Whites are nothing but drifters in Birminghamworld, seeking refuge where they can

 We aren’t supposed to think about what happened after black political rule became the norm in cities like Atlanta or Detroit. To be progressive, we must never question that daring to think about “white interests” is automatically synonymous with 1933 Germany; we are only to celebrate how far we have come in allowing a racial democracy (that’s what occurs when blacks became the majority of a city) to prosper, never mind what happens to property value in the city or how black on black crime makes the city inhospitable to outside capital and drives away potential investments.

We must always celebrate how we have “overcome” a dark and insidious past, allowing the entire earth to be remade in the image of Birminghamworld.

As the polar ice caps melted from global warming creating Kevin Costner’s Waterworld,  the melting away of a society that believed in protecting the interests of its founding population created Birminghamworld.

The city of Birmingham was the key to ushering in what we have dubbed Black-Run America (BRA) and it is fitting that in 2013 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of that pivotal year, 1963. Since 1979, Birmingham has had a black mayor, with the city government remade in a black image.

Remember that 98 percent of the students enrolled in Birmingham Public Schools (BPS) are black – 74 percent of the city is black today – and property value has dropped to the point that a proposed tax increase to help pay for city school initiatives was a non-starter.

With high rates of black crime making Birmingham one of America’s most dangerous cities, new residents to the city are hard to find. Property values will continue to plummet, the few legitimate businesses will leave (with it, precious sales tax goes too), and all the while, we will continue to watch documentary after documentary that tells us of the evils of segregation and how far Birmingham has come.

Well, buried in one of the stories of Mayor William Bell’s proposed 3-mill property tax increase is this juicy tidbit [Birmingham officials seek public OK for taxes, bonds, Birmingham News, 4-2-2012]:

Former Mayor Richard Arrington expressed passionate support for the property tax increase. “The additional millage is an investment in helping to break the poverty cycle for our children,” he said.

Arrington called Birmingham’s education system a major impediment to the city’s positive image and progress.

“One of the major weaknesses of majority black cities controlled by black political majorities is the widespread and often correct perception that the overall school system is weak and inferior; providing poor education for those who need it most,” said the city’s first black mayor.

Arrington said poor education is at the heart of many of the problems affecting youth, particularly black youth.

“To build a strong, competent community under black political control demands good schools,” he said.

Well, well. The BPS system is 98 percent black, with a school board that is also under complete black control. Lost in Mayor Arrington’s logic is this simple reality; the major weakness of majority black cities controlled by black political majorities is that eventually, white people will leave.

With them, go the legitimate businesses. As we have shown, the only commercial growth in black-run Birmingham are payday loan stores and title pawn stores. With white flight goes property value, and the ability to generate enough tax revenue to… to… to actually run a government and provide services/improvements to your citizens quality of life. Thus, black control of a city negates any ability to attract new citizens.

This was made in clear in a article that detailed how the proposed 3-mill property tax increase was axed from ballot consideration [Birmingham Board of Education property tax hike won’t be on Oct. 9 ballot, Birmingham News, 9-24-2012]:

Despite being in proration, or across-the-board state budget cuts, for several years and having declining enrollment that means a loss in state funding, Birmingham has increased the number of pre-k classrooms by “six or seven” in the last three years, he said.

Board member Emanuel Ford said he is tired of the school district getting blamed for loss of enrollment year after year.

“We can build schools all day long; that’s not the problem,” he said. “If you don’t take care of the neighborhoods, why would anyone want to live there? If the city doesn’t step up to the plate and do something with those neighborhoods, we’re going to keep losing families and the district is going to keep losing students.”

It is up to the population of a city to create a sustainable community, free of crime and boasting good schools that will attract outside businesses, and compel potential home buyers to consider purchasing property there. Those neighborhoods Ford mentions, full of blight* (of course, the polite way of saying “blacks inherited depressed property after white flight and remade it in their image”), are a reflection of the type of community black people build.

The state of Birmingham, on the verge of 2013, is a materialization of all the fears those evil white men had who dared stand in the way civil rights and the creation of the heroic age we know as Black-Run America (BRA).


Freedom Failed.



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