World War Z — Clark Howard’s "Zebra: The True Account of the 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco"

“Zebra 2.0: Life in Barack Obama’s America” is coming soon

It’s a story we aren’t supposed to remember. It’s a story we aren’t supposed to discuss. It’s a tale of horror so macabre that not even Oliver Stone himself would dare consider showcasing on film, for natural born killers once roamed the streets of San Francisco and not one looked like the psychotic white racist male straight out of Hollywood central casting.

What happened in San Francisco between 1973 and 1974 – with 14 whites killed and eight others seriously maimed in racial assaults by Black men – didn’t attract national attention from Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, or other celebrities like the Atlanta Child Murders did seven years later (as a side, it’s obvious Wayne Williams only killed a few – if any – of the 28 Black people that are part of “the list”: there was no serial killer loose in the 98 percent Black ghettos of Atlanta during the first part of 1980; it was just Black people doing what they do in every city in America, making their communities unsafe and driving down property value via the standard operating procedure of Blackness).

No, the Zebra Killings (hundreds of other attacks on – and murders of – whites in California at that same time never were solved) were an attempt by members of the Nation of Islam to cleanse white people from San Francisco. It was an undeclared race war.

The book, “The Zebra Murders: A Season of Killing, Racial Madness, and Civil Rights” states:

For six months from October 1973 to April 1974, a string of killings that came to be known by the code name Zebra afflicted San Francisco like a curse. Though little remembered or talked about today, the Zebra murders were among the most violent and prolonged cases of domestic terrorism in the history of the United States. This was not a single catastrophic event. Rather, it was an ongoing wave of random terrorist attacks that ultimately numbered in the two dozen in total and left fifteen dead, eight injured, a population shaken, and a major U.S. city on the brink. 

By my recollection, a small, radical fringe group inside the San Francisco temple of the Nation of Islam, an organization far removed from the Nation of Islam that exist today, committed a series of attacks in what I understood to be an attempt to alienate whites from blacks and instigate a race war.

Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen, by publishing “The Zebra Murders” only a few years ago, would have us try and forget that Clark Howard’s work “Zebra: The True Account of the 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco” not only predates it by almost 20 years, but it is far superior in describing the terror that gripped Harvey Milk’s city. The San Francisco Chronicle reviews “The Zebra Murders” here.

They can also be forgiven, for they try and obfuscate the situation in San Francisco by writing about perceived racism within the police department of the city, as if it was just as injurious to Black cops  – if not more so – than what was actually being done to white civilians by Blacks.

I wrote about the Zebra murders before, comparing the incident to the Atlanta Child Murders in greater detail. The insanity that gripped the nation in regards to the latter, was completely lacking in regards to the former. It’s a safe bet that Soledad O’Brien and Don Lemon will refrain from producing a retrospective, investigative report on The Zebra Murders, as they did on Wayne Williams and the Atlanta Child Murders for CNN.

What happened in San Francisco back in 1973-1974 needs to be discussed. It needs to be analyzed. For if you look just beneath the headlines of crime stories around the nation today, patterns begin to emerge that few dare consider.

So, for the next two days, you are invited to share your thoughts with the readers of SBPDL (RamZPaul — here’s hoping you make a YouTube video on the case: no such other documentary/story on the Zebra Killings exists) on the Zebra Killings and Clark Howard’s book.

I’ve said my peace. The floor is yours.



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