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Crip Walk in London: A fitting “F-U” to the civilized world Straight Outta Compton

“If I could, I would take this ******* ball and shove it down your ******* throat,’ she reportedly said.” So said Serena Williams to a line judge in the 2009 US Open Finals. Born and raised in Compton, California – though she spent her formative years, like her sister, training with young white, would-be tennis prodigies in the infinitely nicer (and wealthier) parts of Los Angeles – Serena has long been the posterchild of the saying, “you can take the thug off the streets, but you can’t the streets out of the thug.”

Yes, Serena Williams is nothing more than a thug, and her recent “crip walking” at the 2012 Olympic Games in London offered yet another reminder why women’s tennis is in a state of massive decline (because, as Whiskey noted, it has completely embraced the Williams’ sisters). The Daily Mail reports  (You’ve been served! Serena Williams celebrates Olympic gold by bringing the crip walk to Wimbledon, August 4, 2012):

After securing a career Golden Slam by defeating Maria Sharapova on the famous grass courts of Wimbeldon, Serena Williams then proceeded to perform the world’s first Olympic Crip Walk. 

After routing Sharapova 6-0, 6-1, Williams showed off some impressive dancing skills on Wimbledon’s grass centre court. 

‘I don’t think I’ve ever danced like that,’ Williams said. ‘I don’t even know where the dance came from.’ 

Originating in the 1970’s and performed by the Crip gang members of Williams’ native Compton suburb of Los Angeles, the C-Walk was once synonmous with urban violence. 

Made popular by hip hop stars, the Crip Walk can be seen in the video for Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot.’ 

But the sight of one of the most recognised and celebrated athletes in the world performing the move would have gone a long way to reminding everyone watching where she grew up.

It’s doubtful Williams ever danced like that, knowing that the book “Venus and Serena Williams: A Biography” by Jacqueline Edmondson, reported the Williams’ sisters favorite music growing up was alternative rock like that of the band “311”.

For what’s it worth, Compton has been glamorized as the home of such popular rap/hip hop groups such as N.W.A. Their Straight Outta Compton debut album was yet another shining example of the type of export that the children of Black migrants to Los Angeles (Compton is yet another American city that illustrates how disastrous the “great migration” of Blacks from the south in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s was, and the type of devastating effects upon property value and low crime rates it had) were capable of producing. That, and the violent Black gangs the Bloods and the Crips, whose combined antics helped make Compton one of the most violent places on earth — until Hispanics (largely illegal aliens) helped clean the place up:

By the 1990s, the mere mention of the name Compton had become so toxic that the nearby southern California suburbs had the city of 100,000 erased from their maps. Its schools were crumbling. Drugs were rampant, and street-gang tensions had escalated into what historian Josh Sides describes as “a brutal guerilla war.” The city became the U.S. murder capital, per capita, surpassing Washington with one homicide for every 1,000 residents—and the details were numbing. In 1989, a 2-year-old was gunned down in a drive-by as he wandered his front yard; a 16-year-old was shot with a semiautomatic weapon as he rode his bike. The image of Compton as a defiantly violent ghetto was crystallized by the rap group N.W.A., whose 1988 album, “Straight Outta Compton,” went multiplatinum, even though it was banned by many radio stations; the record even attracted the attention of the FBI, which felt the group was inciting violence with its song, “F— tha Police. 

Two decades later, Compton has a new lease on life. The community is still poor, and unemployment is more than twice the national average. But the number of homicides is at a 25-year low, slashed in half from 2005. There are fewer gunshots and more places for kids to go after school. Alongside the liquor stores and check-cashing stands are signs of middle-class aspiration: a T.G.I. Fridays, an outbreak of Starbucks and a natural-food store. Along the way, blacks became a minority in Compton, which is 60 percent Latino today. 

The change, say community members, is palpable. Residents walk dogs; they go out at night. Graduation rates are higher, and a recent canvassing effort counted more than 25 nonprofits targeted specifically toward youth, where a decade ago, there were few to none.

Warming up for a quarterback pressure drill

It should be noted prior to the “great migration” of southern Blacks in the early part of the 20th century, Compton had only one Black resident as of 1930. Merely a half century later, one Black resident was being shot on a daily basis in Compton. Now in 2012, Blacks are being pushed out by Hispanics:

Imagine if today’s Los Angeles were governed by a white mayor and an all-white City Council. And then imagine if that anomaly was protected by city election rules that virtually guaranteed no Latino candidate could land a spot in elected office. The civil rights community would be apoplectic and the public justifiably enraged. 

