Until "CPT" Ends: ‘Swear allegiance to the flag Whatever flag they offer’

“For some day sons and daughters

Will rise up and fight while we stood still”

In reading the autobiography of Ivan Allen Jr., one of the leading members of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) establishment of Atlanta who engineered and orchestrated the eventual takeover of city by black people, one story stuck out as absolutely nailing the current zeitgeist we’ve lived under almost 50 years.

No, it’s not that he was one of the mayors who testified before Congress on behalf of the Civil Rights Act; no, it’s not that he earnestly believed that Atlanta’s “pragmatic white business ‘power structure'”(Mayor: Notes on the Sixties, p. 91) would negotiate a peaceful and amicable to impending black rule; it’s a quote from MLK to Allen that cuts to the heart of Black-Run America (BRA).

Recall that in 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and that Coca-Cola and leading white liberals in Atlanta strong-armed reluctant white businessmen in the city to attend an integrated dinner in his honor [The Connected Capitalism of the DWL: Let’s Have a Coke Party, SBPDL, 5-22-12].

Ivan Allen Jr. is a traitor, whose story is a microcosm of the many capitulations and surrenders that occurred across the nation as pampered white leaders ceded power to the hydra of white liberals and black leaders, but one anecdote from the dinner for King (found in Mayor: Notes on the Sixties) sums up  BRA tragically (p. 97 – 99):

“When we got back to Atlanta, [J. Paul] Austin (president of Coca-Cola) called a meeting of two dozen prominent white business leaders one night at the Piedmont Driving Club. There was general agreement at the meeting that there should be a biracial dinner, and that they would support it. I don’t you could say there was overwhelming, enthusiastic endorsement for the planned dinner. They were for it primarily on pragmatic grounds: that it would look bad for Atlanta’s image if we did not honor Dr. King. 

King would arrive late to the posh dinner, which was being held in his honor (p. 99):

He had arrived late for dinner, and I remember his leaning over and apologizing to me.  

“I forgot what time we were on,” he said with a grin.
How’s that?” I said. 

“Eastern Standard Time, CST or CPT.” 


“Colored People’s Time,” he said. “It always take us longer to get where we’re going.”

Why tell this story? Why concentrate on Atlanta? Because, like all of America, The City too Busy to Hate has been on “Colored People’s Time” since 1963.

Ivan Allen Jr.: 30 pieces of silver (and a prize for “Social Courage”)

1963 was the year that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) officially won, using the control of news dissemination to paint the events of Birmingham, Alabama as the most egregious acts of racism and white supremacy imaginable.

That Birmingham has floundered under black political control is not up for debate; the glorious overthrow of white rule was accomplished! That’s what matters.

“Colored People’s Time” has been the official time measurement since 1963, with white people holding themselves back to ensure that black people can keep up (think any type of state-sponosred affirmative action bill, diversity initiative, or education agenda to close the racial gap in achievement); White America was forced to adjust its trajectory to “CPT” or face the consequences of having every city with a black population forever be held hostage by the fear of a sudden riot.

I hold no illusions that Mitt Romney is nothing more than a tool of Conservatism Inc; but his victory over Barack Obama in the race for White House will be viewed as a symbolic repudiation of black by… black people.

Nevertheless, “CPT” will continue to be the official time table for all of western civilization until, like Captain James Hook, we dare smash this evil clock once and for all.

Perhaps on this night, lyrics from a 1980s song are needed to remind people of the struggle that lays ahead; and why a different form of pragmatism (outside of the WASP elites pragmatic surrender of America) is needed:

Swear allegiance to the flag
Whatever flag they offer
Never hint at what you really feel
Teach the children quietly
For some day sons and daughters
Will rise up and fight while we stood still

All of the western world lives under the tyranny of “CPT”; to break free from this tyranny and move forward, ending “CPT” might mean looking backward.

Never forget that White America owes Black America only the truth; with a Mitt Romney victory – and the rejection of Obama – the dissemination of truth, however insignificant it might seem, begins.



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