What a Romney Victory Means: White People Telling Black People "No"

Wait… where’s the diversity? That’s what made America great… right?

Bill Maher, on his HBO show, let slip the one truth that has enabled America to be held hostage since the early 1960s (when the civil rights movement enshrined Black-Run America in law):

If you’re thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you.” [Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: ‘Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You’, 11-3-12, Newsbusters]

We learned this truth when black people rioted in Rochester, Watts, Newark, and Detroit (all because they didn’t – in some form or another – get their way), whereby their actions can be best described as a form of ‘black insurrection.’ White liberals – what we have dubbed “Disingenuous White Liberal” – blamed whites for the ‘black insurrection’ in the infamous Kerner Report; we have lived under this doctrine since 1968.

Neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city, county after county, community after community — they’ve been abandoned to black control because white people have been to afraid to say “no,” fearful that an eruption, an orgy of black violence would follow such a simple statement of force.

But what white people refuse to acknowledge is that each time black people have taken over political control in a city (think Detroit in 1973; Atlanta in 1973; Gary in 1967; Birmingham in 1979), they have done so through “force”; the ballot box.

Voting is an exercise of force — when black people voted for Barack Obama with 96 percent support in 2008, they showed electoral solidarity. Black people have complete control of major metropolitan areas (and the ability to pack public jobs with almost entirely black staffs) because they understand that voting is an exercise, and display, of political force. Never forget what happened in Atlanta in 2009 [Despite Wishful Thinking, No “Post-Racial Politics” In Atlanta Mayoral Race, VDare, 12-17-2009] when black people rallied around a black mayoral candidate to ensure their vise on the city remained intact.

Make no mistake, Mitt Romney is not the right choice for America; the Republican field was so poor during the primaries that a pizza executive – a lifetime beneficiary of white guilt/affirmative action – was once the frontrunner. But the incredibly huge crowds Romney is attracting across the nation during his campaign are a testament to one thing: white people know something is wrong, undeniably wrong, about Barack Hussein Obama being in charge of the nation.

But unlike a major metropolitan area that can abandoned for pristine (crime-free) white suburbs once black people assume control of city hall, white people will not abandon America. It’s tragic, because the federal government has abandoned white people, operating under a policy that seeks to import non-whites en mass to the nation and implementing anti-white legislation (just read the Kerner Report)… but people will always cling to “Jesus, Freedom, and America” until the bitter end.*

 Most people in America refuse to acknowledge the amount of capital that has been exerted to try and uplift black people, with virtually nothing to show for it (save the election of Barack Obama in order to exercise the demons of white racism that haunt the nation); almost all of America refuses to acknowledge the terrible cost that black solidarity has enacted upon major cities like Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Dallas, etc., with property devaluations and an exodus of capital from these cities directly correlated to black political control.

Black dysfunction, which is on display 24/7 in these cities that whites have abandoned, is not the result of continued white oppression; it’s just black people being black, exacerbated because whites have enabled black political control by refusing to say ‘no’. A story such as the one of a nine-year-old black kid worrying about being sent to fields to work as a slave [9-Year-Old Boy at Michelle Obama Rally: ‘If Mitt Romney Win, We’ll Be Going Back to the Crop Fields’, The Blaze, 11-2-2012] only makes sense when you realize that most black people believe this will be the case, which fuels their desire to continue voting in favor of their interests.

A black candidate, despite a record that clearly has worked to hurt black interests, is all that matters to black people… no matter the results. As we showed a few days ago, it’s all about the illusion of “empowerment“; though a city like Detroit – under black-political control – might instantly become the most dangerous place on earth, where the government ceases to operate in a functional manner… at least blacks are in control.

To even dare consider voting in a white candidate would mean that whites have exercised force – through voting – to democratically remove their candidate.

Such will be the case if Mitt Romney is elected on November 6, a moment that will be – though the GOP won’t understand the implications – the first public repudiation of black people in decades.

White people owe black America nothing… except the truth. Come November 6, if Mitt Romney is elected President of the United States, white America is going to get to see the truth of black solidarity whether they like it or not.

The last time we saw a public display of this act? Los Angeles in 1992.

Defeating Obama and electing Romney is the equivalent of telling black people “no.”

Thus, it’s an exercise of force. 

* – If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the movie “The Campaign” where the quote “Jesus, Freedom, and America” comes from.



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