Four Shootings at a Funeral and No Wedding: White America Owes Black America Nothing

[PK Note: This idea grew from a recent conversation I had with Lawrence Auster. I’m indebted to Mr. Auster for many things, and I believe he will be able to flesh out this idea in a post of his own. Anyone who has ever read a Paul Kersey book or enjoyed SBPDL owes Lawrence a huge “thank you” for being an inspiration behind the direction this site morphed into.]

White America owes Black America… what exactly? Nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Repeat. White America owes Black America nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Let this revelation sink in for a second. If need be, give it a minute or two. 

Go look at yourself in the mirror and say that first sentence three times. Go ahead… we’ll still be here.


How’d that feel?

Now, read this story of yet another shining example of why the Black Mecca is the Black Hole of America, never allowing the realization from above to stray far from your thoughts as the reporting of yet another “random” example of depravity in the Black community (no less in a county considered to be one of the top for Black people in America):

DeKalb County police are at the scene of a double-fatal shooting at Victory for the World church on N. Hairston Road.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of the church as a funeral was ending inside.
Two people were fatally shot and two more were injured.

“Everybody hit the ground. People were running and hitting the ground. Everybody was screaming and hollering and just running,” said witness Craig Hodge.

Police at the scene said that one of the victims who was fatally shot was found in a car in the parking lot and the second victim died on the way to the hospital.

Pastor Kenneth Samuel had just finished preaching about non-violence.

“Some of the people I was preaching to in church came out of church and immediately lost their lives due to gunfire,” Samuel said.

The funeral was being held for 19-year-old Ryan Guider. DeKalb County sheriff’s deputies said he was killed on May 26.

According to the sheriff’s office, Marcus D. Ventress, 28, is wanted for Guider’s killing and has not been captured.

DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis said that Ventress was in attendance at the funeral.
DeKalb County Public Safety Director Wiz Miller told CBS Atlanta News that three to five people had been detained by police for questioning following the shootings, but it was unclear if any of them had pulled the trigger.

 This is why white people flee counties and cities that slowly go Black (invariably, once that county goes fully Black, massive depreciation in home valuations trigger a drop in tax revenue and an immediate decline in services), because the story of a shooting at a funeral for a Black teenager gunned down by senseless typical Black violence is one that isn’t geographically isolated to metro Atlanta.

This story could be out of Birmingham or Baltimore. Memphis or St. Louis. Tulsa or Dallas; Los Angeles or Chicago.

It’s all the same, only the names have changed. It’s not “senseless” violence… it’s quite common Black violence.

In our nation governed by the concept of Black-Run America (BRA), it is folly to attribute Black failure and Black dysfunction to anything other than the legacy of slavery or continued, endemic white racism.

Liberals and conservatives both agree on this point.

We reject it emphatically.

The state of 90 percent Black Detroit in 2012 shows what happens in the absence of white people; the state of 2012 metro Atlanta shows what happens when an entire region of a state capitulates to the belief in egalitarianism and that “affirmative action” and “quotas” can serve as sufficient payback for past – perceived – racial discrimination and transgressions.

We are not living in “the end of history”… on the contrary, we are living in the dawn of seismic shift in political discourse.

And it all begins with one simple admission that rips the heart out of the commonality between both the left and right in this nation, a bond that tragically blinds both sides from implementing sane, rational policies: White America owes Black America nothing.




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