Tell Me About Ohio…

Let’s talk about the current racial state of Ohio…

“Tell me about Ohio,” inquires Col. William Tavington to Lord General Cornwallis in the movie The Patriot, hoping that after his actions – however barbaric, but necessary – in defense of the Crown will earn him generous land holdings once the American rebellion is put down.

Though Americans – white people – would defeat King George III’s Red Coats and earn their freedom from England, their descendants now find themselves living under a far worse tyranny then any white male wearing a powdered white wig (and donning wooden teeth) could ever imagine facing: Black-Run America (BRA). 

Now… let me tell you about Ohio. 

And it was the state of Ohio where we can point to and say, unequivocally, the current strategy of Republicans has failed. And it was an article published months before the election that provided the key reason as to why the GOP failed to provide a candidate that could unseat Barack Obama [Working-class voters in Ohio, CBS News, 9-19-2012]:

Fifty-four percent of the electorate is made up of white, working-class voters, according to the Brookings Institution. Romney has a hard time with them. In the Ohio primary,according to exit polls, he lost those making $50,000-$100,000 by 11 points to Rick Santorum, and lost those without a college degree, too. The good news is that Obama has also has trouble with these voters. He lost them in the 2008 primary to Hillary Clinton and he lost working-class white voters to John McCain by 18 points. Romney will probably win these voters in Ohio but his challenge is to win them by a big enough margin to overcome Obama’s strengths with young voters, minorities, and college graduates.

Mitt Romney was a horrible, horrible candidate. Not one of the talking heads representing the vast tentacles of Conservatism Inc. (and appearing on FOX News) dares mention this fact. Instead, laying out the red carpet to the Hispanic Conquest of America seems the only logical conclusion to “Taking America Back” and ensuring the survival of the Republican Party.

 New York Times map from 2009 showing EBT usage in Ohio (percent of white people in counties)

But what if… what if Mr. Romney’s crack team of high-priced consultants had just said, “Hey, let’s actually be the party for those people who cling to their guns and religion instead of just reflexively neglecting to campaign at them, thinking their vote is in the bag.”

New York Times map from 2009 showing EBT usage in Ohio (percent of black people in counties)

Byron York wrote two columns dealing with the “Ohio Problem” Romney faced in 2012, but instead of actually trying to enlarge his share of the white, the GOP has decided to follow the Democrat playbook and engage in the “electing a new people” strategy [In Ohio, the GOP puzzles over missing white voters, Washington Examiner, 11-12-12]:

In 2008, John McCain got 2,677,820 votes in Ohio. In 2012, according to a still-unofficial tally from the Ohio Secretary of State, Mitt Romney got 2,583,582. If before the election you had said to any politically involved Ohio Republican that Romney would receive fewer votes than McCain, you would have gotten a blank stare in return. “I would not have believed that,” says Alex Triantafilou, head of the Republican Party in Hamilton County, a critical swing area that includes Cincinnati. “I would have argued strongly that that was not going to be the case.”

Before the voting, Romney officials said constantly the race in Ohio would be close. It was. President Obama won Ohio by 107,259 votes out of about 5.3 million votes cast, according to the Secretary of State’s office — 50.18 percent to Romney’s 48.18 percent.

Republicans faced two big problems. The first is that a lot of black voters turned out. The second is that a lot of white voters didn’t.

In 2008, when Obama first won Ohio, blacks were about 11 percent of the electorate. (They are about 12 percent of Ohio’s population.) This time, blacks were 15 percent of the electorate. There has been no population explosion of African-Americans in those four years. Obama simply succeeded in getting more black voters to the polls than he did four years ago. Given the high level of black enthusiasm for Obama in 2008 — big turnout, 97 percent for Obama — that probably seemed impossible to most Republican strategists. It wasn’t. That four-percentage-point increase in black turnout produced about 200,000 votes, more than Obama’s winning margin in the state.

Four years ago, white voters were 83 percent of the Ohio electorate. This year they were 79 percent. There has been no implosion of the white population in Ohio in those years. There was simply lower turnout among white voters — somewhere in the 200,000 range, which is, again, more than Obama’s winning margin. (Latino voters weren’t a major factor in Ohio; they were 4 percent of the electorate in 2008 and 3 percent this time.)

York’s other column is here, where he pointed out there is nothing wrong with Paul Ryan pointing out that “urban areas” went almost 100 percent for Obama. 

In 2012, the black population in Ohio is almost entirely due to the “Great Migration” of black people from the south in the early portions of the 20th century that saw poor black people swamp almost entirely white cities in the search of a better life.

That white people could create communities where ingenuity flourished and jobs were plentiful stood diametrically opposite the type of communities black people created. Indeed, the sorrowful economic state of Akron and Cleveland in 2012 is directly correlated to the influx of black people to these cities.

Sure, there was voter fraud throughout the 2012 election … but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and black people voting as a monolith for a black candidate [If We Lose, It Was Stolen/Why conservatives still think urban voter fraud rigged the election, Slate, 11-14-12]:

There is a common thread: a total lack of evidence that any fraud occurred. Let’s start in Cleveland, where bloggers have been writing about more than 100 precincts where Obama won at least 99 percent of the vote and 16 precincts where Mitt Romney won no votes at all. “How in the world did this happen?” asked an anonymous author at YoloHub. 

“Third world dictators don’t even get 99 percent of the vote.” But black Democrats do, sometimes, get 99 percent or more of the vote in black precincts. 

In 2008, Obama actually pitched a shutout in 18 Cuyahoga County precincts. And you would expect him to. In 2008, Obama won 97 percent of the black vote in Ohio. In 2012, it was 96 percent. In Pennsylvania this year, he won 93 percent of the black vote and 80 percent of the Hispanic vote. This was why Obama could clean up in precincts that are almost entirely black or Hispanic. 

There are places where Obama won less than 10 percent of the vote. In King County, Texas, he won exactly five votes to Romney’s 135. But nowhere was Obama’s loss among white voters as stark as Romney’s loss among urban blacks.

Death… taxes… and black people voting for a black candidate (Uncle Tom’s don’t count — black people aren’t color blind and they can spot a sellout from a mile away).

It’s funny: Romney said “gifts” to key demographic groups propelled Obama to the White House; “Obama Phone”growth was greatest in the Buckeye state.

In 2009, the New York Times provided these statistics on Food Stamp/EBT usage in the state of Ohio:

  • Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) – 40 percent of blacks/ 8 percent of whites
  • Franklin County (Columbus) – 41 percent of blacks/ 9 percent of whites
  • Montgomery County (Dayton) – 36 percent of blacks/ 9 percent of whites
  • Lucas County (Toledo) – 46 percent of blacks/ 12 percent of whites
  • Hamilton County (Cincinnati) – 33 percent of blacks/ 5 percent of whites
  • Summit County (Akron) – 40 percent of blacks/ 8 percent of whites
Romney offered white voters in Ohio… nothing. Obama offered black voters in Ohio… his blackness. 

This is the lesson of Ohio (besides the “Great Migration of Blacks” turning many parts of the state into a reflection of the very communities – economically blighted and poor, with low property values, high crime rates, and zero entrepreneurial spirit outside of drug sales –   their ancestors previously fled).

What was it we fought King George III for again? Oh… that’s right.


Which means: The turning of Akron, Ohio over to gangs of violent black people who attack white families on Independence Day, shouting, “This is a black world!



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