…to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future

Matthew Drudge, a Charon for our time, leading whites across the river of white guilt

It’s there right in front of your face. You can even reach out and touch it. Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) understand the only way to keep together this nation is by ensuring the white population of America is continually drenched from constantly refilled buckets of guilt.

White guilt that soaks the white population in sorrow and pity, blinding them – even if momentarily – from seeing the devastation caused to major cities by black dysfunction is not there fault. Always in search of a respectable towel (be it Allen West, Mia Love, Herman Cain, or Colin Powell), which can properly remove the putrid scent of the past from their bodies, these white people are only a moment from being drenched again with another fresh bucket of guilt.

White guilt.

But something has been happening over the past four years, since that fateful night in November 2008 when Barack Obama became president-elect of the United States. Something compelled me to start SBPDL in May of 2009, because I sensed a shifting in the winds.

Each time a fresh bucket of water was tossed on white people (a beer summit here, a George Zimmerman there), it appeared to harmlessly cascade down the bodies of a growing number of white people.

In the summer of 2011, the shift was… catastrophic for an entrenched DWL class. Matthew Drudge, who once worked in the gift shop of CBS studios, water-proofed a certain percentage of white people from the guilt that had left them unable to articulate why Detroit, Baltimore, Rochester, Atlanta, and Birmingham were dying cities; where civilization holds on by a minuscule thread before total barbarism  completely assumes control.

Each white person that was beat by a flash mob Mahogany Mob of black people in Philadelphia, Akron, Peoria, Milwaukee; each Air Jordan riot that black people engaged in; each act of black racial solidarity from a black celebrity toward Obama — it all was harnessed by Matthew Drudge to propel the site to new traffic heights each month.

The Drudge Report water-proofed a certain percentage of white people from white guilt, perhaps forever.

A DWLs know it.

If you’ve been around SBPDL for those 43 months since we’ve launched, well, you’ve been on the ground floor of something special; it wasn’t until I read this article by Brent Budowsky at The Hill [Dear Matt Drudge: Stop the Race Stories, 11-9-2012] that the reality of a silent revolution against white guilt had truly transpired: you see, during the Civil Rights movement, there was a virtual lock-down of information coming from the south on stories that would dare criticize black people; on stories that would help people across the nation understand why laws had been passed to protect white property owners and white people who owned business, or those who whites who dared send their children to all-white schools.

Detroit in 2012; Gary (Indiana) in 2012; Rochester in 2012; Birmingham in 2012; St. Louis in 2012; Chicago in 2012; and many, many other cities current porous condition is a result of that establishment media’s monopoly on news dissemination.

Matthew Drudge, a dude who once drifted from job to job, dared to show the truth by merely linking to stories from other sources across the web, which helped paint a most unpleasant picture of the depth of black dysfunction in America. Budowsky knows this; The Hill knows this:

I have written before that, whether I like it or not, you are the one of the most influential forces in modern media, possibly THE most influential single player. You tower above your peers in what you do. Despite my failed efforts, no liberal or Democrat has even tried to create a legitimate competitor to what you do. But with your influence comes power, and with power comes responsibility, and the Drudge Report in recent months has become inundated, and saturated and permeated with baiting stories about the president’s race, and about blacks generally. 

These are beneath the standards you should set for yourself and your profession. You should be, and I hope you will be, a better citizen and more worthy professional than is suggested by the sheer number of race-related and often race-baiting stories that you regularly banner on the Drudge Report. Am I suggesting you are a racist? Absolutely not. I am sure in your personal relationships you are a gentleman of integrity and fairness.  

Am I suggesting you are giving aid and comfort to those who are racist, or those who play the politics of race for partisan gain? Absolutely. You bet. A visit to the Drudge Report at any given time in recent months bears witness to story after story, time and time again, day after day, week after week, month after month, of a laundry list of stories with racial innuendo and suggestion and implication that I would like to believe are below the standards you would set for yourself and your profession. Do these stories help Republicans? No. I once wrote a piece about the “Drudge delusion.” I was dead wrong about 2010. I was damn right about 2012. These stories embody a road to demographic ruin for Republicans. In the aftermath of this last election I wrote a piece for The Hill about “Why Obama Won.”  

One of the major reasons is that when voters are demeaned, ridiculed and insulted they tend to vote in larger numbers than expected against those who demean, ridicule and insult them. This brand of politics, journalism and media is not only unworthy of our nation and our profession, it is unworthy of any individual, party and profession that should give at least a modicum of respect to all of God’s children, created in His image, no matter what their race or religion or color or creed or nationality or heritage or background or personal beliefs. My Brother Drudge, you have attained a level of power, influence and stature and with this goes responsibility, which I propose you exercise in the manner I suggest here. The election is over and with this, certain things need to be said, one of which I have just said here.

Matthew Drudge has attained a level of power, because he offered an alternative to the gatekeepers that have continually admitted they censor news that dares offers a negative image of black people. White minds are conditioned from birth to believe only their race can be wicked, the sole source of all that is evil in the world.

Drudge shows you another world, through of all things, links to stories from across the nation.

Matthew Drudge has attained a level of power, which is illustrated by the simple fact Newsweek is dead (a last gasp to keep it alive was by its sell for a mere dollar).

A dude who worked his way up to manager of that same CBS Studio store, by linking to stories he saw as newsworthy, has provided repellant to the once ample waters of white guilt. Call him Charon of this age, the boatman who carried those recently deceased souls to Hades; instead, Drudge – slyly – offers white people safe passage across the waning river of white guilt.

I’m reminded of the most powerful words John Milius ever wrote. From 1984’s Red Dawn: “Because we live here.”

This is not a call for secession; it’s a call for something far more powerful.


Black-Run America (BRA) will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary.

And yet this one column from Brent Budowsky of The Hill illustrates the great fear that is always in the back of the mind of the DWL; the era of eyes wide shut ending.

White people are beginning to finally understand something is wrong; terminally wrong. Matthew Drudge offers ample evidence on a daily basis that it is not their fault; Matthew Drudge offers ample evidence that they are being pushed aside, just as black people did to whites in Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, Baltimore, Gary, and Detroit when they assumed power there.

A dude who heard gossip while managing the CBS Studio store and started an e-mail list is now offering a wetsuit to an ever-increasing percentage of people to whisk away the guilt that has manipulated their perception of the world for decades (for whites under 30 — since birth).

So, in closing: Dear Brent Budowsky,

“I took a dip in those waters of white guilt and came out refreshed. It was a reminder of what those who came before had created; what they had sustained; and the extraordinary depravations white liberals undertook to destroy it.”


Paul Kersey



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