"They Were Just Bored"

Some subjects are just too depressing to write about, and the epidemic of Black-on-white attacks/murder/rape/crime represents the no. 1 topic I’m no longer interested in discussing. It’s just — so pervasive and the sheer number of incidents from across the nation should represent a clarion call for an actual dialogue.

No matter how egregious the Black-on-white attack, no matter how flagrant the racial targeting, the reality of Lawrence Auster’s First Law of Minority-Majority Relations can never, ever be violated in Black-Run America (BRA).

Not in the case of Kyser Miree, who was was gunned down by Michael Lee, 21, in Mobile, Alabama, while three of his other Black friends held guns to Miree’s head. Miree is dead because four Black people broke into his home to commit a robbery and then proceeded to execute him. The person who tipped police off to the killers, Benietta Saners, is now planning to leave Mobile because of intimidation from the Black community for daring to “snitch.”

Recall that in St. Louis the fiercely loyal Black Undertow members refused to break from the tradition of “no-snitching” in the horrible ‘Knockout King” assault on Matt Quain (‘Knockout game’ case shocked St. Louis, then fell apart; St. Louis Post-Dispatch; May 4, 2012):

On Oct. 21, Matt Quain, 52, a dishwasher, was severely beaten in a knockout assault on South Grand Boulevard. The mayor helped rescue him. Seven middle schoolers, some as young as 12, were arrested. Then, at a juvenile court hearing in January, the main witness, a 13-year-old classmate of the defendants, failed to show up. The case was tossed out. 

The kids celebrated. Others howled. 

“People all over the city of St. Louis are outraged over this,” Mayor Francis Slay said.
The case seemed to captivate the city with a series of difficult questions: Why was this happening? How would it stop? Was witness intimidation a factor?

The trial was set for 9 a.m. on Jan. 9, in the courtroom of Judge Edwards. There are no juries in juvenile court. The judge makes the call. 

The seven defendants were eager to get out. They had missed Thanksgiving and Christmas at home. Two of the teens celebrated birthdays in jail. 

Early that morning, Smith headed out for one final errand for the case. He drove to north St. Louis to pick up the 13-year-old witness and her mother. They were not home. But family members assured him the pair would get to court on time. 

Smith alerted staff attorney Margaret Gangle, who was prosecuting the case. Her key witness was missing. Gangle could have asked for a continuance. But she pressed on.
The courtroom was crowded with the families of the seven defendants. Detective Josh Wenstrom, who had interviewed the young witness, sat nearby in a small room reviewing his notes, preparing to testify. About the same time, far from the scene, the Knockout King posted on Facebook: “FREE ALL MY TKO GUYS.” 

At 9 a.m. the hearing began. 

Minutes later it was over. The 13-year-old witness never showed. 

Wenstrom heard a roar in the hallway. It sounded like cheering. “I was almost sick to my stomach,” he says. 

For Tina Vence, a defendant’s mother, it was the right outcome. She was certain her child was innocent. So was Sonia Womack, another defendant’s mother. “My heart goes out to him,” she said of the victim, “but they need to get the right people that did it.” 

Edwards dismissed the case. He had no choice. Because the hearing had started, legal jeopardy had attached. The charges could never be brought again. 

The defendants flocked to Facebook to announce their freedom. “Yeaaa immm home somebody call mee,” one wrote. 

“We out here … who mad,” wrote another. 

The answer, it turned out, was just about everyone.

You see, in the citizens who we call “the Black Undertow” actively defend the criminals within their class/caste, and threaten those who would dare rat other members out with violence. Such was the case in the Black Pack Attack on Quain.

Now comes the story that brings the two prior stories together, helping paint a horrifying mosaic that portends chaos for all of America unless we have the ability to come together and act as grownups in discussing the racial animosity in this nation. And guess what? The bulk of it comes from “The Blacks” — which is causing Negro Fatigue to proliferate nationwide.

Cincinnati.com reports (Six teens attacked man because ‘they were just bored,’ police say; August 15, 2012) of another Black Pack Attack on a white guy, with each of the Black people who participated in the mauling suspiciously looking like the son that President Barack Obama never had:

Pat Mahaney was walking home Saturday with a six-pack of beer, looking forward to a quiet evening watching sports, when something hit him in the back of the head. 

