Quiet Riot — What Happens if Obama Loses?

By now, you’ve no doubt seen that Matt Drudge has gone all-in on the “will there be riots if Obama loses on November 6” scenario, posting two stories from the once fringe Alex Jones in prominent positions on his Web site over the past four days.

November 7, 2012???

Behind this story is the racial reality of a nationwide black riot if the first black president is defeated at the ballot box in less than a month.

As I noted at Vdare.com today, what does this say about the way we view black people? [Riots If Obama Loses—And A Second Anti-White Kerner Commission?, Vdare Blog, Oct. 15, 2012]

Will there be riots if President Obama loses? This question is being seriously discussed on gun blogs, places like the Economic Collapse Blog and even (!) Free Republic. Alex Jones of Infowars.com and Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report have picked up the story. (The reclusive Drudge has told his close circle of confidantes: “Alex Jones has the pulse of the nation.”)

If Jones has the pulse of the nation, what does that say about how Americans view their black countrymen?

Perhaps the consumer purchases of Americans speak louder than the almost inaudible public discussion of what will happen when white people—America’s historic majority and founding population—become a minority.

The Wall Street Journal reported in mid-September that gun sales were rising and speculated that were Mr. Obama to be reelected that sales—already at record highs—would spike. [Gun Sales Hinge on Obama Re-Election, By Shelly Banjo, September 14, 2012]

The last time we had nationwide black riots, the Establishment doubled-down on blaming whites via the infamous Kerner Report. It said:

This is our basic conclusion: Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal. Reaction to last summer’s disorders has quickened the movement and deepened the division. Discrimination and segregation have long permeated much of American life; they now threaten the future of every American….Race prejudice has shaped our history decisively; it now threatens to affect our future.
White racism is essentially responsible for the explosive mixture which has been accumulating in our cities since the end of World War II.[Kerner Commission Summary Report]

For the past 44 years, this report has shaped how the Establishment has viewed black failure to assimilate.

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be: will there be riots if Barack Obama loses on November 6th—but: what will the Establishment response be?

If it’s anything like the Kerner Report, it might be officially time to go off the grid.

The history of America, post the implementation of Civil Rights in the 1960s has been this: white people abandon an urban area to blacks, flee to suburbs, creating prosperity in the process wherever they go. Meanwhile in the city whites abandon, black people elect a socialist black government that redistributes the dwindling tax revenues to create an artificial black middle through public employment; business and outside capital for investment in the city dries up; black people leave the city because of lack of job creation and head to suburbs.

Rinse and repeat (with the added of bonus gentrification by whites into the urban misery created by black rule, mysteriously making the city livable again).

Just when you think you have the answer, I go and change the question

People have it all wrong, asking if there will be riots if the scenario of Obama losing the electoral college plays out.

The question should be, “Why are we expecting black people to riot if their candidate loses, and what does this say about.” Only a bigot would believe that black people would riot over Obama losing if there wasn’t evidence of extreme racial narcissism from black people to support this theory. And a demonstrable lack of impulse control that is on display wherever black people reside in the United States (thanks YouTube and WorldStarHipHop!!).

Idle threats shouldn’t be enough to cause this much fear; the behavior of blacks in the past, though, is enough

That blacks will cast 96 percent of their ballots (as they did in 2008) for Obama is a good start; that black people have cast 95-99 percent of their ballots when a black person runs for mayor of places like Cleveland, Atlanta, Birmingham, Newark, Gary, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Baltimore, Memphis, or Houston should provide more evidence of the extreme racial cohesion blacks have in this democracy.

Mayor Coleman Young of Detroit, the first black mayor of that late, great city, put it best when he said, “I’m black first, a Democrat second.”

Black people view themselves as black people first; Africans second; and American third, if at all.  (an individual a majority does not make, so don’t go bragging about how you know a “good black” who bucks this trend; you moved far away from the urban hellhole you work in to escape blacks who you fail to label in such superlative terms).

That the African Diaspora in America threatens to riot if they don’t get their way come November (and that white people are buying massive amounts of guns and ammo – unlike after the black riots of the late 1960s, when gun stores were inundated after the black riots) and that respectable sites like The Drudge Report are popularizing this already popular scenario on gun and survival blogs and right-wing sites should forever end the idea that we can continue living under the rule of the Kerner Report.

Like Treaty of Versailles, which placed all the blame for The Great War on Germany, the Kerner Report placed all the blame for the inability for black people to assimilate and abide by the law on white racism. In the process, the report absolved blacks from any wrongdoing and has governed the affairs of the nation since. 

If black people riot [New Threats to Riot if Obama Loses Election,
Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars (linked as the main story on The Drudge Report), Oct. 15, 2012], the question then becomes: how does the establishment respond?

How will Conservatism Inc. respond (probably by pointing to the few blacks who voted for Mitt Romney and pushing them to the fore-front)?

If they double-down and blame whites again, it’s time to give up on the United States of America: at that point, it will be unmistakable that this government in Washington is nothing more than a left-wing, egalitarian, anti-white force that threatens… the very existence of European people. 



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