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The kind of white people the GOP and DNC hate. But they sustain civilization

Many times, I’ve thought about moving to what is constantly derided as “fly-over” country. You’d have to cue the Deliverance music to picture the type of city I’m talking about here, but the idea would be to completely lose the madness; escape from the insanity of a nation governed by Black-Run America (BRA) in every facet of life.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has always seemed like a great place to live, the kind of state (and people) whom Barack Obama spoke of when he said:

 But the truth is, is that, our challenge is to get people persuaded that we can make progress when there’s not evidence of that in their daily lives. You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

And yet the cities where people – the kind of white working class people Obama and the Democrats have abandoned – still “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment” haven’t exploded into an orgy of violence like those majority-black cities where blacks “cling to guns or black nationalism religion or antipathy to white people who aren’t like them.”

The names of cities where black people are the majority (or are close to being the majority) and where violence has become an everyday occurrence is too long to mention here, though we will soon be profiling Rochester, New York as yet another city that has been Detroit-ed.

Why don’t we take a quick look at Kentucky, home to a population that has the second highest white poverty rate in the nation (yet a violent crime rate that is 40 percent lower than the national average). [Web site ranks Kentucky dead last, but other state are contenders, The Gleaner, by Chris Stinnett, 10-12-2010]:

Kentucky has long been a poor state and one of the most poorly educated, so Kentuckians are accustomed to finding ourselves near the bottom of state rankings. “Thank God for Mississippi,” we mumble in relief.  

 Now comes a Web site, 24/7 Wall Street ( — a self-described source of “insightful analysis and commentary” for stock investors — with a ranking of “The Best and Worst Run States in America.” Kentucky, dear friends, was rated 50th, “the worst-run state on our list,” according to the Web site. The Golden State certainly is richer, ranking ninth in median household income. 

 But California ranks lower than Kentucky in high school graduation rate. It has higher state debt per capita, a significantly higher unemployment rate and the worst S&P credit rating in the country. While the percentage of Kentuckians without health insurance is below the national average, the percentage in California is significantly higher. While Kentucky has the 17th-best ranking for t 

he incidence of violent crime, California sports the nation’s 15th-worst rate. 
 And while average home prices in Kentucky rose 6.1 percent from 2006 to 2009, California home prices plunged 28.3 percent, second only to Nevada. Meanwhile, Kentucky is not without its merits. The percentage of citizens without health insurance is below the national average (and significantly lower than Mississippi’s). Kentucky’s rate of violent crime is 40 percent lower than the national average. And not noted in the Web site’s evaluation are some areas of improvement that the state is making.  

For example, Kentucky’s average high school graduation rate for the class of 2006 was 72.0 percent, which exceeded the national average of 69.2 percent and represented an improvement of 9 percentage points since 1996, according to a report, “Diplomas Count 2009,” that was released last year by Education Week magazine. Meanwhile, 24/7 Wall Street may have overstated matters when it described Kentucky’s S&P rating of “AA-” as “extremely weak,” which it said supported “our assessment that it is the worst-run state in the country.”  

 It is true that Kentucky’s credit rating is among the lowest of the 50 states. However, that doesn’t mean that “AA-” is an “extremely weak” rating. S&P defines an “AA” rating as indicating “(v)ery strong capacity to meet financial commitments.” The minus sign indicates that Kentucky’s rank is at the lower level of the “AA” rating. California was rated “A-.”

Horrible rates of poverty, yet the crime that plagues Detroit, Norfolk, Richmond, Birmingham, St. Louis, Atlanta, Memphis (and the black population that creates it) isn’t found in Kentucky. Well, in Louisville, yes, but not throughout the state.

Here’s a breakdown of the white population of Kentucky by county. Of 4.3 million people, the state is roughly 89 percent white. It’s the kind of white population that built and sustains a civilization, the kind that both the Democrats and Republicans take for granted. If not outright hate, considering that both parties are united in their goal of accomplishing what Peter Brimelow has labeled “electing a new people.”

But without these people, there is no America (for further proof of this, look no further then the evidence supplied by majority black areas with high rates of poverty concentrated in a city that once all-white); there is no civilization.

