You Don’t Base Social Policy on Individuals: Jim Crow’s Revenge

It’s here.

Threat Level Midnight Black for Memorial Day 2012

One year ago, the Black Intifada of Memorial Day 2011 was unleashed on the nation. Read about it here.

Chicago: Beaches were closed due to Black violence, though your elected city officials blamed the threat of “heat exhaustion” instead of directing any blame toward Black Pack Attacks.

Boston: A scene out of George Romero’s nightmares was unleashed on beach-goers as zombie hordes roving bands of Black People participated in Mahogany Mobs attacks that required SWAT teams to disperse.

For more, just read Jim Goad’s column from Takimag on the Memorial Day festivities of 2011. It was this weekend that ushered in a new era of reporting when it comes to discussing the Black Intifada (Lawrence Auster’s perfect term) unfolding across the nation.

Whenever Black people gather together, prospects for trouble will exponentially rise with each addition made (regardless of the sex of the Black person) to the group. Events will be marred with violence, property damage, theft, random shootings, sexual assaults, and a disgruntled business community.

Just ask Atlanta about Freaknic (Freaknik); Myrtle Beach about Black Bike Week; Philadelphia about Greek Picnic; Indianapolis about the Indiana Black Expo; well, you get the picture. You ever wonder why the all-Black sections of a city lack any businesses or economic activity (save the Black market of the drug dealer and prostitution)?

Just look at the behavior of Black people during the events (many cancelled) described above and the resources that must be dedicated (police, extra-security at businesses to guard against theft, etc.) to ensure that some form of peace is maintained. Now you understand why Tybee Island wants to rid itself of Orange Crush.

Now you understand why Baltimore’s Inner Harbor downtown area is implementing major security upgrades, just to keep businesses located there from closing up shop (thereby depriving the city of desperately needed tax revenue and the only form of nightlife/entertainment left of law-abiding patrons of the Baltimore) and fleeing from what can only be described as “average Black behavior.

Why Miami wants to rid itself of Urban Beach Week, where a police state is being erected in advance of the arrival of 300,000 Black people for Memorial Day festivities. Yes, a police state:

A reported arrest quota for Memorial Day weekend is causing anger and concern among community activists and union officers in Miami Beach.

Rumors of the quota, which allegedly calls for 2,000 people to be arrested over the holiday weekend, first came to light in an email complaint from the officers’ union. In that email, the union called the quota “aggressive, patently unfair, and unjust.”

Police Chief Raymond Martinez has denied the reports, saying in an email to Local 10, “I want to be clear, there is no arrest quota for Memorial Day weekend or any other day on Miami Beach.”

But the ACLU is also concerned, especially when it comes to protecting civil rights.

“This is a big mistake they’re making,” said ACLU attorney Howard Simon. “Their goal should be zero arrests, not two thousand arrests. If police are going to use arrests not as a last resort, but as a first resort they’re going to make the situation worse.”

They also said police need to use “professional training” to diffuse situations rather than arrest party-goers as a first response.

This policy should be enacted in every major city with a Black population of more than five percent of the total population. For every day, especially the weekends. Especially holidays.

Draconian actions like “curfews” (normally only needed for times of war or when Martial Law is declared, but standard operating procedure for a city besieged by Black violence) would no longer be necessary; businesses would no longer be fearful of losing profits or investing in an “urban” entertainment district knowing that the state had their best interests at heart, instead of protecting Mahogany Mobbers.

History is unfolding before our eyes. The paradigm is shifting, one WorldStarHipHop (WSHH) video at a time — all willingly uploaded by the Black person engaged in the Flash Mob, random assault, or participant in “average Black behavior.”

Memorial Day Weekend… did the veterans who fought in America’s wars serve and their comrades really die so that freedom could be transferred to a population who remade Detroit in their image? So that entertainment districts could be shut down because the state won’t protect legitimate businesses (and the consumers who will keep these restaurants and shops open so they can collect revenue that in turn is taxed to support the city’s ability to employ public servants, pay into pension funds, and improve infrastructure) from the threat of Black people engaging in “average Black behavior.”

You don’t base social policy on individuals. You might know a Black person who doesn’t engage in “average Black behavior.” Unfortunately, cities like Baltimore, Memphis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, Peoria, Akron, Cleveland, St. Louis, New Orleans, Miami, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Chicago have too many who do.

And it’s this type of behavior that the white residents of the suburbs surrounding these cities know all to well (which is why they moved to Whitopia’s in the first place).

The United States Department of Homeland Security might have retired the color-coded threat level, but we haven’t: Memorial Day Weekend 2012 is a threat level Black for the entire nation.

Cities like Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, Mobile, Savannah, Cleveland, Tulsa, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans, and Boston are on extremely high alerts.

Norfolk would be warned, but the media there wouldn’t report on it if it happened.

Memorial Day 2012: what did all those veterans die defending again?

Freedom Failed.



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