America’s Comeback Team: Comeback to What?

America’s Comeback Team — comeback to what?

The Weekly Standard reports that Gov. Mitt Romney and US Rep. Paul Ryan (Wisconsin) represent “America’s Comeback Team.

But what does this mean? Both look like the boring white guys who would have fit in nicely with the men who were in mission control during the Apollo 11 moon landing; they look like they would have seamlessly fit into the mission control of the Mars Curiosity mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the campus of the California Institute of Technology.

Spike Lee’s “Black Jesus” would look grossly out of place in either picture, even though decades – and hundreds of trillions of dollars spent to out-smart nature – separate them.

Hell, Barack Obama would look out of place as one of the salesmen for Dundler-Mifflin from NBC’s long running show The Office, which has consistently had a track record of poking fun at diversity and well– Black people. Fitting that The Office has a Paul Ryan-doppelganger in the character of Gabe Lewis (played by the gangly Zach Woods). 

But the question must asked again: What does “America’s Comeback Team” mean?

What do you think? In the forthcoming October surprise from SBPDL, you’ll see what we believe it means — but for now, what do you think of the Romney-Ryan ticket?

Is it “Morning in America” again? — or was America knocked down for the ten count long ago, with  overzealous fans still clinging to their seats hoping that the referees count will be answered before the bell rings, though the lights in the arena have long been out and no one is even in the ring?

What if there’s nothing to comeback too? Considering that the Small Arms Journal has just published an article with the ominous title “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A ‘Vision’ of the Future,” which was written by a retired Army colonel and posits an insurgent Tea Party – yes, the same people who pose for pictures with Black people and hold signs saying “do we look racist?” – trying to lead a secession movement in South Carolina.

What if — what if the secession movement is already underway (as you’ll see later this week, it is underway)?

It has nothing to do with the Tea Party either, whose members will still frantically search for that lone Black individual to put in a leadership role as the nation around them descends into chaos — a desperate attempt to shield themselves from accusations of racism, even in the face of Armageddon.  



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