I’ll Have a Coke

Moral of the story… PA Systems are inherently racist

In Black-Run America (BRA), only Those Who Can See can hear you scream. Remember the infamous All Black people must leave the store”Wal-Mart incident from 2010? No. Refresh your memory here. This actually became national news.


National news.

Because in BRA, it’s axiomatic that all white people are racist and that corporate America (whose managers are primarily white people) are by extension racist, a suit like this is actually taken seriously:

HuffPost Social ReadingNew Jersey Man Sues Walmart For $1M Over Racist Remark  

May 16, 2012CAMDEN, N.J. — Wal-Mart is being sued for $1 million by a man who claims he was traumatized by a racist comment made over an intercom at a southern New Jersey store two years ago. 

Donnell Battie, of Winslow, accuses Wal-Mart of being negligent in failing to control access to the store’s intercom, which was used to broadcast an announcement ordering all black people to leave the Washington Township store. A 16-year-old boy was arrested days later and charged with harassment and bias intimidation. 

Battie claims he has needed medical care due to the March 2010 comment. He says it caused him “severe and disabling emotional and psychological harm.”

As part of the Second Battle of Atlanta, we’ll soon take a detailed look at the 1999 billion dollar racial bias suit filed by Black employees of Coca Cola, that the soft drink would eventually settle out of court for more than $156 million. Since that day, Coca Cola beat McDonald’s in implementing a corporate strategy that is 365Black.

Now, it’s Wal-Mart’s turn.

All you can do is laugh at the nonsense, knowing that even in the event of a mass-murdering Black Pack Attack like that of Omar Thornton, the mainstream media will still find away to place the burden of proof on evil whitey.

America needs an enema.



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