"The Atlanta Youth Murders and the Politics of Race" — The 2nd of the SBPDL Book Club

PK Note: Airline lost my luggage, so a couple of articles planned are delayed for a few days. 

Book Two in the SBPDL Book Club Series

Over at Vdare, Nicholas Stix has an interesting piece on The City too Busy to Hate (Never Too Busy to Hate: Affirmative Action Criminal Justice in Atlanta, June 29, 2012). He brings up much that can be found in the archives of SBPDL, but two important facts must be quickly addressed.

Reginald Eaves, the first Black public safety commissioner for Atlanta, was praised to the high-heavens by Time in an article from 1976 (The Law: The Black Crime Buster, March 22, 1976). As Stix notes:

Newly elected Mayor Jackson appointed the Atlanta PD’s first black public safety commissioner, A. Reginald Eaves, back in 1974. Eavesdiscriminated mercilessly against white cops, driving them off to the suburbs and replacing them with incompetent blacks. The Department has never recovered. In 1978, Eaves was caught giving black patrolmen the answers to the sergeant’s exam, and fired. 

In a characteristic example of the new dispensation, a 1980 murder case had to be thrown out because the police had lost the case file and evidence. A prosecutor explained, with a shrug “Keystone Kops.”

Time magazine had no problem propping up Eaves as a Black Wyatt Earp, despite a complete lack of empirical evidence to support these accolades (if someone has access to the Time archive, please copy and paste the entire article on Eaves in the comments section).

But it is a book that Stix mentioned had me laughing. I just finished The List by Chet Dettlinger and Jeff Prugh, and plan to write about the Atlanta Child Murders (sic) in an exclusive chapter of the forthcoming Black Mecca Down: The Collapse of the City too Busy to Hate (Hint: there was no serial killer in Atlanta; Wayne Williams did kill a few people, but the “Atlanta Child Murders” ((sic)) were just your run-of-the-mill Black murders that were aggregated together as some Professor Moriarty/KKK scheme).

Here’s what Stix wrote:

Under black rule, life became very cheap in Atlanta. 

In the now-forgotten (because the perp turned out to be black) so-called Atlanta Child Murders of 1979-1981 (few of the victims were children and several were adult, although all were African American), leading black lawmen such as Louis Graham promoted, without any supporting evidence, a conspiracy theory that the culprit was the KKK, which was allegedly driving around in black neighborhoods, grabbing black kids off the street and killing them at will. 

Federal investigators saw how ludicrous this notion was when they drove around some of the neighborhoods that had been hit. When residents saw white men, they immediately stopped what they were doing and stared. 

White lawman and policing theorist Chet Dettlinger came in to solve the crimes. Dettlinger was a racial liberal, but in his 1983 book The List  (ghosted by Jeff Prugh)he wrote unsparingly of the racial chaos and corruption he observed.  He reported that the Atlanta PD’s negligent crime scene investigators would typically leave half of the evidence on the ground, and its officers suffered from fundamental “ignorance about valid cause-and-effect relationships.”[p.159]

Sorry Mr. Stix; life is cheap wherever Black people are found

The best part of The List that Stix doesn’t bring up is that the Black Atlanta Police hierarchy enlisted the help of psychics from around the nation, in a ludicrous attempt to stop the “serial killer” from claiming more Black victims. Yes, Atlanta’s first Black Mayor Maynard Jackson, despite precious little evidence that these “psychics” were aiding in stopping the murder of Black Atlanta children – almost all in slum areas of Atlanta that were 99 % Black – still stood by contracting out these soothsayers in bringing the non-existent ‘serial killer’ to justice.

It is in The Atlanta Youth Murders and the Politics of Race (Elmer H Johnson & Carol Holmes Johnson Series in Criminology) by Dr. Bernard Headley that an unpleasant truth about Black crime in Atlanta – during the period of the “Atlanta Youth Murders” – slips out: each year, roughly 10 Black children fell victim to Black-on-Black violence in Atlanta.

Over a span of three years, roughly 20 Black children were found (the numbers are inflated, because teenagers and young adults were added to “the list”); nothing out of the ordinary, save the hysteria created by Organized Blackness in trying to blame white people for the deaths of these young Black kids.

Blacks in Atlanta were whipped into a frenzy during this time period, attacking white firemen when they traveled into the areas where the “serial killer” was preying upon Black children, all because Organized Blackness had pointed an incriminating at a shadowy white person being behind these killings.

In actuality, it was just Black people killing Black people. It shouldn’t have taken a psychic to help Atlanta’s political class and police to figure this out, but then why would the federal government – Ronald Reagan authorized millions of dollars in aid to help combat the “serial killer” – and the nations media care about Black people randomly killing Black children; that’s not a juicy story!

So, on July 14, let’s start the second book in the SBPDL Book Club: The Atlanta Youth Murders and the Politics of Race (Elmer H Johnson & Carol Holmes Johnson Series in Criminology). You can pick this book up at Amazon.

Or, read it here at Google Books.

It’s a fast read. And hilarious. You can learn about “the psychics” that the Atlanta Black political class enlisted to stop the “serial killer” (sic) that targeted Atlanta’s Black children in the slums of Black Atlanta.

And it’s the perfect book to read after finishing Zebra: The True Account Of The 179 Days Of Terror In San Francisco.

Be sure to read Stix’s column at Vdare. It’s obvious that Atlanta is the key to unraveling the power of Black-Run America (BRA); then those whites who have fled to Idaho, Montana, Utah, the Dakota’s, and Wyoming can be free from the clutches of a federal government in Washington DC that taxes their wealth to enable the proliferation of a race of people that showed the world in a three-day span – think Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans back in 2005 – what they are capable of doing when left to their own devices.

White America owes Black America nothing.



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