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"The Atlanta Youth Murders and the Politics of Race" — The 2nd of the SBPDL Book Club

PK Note: Airline lost my luggage, so a couple of articles planned are delayed for a few days.  Book Two in the SBPDL Book Club Series Over at Vdare, Nicholas Stix has an interesting piece on The City too Busy … Continue reading

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Valerie Jarrett and Obamacare: What Universal Health Care Means in BRA

We could have been on Mars… Courtesy of The Root, yet another shining example that Black people don’t like to pay for health care: Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama, broke with protocol and delivered a campaign-style speech to … Continue reading

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In Birmingham, They Love the Governor

In the book “Gray Lady Down: What the Decline and Fall of the New York Times Means for America,” an important quote is attributed to Howell Raines, the editorial page director of paper. On. p.29, we learn: Born in Birmingham, … Continue reading

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The Death of "The Atlanta Way": New York Times Profiles Sandy Springs

The Atlanta Way: A truce that is nearing its end You might recall that we quoted from A Man in Full in a story detailing President Obama’s gratuitous use of street slang in campaign material directed at Black people (African-Americans for … Continue reading

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Once Beneath the Stars, the Universe was Ours: SCOTUS Decision in ‘Miller v. Alabama’ a Reminder of the Insanity of BRA

Miller v. Alabama: The rights of the criminal prevail in the end With all eyes on the Supreme Court today, as a 5-3 decision rendered three of the four provisions of SB1070 invalid, the case of Miller v. Alabama received … Continue reading

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The Harvey Dent Act vs. "Stop and Frisk": The Lily-White world of "The Dark Knight Rises" vs. Black/Brown Crime in Our World

PK Note: Before you read this short piece, please familiarize yourself with these two prior pieces (Why Bane Must Break the Bat: How “The Dark Knight Rises” Must End and No League of Shadows Destroyed Detroit; It was Black People).  … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors: Conservatism Inc., The Unfair Campaign, and Charlton Heston

It wouldn’t be hard. It wouldn’t take much. Unfair to be born right? Conservatism Inc. sees profit in exploiting this… Just a push; a hero to rally around. You might recall that on January 31, 2012, we published a story … Continue reading

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