 years after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. According to a June 29, 2003 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article by Ernie Suggs:

“In 1973, fewer than 1 percent of the city’s contracts went to minorities. Five years later, it was 38.6 percent. At one point, more than 80 percent of all minority contracts at U.S. airports were in Atlanta, prompting Jackson once to boast that he had helped create 25 new black millionaires….”

Those first 25 millionaires, with the assistance of the next three black Atlanta mayors, have helped to create scores of additional black millionaires along with the thriving, empowered, well-connected and ambitious business and professional class which identifies with the people who run Atlanta to this day.

Those Black people who benefit from Atlanta’s intense affirmative action programs, help to uplift Black workers without any oversight from the EEOC or the Department of Justice. In fact, 82 percent of jobs created by Black-owned business will go to Black people.

Were that number implemented by white-owned business (82 percent of jobs going to other whites), you’d have the federal government suing on behalf of a huge number of aggrieved Black workers denied jobs because of their race.

The heart of America’s Black middle class might be in Atlanta, but the blood is pumped directly from mandated minority contracts (Minority Business Enterprise) and government jobs. Without these, there is no Black middle class in Atlanta.

Black Atlanta’s power is fracturing, as the city moves to being a majority-minority municipality. And now, other racial groups – not whites, who know they have no voice in Black-Run America (BRA) – are hoping to fight to the front of the line for minority mandated contracts:

City minority contracts investigated

 Posted: May 03, 2012 11:11 PM EDT Updated: May 04, 2012 3:55 PM EDT
By Dale Russell, FOX 5 I-Team reporter

ATLANTA – Critics charge that when it comes to awarding lucrative city contracts, Atlanta’s anti-discrimination policy discriminates against certain minorities.

FOX 5’s I-Team found that the city’s minority goals in multimillion dollar construction contracts are set aside for African American and female business owners only. Latino and Asian business owners aren’t eligible.

We could have been on Mars. Never forget that. Now, the future of America is a Jerry Springer racial free-for-all over who gets what exclusive-to-non-white contracts that come courtesy of primarily white tax-payers.

This should put the 2009 “Black Mayor Memo” into a new perspective, knowing that the Black establishment in Atlanta knows that if they ever lose their vice on power — the gravy train for creating Maynard Jackson’s ‘Black millionaires’ could come to a crashing end. 



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