The "Psychological Torture" of Emmett Till: What the Life and Death of Kyser Miree Teaches Us

Emmett Till… Emmett Till… Emmett Till… Emmett Till

In a year from now, the name Kyser Miree will only be remembered by family and close friends. The way he lived his life, his hopes, dreams, and aspirations; well, those will all be recalled when family members gather for holiday events and gaze upon images of Miree captured years before, in moments that make them wish they didn’t know now, what they didn’t know then.

The post-Civil Rights world we all live in demands that we ignore Black-on-white crime and those murder victims of events that will never, ever be catalogued in some museum documenting Black racial animosity (the inverse is true in our world, where aging white leftists routinely send in checks to subsidize an organization that teaches tolerance to a nation already drowning in it); so Kyser’s life and his execution will never, ever grace the pages of a text book designed to make pliable young Black school children feel guilty for existing, nor will public broadcasting put together a 22-minute documentary on his life and death designed to constantly scare white kids of an impending attack by Blacks (the way documentaries on the evil Klan – the anonymous member adorned in the ominous white sheet of doom – and its impending return are used to scare Black kids and plant the seed of guilt into the young white kids mind).

No — in the world of Black-Run AmericA (BRA), only Those Who Can See will dare state that Kyser Miree’s life is worth remembering – besides his parents and friends – and that in his cruel murder, a lesson should reside a tale worth more than being buried under six of dirt.

Four Black males barged into Miree’s home in 2010 and held him at gunpoint, demanding money. One of those Black males, Michael Lee, would pull the trigger and end Miree’s life. Here’s how The Mobile Press-Register is reporting death penalty hearings for Lee:

The last moments of Kyser Miree’s life — as he sat on the floor with three intruders pointing guns at him — amounted to “psychological torture,” a prosecutor told the jury in Michael Lee’s capital murder trial this afternoon. 

“He was 100 percent aware of what was going to happen,” said Assistant District Attorney Jill Phillips. “He knew he was going to die, and he begged and pleaded for his life.” 

That circumstance, along with others surrounding the slaying of Miree, warrant imposing the death penalty on Lee, Miree’s convicted killer, the prosecutor argued.
Miree was shot and killed on April 16, 2010 after Lee and three accomplices barged inside his home and demanded money. 

A jury is now deliberating whether Lee should die by lethal injection or spend the rest of his life in state prison. 

The defense told the jury that Lee’s difficult childhood and his diagnosed depression and impulse control disorder should count as evidence that Lee needs to be sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

“It’s not an excuse for him,” said defense lawyer Glenn Davidson. “It’s who he is. He has those problems, and they are real.” 

Davidson asked the jury to consider mercy for Lee. 

“He acted on impulse,” Davidson said. “This was not a premeditated act on his part.”
Assistant District Attorney Jo Beth Murphree, though, said that Lee made clear choices in deciding to rob someone that night, arming himself with a powerful .380 handgun and loading it with bullets designed to kill. 

“What kind of mercy did the defendant show Kyser as he was begging for his life?” said Murphree as she showed a photograph of Miree lying in a pool of his own blood.

“Psychological torture.” With three guns pointed on him, Miree knew he was going to die. Did those visions from grade school of men in white hoods and that white guilt he was taught to believe in more fiercely than God himself (images of white men operating water hoses, concentrating powerful blasts of H2O upon Blacks in Birmingham and black and white images of nooses around the necks of Black people in some small town) flood his mind in those moments? Did he think of the heroic heights that the Tuskegee Airmen soared to in the later stages of World War II, or did he recall the speeches of Martin Luther King and plea from Rodney King of “why can’t we all just get along?”

Or did he look into the eyes of his killers and realize that the real “psychological torture” was the years of being told to ignore Black dysfunction in America, except when he was 24/7/365 indoctrinated that it was all his fault — and the fault of every white person born before him?

Every white child in BRA undergoes “psychological torture” via academia (starting in grade school) and through constant bombardment by media/entertainment which serves to reinforce the belief that only a white racist – while dressed in white sheets – prepared to lynch Blacks would dare think negatively about The Blacks. Even when those negative thoughts come courtesy of facts, logic, and empirical evidence. Your blue, green, hazel, gold or brown eyes are lying to you about racial differences in intelligence, behavior, impulse control, and maturation; so close them, or else, dictates BRA.

Kyser Miree: Only his family will remember his face

So we are left to wonder what images went through Miree’s head as those precious final seconds of his life ticked away, aware that each breath he took was bringing him one-step closer to a brutal death. In those final moments on earth, did Miree finally understand why those hoses and dogs were used in Birmingham?

What we do know is what Miree was like in life, courtesy of friends and family who testified to the jury who will now decide if Lee should get the death sentence:

Kyser Miree was a natural and humble leader, a smart engineer who always needed a project, and a loving, empathetic man who easily made friends with others, according to testimony this morning. 

“People couldn’t help but want to be around him all the time,” said Pete Dale, Miree’s fraternity brother and best friend at Vanderbilt University. 

Friends and family of Miree, who was 23 when he was shot and killed by Michael Lee, tearfully described to a jury their experiences with Miree over the years.
The jury is now hearing testimony in the punishment phase of the trial. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for Lee. 

Jurors will recommend death or life in prison without the possibility of parole. Circuit Judge John Lockett will have the final sentencing decision. 

Dale said in college, he and Miree enjoyed hunting and fishing together. They would tie canoes to the top of Miree’s beat-up truck. In addition to working hard in school, Dale said, Miree worked on side projects — teaching himself to play guitar one summer, buying a truck to learn how to fix engines and even buying a video of learning how to dunk a basketball in 90 days. 

“It didn’t work for Kyser,” Dale said, drawing laughter from the courtroom.

This is but a glimpse of a life that was extinguished by one of four Black males who went to rob Miree, only to deprive the world of an engineer; a son; a friend; and ultimately, a white individual whose only real responsibility in BRA is to pay taxes to ensure the proliferation of people like Lee continues unabated.

In a year from now, the name Kyser Miree will only be remembered by family and close friends. But your children; your grandchildren; your brother; your sister; your spouse; your cousin; your deracinated fellow citizen will be told to remember the name Emmett Till.

James Byrd.

Trayvon Martin.

Rodney King.

There will come a day when white America realizes that it owes Black America nothing. On that day, many Black people will shriek about the change of heart; many more will simply say, “What took you so long.”

The “psychological torture” that white people are forced to endure from cradle to grave in BRA is powerful; enduring an experience that opens your eyes to the reality of BRA is stronger; understanding that their have been tens of thousands of people whose lives were tragically cut down in a similar fashion to Kyser Miree’s and that no documentary will ever be made to memorialize them (simultaneously providing a guilt-trip to Black people) — well, that’s the moment you begin to understand why hoses emitting powerful blasts of water were once used… so that the Birmingham of 2012 would never exist.

Our society is built on lies so fragile, that it requires the continuous “psychological torture”of whites to survive. It has is foundation that will fall.



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