Detroit and Kool-Aid: What Could Go Wrong?

We already know that Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes Unprepared Kool-Aid (#48). Now, in 90 percent Black Detroit, two Black friends have answered that burning question of “who makes a better glass of Kool-Aid” by reaching for their guns in the first documented case of a ‘Kool-Aid Standoff’.

90 percent Black Detroit and Kool-Aid: What could go wrong?

From Andrea Isom at MyFoxDetroit:

DETROIT (WJBK) – Witnesses say two men in the Brightmoor neighborhood were so passionate about the way they make Kool-Aid, they started arguing with each other over who does it better.

Sadly, that fight took a horrifying turn when they both pulled out guns and started firing at each other. Again, this was over Kool-Aid.

They didn’t hit each other, but two innocent bystanders suffered gunshot wounds in the soft drink shooting. Police call it utterly ridiculous, but they’ve seen worse. Fox 2’s Andrea Isom has the story.

And people wonder why the book was called Escape from Detroit:The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis. This never happens to white kids in cities controlled by Democrat mayors (and that are majority white).

This is all a dream, isn’t it? A comedian or script writer trying to come up with the most perverse Black stereotypes to create a joke or scene in an absurd film couldn’t conjure up a story like the one Andrea Isom broke for MyFoxDetroit.

90 percent Black Detroit… they shouldn’t put sterilants in the water there (as Detroit News writer Nolan Finley suggested); the Water Authority should pump packages of Kool-Aid into the water supply.

Maybe then Black people would stop killing one another and making Detroit the most violent and unsafe city in America.

Oh yeah!



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