Take On Me

It might be time people start seeing things in “Black and white” terms

It was two years ago that more than 700 Black people packed a Black church in Buffalo to berate Buffalo News Editor Margaret Sullivan for daring to publish a story that highlighted Black violence in the community. The NBC affiliate in Buffalo reported:

Close to 1,000 persons packed an east side church Wednesday night for the chance to speak with Margaret Sullivan, the Editor and Vice President of The Buffalo News, about a recent article which revealed that seven of the eight victims in the August 14th mass shooting on Main Street had criminal records.

Riccardo McCray is charged with being the gunman in the massacre which left four dead and four wounded.

It was Ms. Sullivan’s idea to hold the forum at the New Bethel Baptist Church, according to pastor Darius Pridgen, who lauded her for being willing to come and hear the public’s concerns. 

“We woke up on a Sunday morning to an article that demeaned our family,” said Cheryl Stevens, whose daughter Tanisha was left widowed when her husband Danyell Mackin was killed.

Interestingly Mackin was –according to the article– the only one of the victims who never had a criminal conviction.

Nonetheless, Stevens told Sullivan, “You poured salt on a wound that had not even healed.” 

Stevens should have fielded questions from the close to 1,000 Black people who packed this church – thankfully, no shots were fired! – and then simply said, “Well, I’m glad you can at least read what we publish in the paper, now quit breaking the law and defending those that do, while attempting to castigate those who dare report it.” With that, she should have then walked out of the church.

Instead, she groveled.

Now, WIVB out of Buffalo reports this:

The FBI now believes an arson fire in Buffalo’s Old First Ward may have been a hate crime. Upon hearing the news the fiery crime may be rooted in racism, a neighbor gave a stunning reaction.

As you read through the story, know you may find some of the statements offensive.
Federal prosecutors stop short of calling this a hate crime, but continue to look for evidence to prove it as such. They have been investigating the Mackinaw Street fire for more than a year.

“The property owner and the victim was a refugee that had fled oppression and had immigrated to the United States in pursuit of the American dream,” said Frank Christiano, Resident Agent in Charge of the ATF.

FBI Special Agent Christopher Piehota said, “The elements of the case indicate there may be a hate crime motivated incident and we want to get to the bottom of it.”
We wanted to know if residents believed race played a role in the crime. One neighbor, working on repairing a home damaged in last year’s fire, had some comments that may shock you.

“I think that if people just stayed on their own side of town in their own neighborhood that things like that wouldn’t happen,” the man said. “Every race and color has their own section of Buffalo, so if they just stay in their own neighborhood, things like this wouldn’t happen.”

He’s has lived in the Old First Ward for more than 30 years.

The man stated, “People in these neighborhoods don’t want those type of people moving down here and destroying the property value. So when things like that happen, it shouldn’t such a shock.”

We asked the man what he meant by “those types of people.” He responded: “Minorities. African Americans.”

We asked the man why he holds these opinions.

He answered, “Because I own a home and I see what happens when they move into the neighborhood. Property value goes down, kids on the corner, crime goes up. The east side used to be a beautiful place; look what they did to that.”

The American people have never been asked if resettling every refugee from war-torn nations is something that constitutes “the American Dream” — conversely, wouldn’t this “American Dream” mysteriously disappear if refugees from every failed nation overwhelm the indigenous population in the United States that made it possible?

Then again, the federal government is busy trying to elect a new people… so you know what, “F&^k the American Dream.”

Cloaked in a shroud of actual mystery, “The Man” from the above WIVB story has dared break the bubble of acceptable racial dialogue in America. In simple language, he has elaborated a truth regarding Climate Change (and Man-Made Climate Change) that cuts through the phoney rhetoric of both the right and the left: it’s race stupid.

Property valuations are directly correlated to race (your average American’s biggest investment is their mortgage and it is in owning a home that they derive the greatest source of their net worth; thus, the reason SBPDL endorses Restrictive Covenants) and the majority race of the inhabitants of a given community, city, or county.

 “The Man” in the WIVB piece is a hero, cast by Ed Drantch as a villain of a more unsavory nature than the person potentially responsible for the fire.

Nevertheless, it is the ideas that “The Man” spoke of that have the potential to catch like wildfire into a mighty conflagration across this nation: Negro Fatigue is the truth that dare not speaks its name in America.

“Take On Me,”‘The Man’ dares ask the reader in this WIVB story.



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