The paradox of Kentucky white poor, compared to the entitlement-fueled black populations that nest in the catacombs of ruined American major cities, whose deteriorating skylines cry silently – completely darkened – in the night. This is the dystopian reality that unleashing freedom produced on cities like Detroit; meanwhile, concentrated poverty in Kentucky’s virtually all-white counties hasn’t uprooted communities in similar levels of violence.

In fact, there is no comparable violence.

Why isn’t Kentucky awash in crime like majority black areas with similar reliance on entitlements/handouts?

And though they would fit into the Randian view of Mitt Romney, where 47 percent of the population who rely on entitlements would never dare vote for him, these white Kentuckians will go to the ballot box and pull the lever for the Republican candidate on the first Tuesday of November [Many Kentuckians who rely on federal aid expected to support Romney,, By Bill Estep, 9-18-2012]:

When Mitt Romney told well-heeled donors that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes, depend on government assistance and won’t vote for him, he was flat wrong when it comes to Kentucky, several observers said Tuesday. 

Kentucky’s poverty rate is well above the national level, and the state’s citizens depend more heavily on most forms of government assistance than the nation as a whole, but many strongly support the Republican presidential nominee. 

Many Kentuckians who receive government help are expected to vote for Romney — or against President Barack Obama — for a range of reasons, including the Obama administration’s tougher environmental regulations on coal and Romney’s opposition to same-sex marriage. 

“The social issues trump any sort of financial issues” for many disadvantaged people, said Paul Dole, head of Kentucky Communities Economic Opportunity Council, an anti-poverty community action agency in Knox County. 

Don Dugi, a political science professor at Transylvania University, called Romney’s statement silly. 

“A good many of them are going to support him for other reasons,” Dugi said of Kentuckians among the 47 percent Romney mentioned. 

Still, Romney is expected to win Kentucky easily, even with an estimated 2010 poverty rate of 17.7 percent compared to 13.8 nationally, and median household income well below the national level. 

Romney’s margin in Eastern Kentucky, home to many of the state’s poorest counties, might be greater than across the state as a whole, observers said. 

For instance, Owsley County is the poorest in the state by economic measures. More than 41 percent of its 4,900 residents were poor in 2010, and 52.8 percent of the people receive food-stamp benefits, compared with 19.7 statewide, according to state and federal agencies. 

But as in several other relatively poor Eastern Kentucky counties, most residents are registered Republican. Romney will win the county easily, said Molly Turner, head of the Owsley County Community Action Team. 

Merely being poor doesn’t mean someone will vote Democratic, said Rick Baker, head of the community-action agency serving Letcher, Knott, Leslie and Perry counties 

“They have strong opinions on a lot of other issues” besides income and poverty, Baker said of voters. 

Democrats in Eastern Kentucky — and many across the state — chose “uncommitted” over Obama in the May primary. Some officials said they expect the margin for Romney to be even greater in November.“I think ‘uncommitted’ is going to turn into Romney votes or no votes,” said Knott County Judge-Executive Randy Thompson, a Republican. “In my opinion, Romney is going to have no problem carrying Kentucky.”

Owsley County is 99 percent white (featured here in the Daily Mail:

America’s poorest county: Proud Appalachians who live without running water or power in region where 40% fall below poverty line); a community of barely 5,000, the type of violent crime that plagues similar communities that are all-black aren’t found in Owsley. Instead, you have… a community:

“The situation is sad but it’s still a very proud community,” Vince Turner, president of Owsley County Outreach, told the news outlet. 

The Owsley County Outreach, the only organization of its kind in the community, gives residents a place to turn when they have nowhere to go. The organization stuffs backpacks with food for kids on the weekends, to make sure they have something to eat when they’re not in school. It provides meals and clothing to low-income seniors and helps victims of domestic violence put their lives back together again. 

“We’re all about community development,” Ethel Ross, who works at the organization, told the Huffington Post, “and helping the community any way we can.”

There’s a tragic story completely lost in all of this. The 47 percent that Mitt Romney so quickly wrote off contains a sizable portion of white Americans who support him unconditionally. Or, it should be stated, support what he represents.

White America. The historic American majority. The civilization that is dying around the nation.

The civilization that, currently, both the Republican and Democratic Parties are trying to destroy.



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