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Recidivism — The Case of Civil Rights Hero Alan Jerome Crotzer

PK NOTE: Tomorrow, a new war begins. Tomorrow, we join forces with Black-Run America (BRA) in a way you won’t see coming.  One day, far from now, a college will proudly boast the name James Q. Wilson University. Today is … Continue reading

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Weaponized Equality

PK Note: Forgot to publicize this exclusive post over at Vdare on the Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, and Cobb County. The battle was over long ago; but the war is just about to begin. It dawned on me reading Lawrence Auster’s piece, … Continue reading

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We Marched for This?

Dogs protecting civility then; Black crime destroying civilization in Birmingham now The Civil Rights movement, we are told, represents the watershed moment in world history where good triumphed over evil (read In Birmingham, They Love the Governor). Really, all the … Continue reading

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Separate and Unequal: Education Parody

PK NOTE: A new war lingers on the horizon, with the first blow coming at Vdare soon. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology: 0.6 percent Black Two news stories converge to produce a glimpse of why Waiting for … Continue reading

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Second City Shootout — Predator Drones Over Chicago?

PK Note: Stuff Black People Don’t Like: 365 Black Days of Judging by Content of Character is now available on Amazon. You can pick it up for Kindle as well (which includes two hundred more pages of material).   Chicago is … Continue reading

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Opiate of America — Penn State Edition

Nothing much else to add to this video. Penn State hit with crippling fine: The NCAA has hit Penn State with a $60 million sanction, a four-year football postseason ban and a vacation of all wins dating to 1998, the … Continue reading

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Your Adventure, Your Way

Portland: This could be the core city population of Atlanta It shouldn’t be funny, but it is. The Atlanta Journal Constitution published an article today (Should Atlanta follow Portland with T-SPLOST?Streetcar neighborhoods lure young, creative types to Oregon city, but … Continue reading

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