“The next thing I knew I woke up on my neighbor’s front step and the life squad was there,” said the 45-year-old North College Hill resident. 

Six teenagers, who according to a police report “were just bored and were looking for something to do,” ambushed Mahaney from behind as he turned off Simpson Avenue onto Dallas Avenue. He was immediately knocked unconscious. 

“I don’t remember anything,” Mahaney, 45, said as he recovered this morning at his mother’s home. “I was walking home from the store – and bam.” 

It was probably a blessing he was knocked out during the worst of the brutal attack — one of the teens even grabbed a can of beer and hurled it at his head. 

The boys, ages 13 and 14, face felony charges of aggravated riot and felonious assault.
The sixth and final suspect was arrested Tuesday. All but one have been released from Hamilton County’s juvenile detention center and are on house arrest at their parents’ residences, court officials said today. 

The teens are scheduled to go on trial Aug. 24. 

Two of the suspects are 13-year-old twins. Their mother, Latasha Alford, 32, said that while not excusing her sons’ actions, they did feel peer pressure to go along with the other boys. 

“They are deeply sorry for what happened,” she said. “They do feel bad. They do realize what they did was wrong.” 

When police rounded most of the teens up, took them back to the police station and questioned them, they admitted Mahaney had done nothing to provoke being kicked and punched repeatedly in the face while he was helpless on the ground. 

The boys told police they only stopped assaulting Mahaney when a neighbor began yelling at them and said he was calling police. 

An officer who happened to be in the area responding to a call about dogs fighting was nearby and spotted a crowd of people gathered at the corner of Dallas and Simpson. Several witnesses told the officer Mahaney, who was covered in blood, “was jumped by six children,” the incident report states. 

Mahaney was taken to Mercy Mt. Airy Hospital, where he was treated for four days before being released Tuesday. He suffered so many internal injuries that doctors had to insert a tube down his throat to remove all the blood from his stomach. 

A tube remains in his right nostril as blood continues to seep out of his head, and his left eye is heavily blackened. 

The attack couldn’t come at a worse time. He has no health insurance and has been unemployed for “years,” he said. 

He is looking for factory work but with the economy slow, jobs are almost impossible to come by, he said. Now, his job search is delayed while he recovers.

He was not surprised he was attacked but said he is taken aback at the age of his assailants. 

“I didn’t think kids could do something like this,” he said. “They should be punished.” 

Neighbors and police remain shocked at the brutality of the crime. 

“It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust of the teens, who are all black.

He said several residents have called police inquiring if Mahaney was specifically targeted because he is white. He was not, the chief stressed. 

Police were more struck at how cocky the boys were for being so young. 

“They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” Foust said. “It’s appalling. I think it’s despicable. This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants. Thirteen-year-olds ought to be playing basketball, not running the streets looking for ways to entertain themselves at the expense of somebody.” 

Foust credited Mahaney’s neighbors with coming to his aid, saying they helped to quickly apprehend the suspects. 

“If not for their assistance, we would not have been able to investigate and complete it with the arrests,” he said. “The community as a whole was not tolerable of the offense and were very instrumental in giving us the individuals involved.”

There will be no Freedom Rides for Miree, Quain, Mahaney; there will be no media endlessly parading their faces and their story on national television; there will be no full-color spreads in Life or Time that dare expose the culture of bigotry and hate that permeates the Black Undertow — all of this was done long ago during the great Civil Rights struggle of the 1960s that codified Black-Run America (BRA) and effectively ended freedom of association, equality (for whites), and engaged all three branches of government at the federal, state, and local level into a never-ending war with the majority population.

“They were just bored.” In the execution of Miree by four Black thugs and the Black Pack Attacks in Cincinnati and St. Louis on Mahaney and Quain… all of the Black people who engaged in these targeted attacks on white people were “just bored.”


Whites are being targeted nationwide by Black people for assaults/rapes/murder/theft — and the silence from virtually every corner of respectable society is deafening.

Come October, we have a surprise that might just wake everyone up.



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