It’s been a quiet week here at SBPDL. When one is preparing for battle, meticulous planning, research, reconnaissance, and a strategy must be in place – hammered down – before the first shot is fired.

Year Four Begins: RISE

In what spare time is available, I’ve finished off 20+ books on a particular subject matter and scoured over hundreds of articles from newspapers and magazines: it’s now time.

Today, May 19, 2012 marks the end of year three of Stuff Black People Don’t Like

It was this year we learned the reality of Obama’s War on White America: it was just a continuation of policies that have been in place since a fateful day in 1948 ended the Old Republic and enshrined into law Black-Run America (BRA). It was Mein Obama who merely put a Black-face on the occupational government that dares turn every city in America into a Detroit, circa 2012.

Today, we embark on the final year of SBPDL. This was never a project that would endure indefinitely, but something which started as joke (three years ago today) that became, well, something else entirely. Over the next 365 days, I plan to do everything humanly possible here and at other sites to work toward the moment when the phrase “co-exist” is no longer tolerated. When “exist” re-enters the lexicon. Permanently.

 I can’t thank the readers of SBPDL enough for that and those who have watched as this site has grown into something very personal and been a major part of this site’s success.

Thank you.

At the precise moment – for maximum effect – the I Can See campaign will kick off. Plans are in place as I write this for its genesis. All it takes is the order.

 We could have been on Mars, but instead we find ourselves on May 19, 2012 staring into an uncertain future, seemingly one filled with darkness and devoid of all hope.

An entire nation Detroit-ed.

And thus, year four begins.




Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly SBPDL.com) has moved to SBPDL.net!
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