A Pizza [Delivery] Boy Can Survive

You can have nice things, or you can have diversity.

This looks like black people live here… crap.

To paraphrase for the sake of this article: you can enjoy the benefit of having pizza delivered to your home, or you can continue to be silent about black crime/black dysfunction that makes being in the pizza delivery vocation such a dangerous proposition [Pizza robberies highlight danger, Cincinnati.com, 11-4-2003]:

Pizza delivery may soon be a thing of the past unless you have a credit card A rash of robberies of area pizza delivery drivers in recent weeks – including three in Cincinnati and two in Hamilton County – are a vivid reminder of how dangerous the job is.

In fact, pizza delivery is the fifth most dangerous job in America, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Local pizza store owners are painfully aware of those statistics. Kevin Leidecker, the 26-year-owner of NYPD Pizza in Northside, said his business avoids cell phone calls, scans caller ID to determine if a number represents a previous problem and encourages customers to pay with credit cards.

Several years ago five juveniles assaulted one of his delivery drivers, beating him “into a coma for $12.” Leidecker said that because of the concerns of drivers being robbed for the cash they’re carrying, he believes that within five years you won’t be able to order a pizza delivery without a credit card.

Would you believe an individual employed in the pizza delivery field has a more dangerous job then an electrical power installer?:

10 most dangerous jobs in America
Below, America’s top 10 most dangerous jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics:
1. Timber cutters.
2. Fishers.
3. Pilots and navigators.
4. Structural metal workers (e.g. bridge builders).
5. Driver-sales workers (e.g. pizza delivery drivers).
6. Roofers.
7. Electrical power installers.
8. Farm occupations.
9. Construction laborers.
10. Truck drivers 

 Is this why the St. Louis Police Department has decided to have undercover police officers deliver pizzas to areas that arouse “suspicions” of potential threats (i.e., communities with large black populations, where all the crime transpires in St. Louis)? Yes… yes it is [Undercover St. Louis County police to deliver pizzas in wake of driver killings, St. Louis Today, 11-9-12]:

Your next pizza order could arrive at the door in the hands of an undercover police officer.

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch on Thursday announced an unusual plan to have undercover cops deliver pizzas to parts of St. Louis County to deter armed robberies.

“If it’s a legitimate pizza order, they’re not going to know it’s a police officer,” Fitch said. “If a person has a sinister motive and they decide to rob one of our officers, it’s not going to be pretty.”

The strategy comes after Imo’s driver Brian W. Johnson was fatally shot Monday night while taking three pizzas to a home in Dellwood. Johnson, 39, was found dead in his car after being robbed of the pizzas and a cellphone.

Prosecutors have charged Earon Rivers, 17, in the killing. Police said they found him in a house with the empty pizza boxes and murder weapon. They also arrested three other teens and are pursuing charges against them.

Johnson was the second Imo’s pizza delivery driver slain in St. Louis County in six months. Imo’s driver Daniil Maksimenko, 22, was shot May 20 while delivering a pizza in Hillsdale, about five miles south of where Johnson was killed.

Fitch said he has never tried such a crime prevention idea before. Officers who typically work undercover drug cases will be assigned to pizza delivery, as needed, starting as early as Friday in areas where similar robberies have occurred. He said police are working with Imo’s and talking with other pizzerias that make deliveries in central and north St. Louis County and Florissant.

Police also will be working with pizza shops to help them identify orders that seem suspicious.

“Suspicious”? You mean deliveries to black people? “But.. but… it’s only a minority of black people that commit crimes… most are law-abiding, hard-working Americans,” you’ll hear some do-gooder sputter. 

No, they aren’t. 

The collapse of any city or county [with the immediate decline in property value and dissolution of the business community through a lack of buying power from blacks and a greater lack of self-control when it comes to refraining from loitering and thievery] that goes majority black is testament to this fact. 

Just look what has happened in 90 percent black Detroit when it comes to the complete breakdown of civilization as black people have remade the city in their image [Pizza Franchise Creates ‘Not After Dark’ Delivery Rule In Detroit After Driver Shot, CBS Detroit, 9-17-2012]:

Has it come to this? Yes it has, according to Joan McKenna, whose son Tim McKenna, 19, was shot while delivering pizza in Detroit.

In the wake of the shooting, a Jets Pizza franchise in Dearborn ruled it will no longer deliver to Detroit after dark. Before the shooting, they sent two drivers to every nighttime Detroit delivery, one of whom was armed, Joan McKenna said.

“They usually send somebody with a guy … who carries a gun,” she said. “Usually they have two go into Detroit after dark, if they have a delivery … One guy has a legal, he can carry a gun.  That night, Timmy was the only one left, they had this one run to do, he said ‘yeah, I’ll do it.’ He’s a kid, he doesn’t think anything’s going to happen to him.”
Tim McKenna was shot in the ribs, and the bullet hit a lung, but he survived and plans to return in the fall to Adrian College, where he plays football. Pizza delivery was his summer job.
“He can’t play football right now, he’s on the team at Adrian, it’s really hard … It went right in the chest, this guy shot him right in the chest,” Joan McKenna said, adding, “It was a robbery, the guy wanted his money, he hit the gas and the guy went ‘pop pop’ and he was shot in the chest.”

Her son had about $35 on him, which is what the drivers carry, McKenna said.

“I had no idea he was in this kind of danger, I really didn’t,” McKenna said. She and her husband returned to the neighborhood to hand out fliers listing a reward for whoever turns in the shooter, but even in daylight they were too afraid they would get shot driving around, McKenna said.

“I realize this is a terrible situation, it is tragic, but some people say it’s racist, we’re eliminating Detroit, we’re sectioning Detroit off from the rest of the world,” Langton said during his show on Talk Radio 1270, adding, “Some people will say ‘ Why should we let the acts of one stupid gun person, make a whole policy that alienates a city?’”
But Joan McKenna thinks any claims of racism are hogwash.

“You want to talk about racism? This has nothing to do with color, it has to do with people who are not willing to get up, plug in the coffee maker, and go to work … Come on, get a job, we’re not talking race here,” Joan McKenna said.

 Even in a life or death situation, we must always bow in deference to black people, who have created communities that are unsafe for pizza deliverymen to delivery too. How dare a company/corporation that is merely tasked with offering pizzas to a hungry consumer base consider refusing delivery to majority black communities; worse, how dare police go undercover as pizza deliverymen in a city like St. Louis where black crime threatens to drive away civilization.

Keep the change you filthy animal? 

No, keep your life. 



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