Now consider Compton, a city that’s about two-thirds Latino but in which no Latino has ever held elected office. Instead, thanks in part to the kind of voting rules that were challenged and abandoned in many cities long ago, an all-black City Council and a black mayor maintain a firm hold on public office.

Wait… this isn’t about Compton – or the fact that in 1930 Compton had only one Black resident and at now with more than 40 percent Black residents and 56 percent Hispanics (out of a population of just under 100,000) is on the verge of bankruptcy – but a tale of the Williams sisters.

Their dad, Richard Williams, happens to be one of the great bigots in all of America, was quoted as saying in 2008:

“Tennis is a prejudice game. Well, I’m Black and I’m prejudiced, very prejudiced. I’ll be always prejudiced as the White man. The White man hated me all my life and I hate him. That’s no secret. I’m not even an American, it just so happens that I was born in America. People are prejudiced in tennis. I don’t think Venus or Serena was ever accepted by tennis. They never will be. But if you get some little White no good trasher in America like Tracy Austin or Chris Evert who cannot hit the ball, they will claim this is great.”

Back in 2001, Mr. Williams produced another proud moment in the history of unsubstantiated bigotry, rivaling that of Rep. John Lewis in 2009 who claimed members of the Tea Party called him a “the-word-that-must-not-be-named” (who cares if they did; Rep. Lewis is a pure example of a “the-word-that-must-not-be-named”):

The father of Venus and Serena Williams says the jeers directed at his family during a tournament in Indian Wells, Calif., were racially motivated. 

Richard Williams made the allegations at the Ericsson Open, where his daughters both won fourth-round matches Monday. 

“The white people at Indian Wells, what they’ve been wanting to say all along to us finally came out: ‘Nigger, stay away from here, we don’t want you here,'” Williams said. 

The crowd booed the family March 17 after Venus pulled out of her semifinal match against Serena, citing knee tendinitis. The withdrawal sparked a new round of speculation that the result of matches between the sisters is predetermined by their father, which the family denies. 

Taunts by the crowd went beyond suspicions of match-fixing, Richard Williams said.“It’s the worst act of prejudice I’ve seen since they killed Martin Luther King,” Williams said. He said that as he and Venus were walking to their seats for the final, about a dozen fans used the racial slur and one spoke of skinning him alive.

Mr. Williams was quoted as once describing the tennis world as “too white for us” [ostensibly the Williams clan, who call that most hallowed ground of Compton home], and he would be absolutely correct. His daughters look like they are teeming with testosterone, prepared at a moments notice to don pads and join an NFL franchise for summer workouts — immediately pushing for playtime on the defensive side of the ball.

The book “Venus and Serena Williams: A Biography” relates a hilarious story about Mr. Williams that might offer more proof why Serena had an “out of body” experience and took to “Crip Walking” after winning the Gold Medal in the London games. You see, back in 2004, Serena had the audacity to date director Brett Ratner, a white dude who helped make Chris Tucker famous (well, more famous than he was by playing a loser Black thug in the film Friday— about a random Friday in Compton):

…. many wondered how Richard Williams was handling this out of the public eye. Those who knew him well realized that he was not keen on interracial relationships. At one point, several years before Serena and Ratner were dating, the message Richard recorded on his answering machine said, “There are those that ask me what I think of intermarriage. Anyone that’s marrying outside of the race that’s black should be hung by their necks at sundown. Please leave a message.”

Straight Outta Compton indeed, though Mr. Williams should be applauded for his hilariously over-the-top bigotry that would never be tolerated were we not living in the throes of Black-Run America (BRA).  And living in BRA is the only reason we are forced to tolerate the Williams sisters, who once again provide a glimpse of the kind of culture – a byproduct of race – that Black people export to the world.

The “Crip Walk” should be laughed at, with crowds pointing at the individual performing such a animalistic dance routine and engaging in riotous laughter. For a people who helped make Compton one of the most violent places on earth, with property valuations that once rivaled 2012 Detroit (until enough Hispanics were able to come in and ethnic cleanse the Blacks out as they once did to whites) are not worthy of anything but the finger — followed by uncontrollable laughter.



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