Hammer Down Protocol: Houston, We Have a Big Problem

George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary action.”

The power of words to stir up Organized Blackness…

We learned the fragility of the system that governs America – and the entire Western world – back in 2010 when a couple of innocent kids used the PA-system at Wal-Mart to announce, “All black people must leave the store.”

A national scandal erupted over this harmless prank. A year later, a lawsuit was introduced in court over the emotional torture and psychological discomfort this action had upon black ears.

Now a new scandal is erupting in Houston that threatens to turn into yet another example of bigotry that won’t die [Notice at apartment complex targets young blacks, Houston Chronicle, 11-20-12]:

A notice posted at a southwest Houston apartment complex warning residents to report black youths on the property has outraged some Houston community leaders.
The leasing employee at Rock Springs Apartments, 9000 Town Park, said she had no knowledge of the notice, which reads: “We ask you to please contact the office immediately every time you see teenagers or adolescents of African-American race or any other suspicious people in the property.”

When she was shown a photograph of the notice, taken moments earlier from a bulletin board in a laundry room at the complex, the employee said that “someone must have put it there.”

In an email sent late Tuesday, a person identified as the property manager of the apartments agreed.

“We are always careful what kind of notices we put out,” the email sent by K.K. Singh states. “Our notices are always dated and signed. You should be assured that this notice was never posted by our office. It appears someone has successfully fabricated it and been able to attract the attention of the media and take away their precious time from other momentous issues.”

Attempts to reach Singh were not successful.

Free Press Houston was the first to report on the warning. An employee reportedly told the website that managers published the notice, but would not say why.

In English and Spanish

DeLoyd Parker, of S.H.A.P.E. Community Center, said the notice did not surprise him.
“It’s typical of racist views constantly perpetuated by people who just don’t want people of color to be a part of their experience,” Parker said.

He called on the city of Houston Housing Department and Department of Housing and Urban Development to investigate.

The notice was posted in English and Spanish. Many residents at the apartment complex are Hispanic.

The notice shows that racial profiling is alive and well in Houston, said community activist Deric C. Muhammad, of the Houston Ministry of Justice.

 The announcement at Wal-Mart for “All black people to leave the store” was only spoken in one language; good of the fine citizens of an almost entirely non-white apartment complex to post a message in both English and Spanish, a perfect example of furthering international relations when it comes to warning citizens of the problems black criminality poses to the health and vibrancy of a community.

Not to mention the ability to attract new renters…

Don’t worry, Organized Blackness is on its way to the rescue of aggrieved black criminals everywhere [Green asks feds to look into letter warning of blacks, Houston Chronicle, 11-21-12]:

U.S. Rep. Al Green has asked federal officials to look into a notice that was posted at an apartment complex asking residents to report African-American youths or “suspicious persons.”

The notice was posted at the Rock Springs Apartments, 9000 Town Park, in southwest Houston. Green, D-Houston, whose district includes the complex, wrote to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice on Wednesday, requesting that the agencies “take appropriate action.”

The property manager has denied the office posted the sign.

Property manager K.K. Singh said Wednesday that she believed a disgruntled resident, who was recently asked to leave the complex, had fabricated the notice.

“We asked her not to renew her lease because she caused so many problems for us,” Singh said. “She did this fraud and everything.”

Singh said the letter’s format does not match official notices sent by the complex. The complex has hired a lawyer and reported the incident to police. Singh said she will show them text messages and video of the woman she believes is responsible for the notice.

The notice found posted in the complex’s laundry room reads, “We ask you to please contact the office immediately every time you see teenagers or adolescents of Afro-American race or any other suspicious people in the property.”

The notice outraged community leaders.

“Regardless as to whether this was a prank or serious effort to circumvent constitutional rights, it is something that should not go unnoticed,” Green said in a statement. “Just as we took affirmative action against the hanging of nooses to intimidate, we must take affirmative action to prevent invidious stereotyping and/or odious profiling.

It will never end. Much like that made-up noose in Jena, Louisiana, the past must always be brought up to put white people in their racist place. Though the Department of Justice reports violent crime against white people rose 17 percent in 2011, the narrative, the song must always remain the same; a never-ending loop of “white people are racist” being blasted in the heads of a population seemingly incapable of just pushing the power button.

An apartment complex that is little more than a barrio has now become the center of attention in the universe of Organized Blackness; and yet the truth of “warning” to residents of the dangers of “African American” are backed by empirical data and facts that must be suppressed with the righteous anger of a civil rights movement that won’t stop until every city is turned into 2012 Detroit [Study: Houston leads large cities in killings by black youths, Houston Chronicle, 12-30-08]:

As violent crime nationally slows in growth or declines, the United States is facing a dramatic β€” but hardly noticed β€” increase in murders by and of young African-American men, a Northeastern University study released today reports.

Between 2002 and 2007, the number of black male juveniles murdered nationally increased by 31 percent and the number of black perpetrators by 43 percent. The increases were even greater, the report said, when guns were used as weapons.

Focusing on the period between 2000-01 and 2006-07, the study found Houston at the top of a list of 28 U.S. cities, with a 139 percent increase in the number of young African-Americans suspected in killings.

In 2006-07, 129 young black men were murdered in the city, up from 42 in 2000-01.
Those increases came as homicides by and of young white men slowed or declined. In Houston, the number of white offenders dropped by 10 percent. Nationally, FBI statistics showed murder decreased 1.3 percent in 2007 from the previous year.

“I don’t want to suggest that this is an epidemic, a crisis situation,” said study co-author James Fox, professor of criminal justice and law, policy and society at the university in Boston. “But it’s absolutely a growing concern, not a one-year blip.”

“Kids can’t wait, and crime doesn’t wait,” Fox said. “There is a significant need here β€” a large group of kids with inadequate, inferior education and a ready access to guns. A teenager with a gun in his hand is a dangerous individual.”

Houston community activist Quanell X called the study a “blanket indictment of the city and government officials in the city and a greater indictment of ministers and political leaders of the African-American community.”

He called for a citywide black leadership summit to find ways to end the violence.
“Until African-American leaders, both spiritual and political, male and female, can get into that room and check their egos at the door and say, ‘To hell with party politics,’ and walk out of that room with a plan all of us can have a part in,” the killings will continue, he said.

 Turn your head from the truth.  Go ahead. Just look away.

“Urban” areas across this nation are dangerous for one reason — black people. Property values across this nation fall and “blight” is created because of the contributions of one particular group  — black people. Once profitable business parks and malls shutter their doors for one reason — black people. Suburbs exist for one reason — so married couples can raise their young families in safe communities free of the problems that universally follow black people.

In one bilingual announcement at an apartment complex in Houston (where few white people, if any, reside), we see once again the fragility of Black-Run America (BRA).

A thin line exists between civilization and barbarism: we now know it’s a color line, a demarcation that was eradicated in the 20th century, supposedly for the good of mankind.

Strangely, black people are now safer in majority white communities then they are in majority black communities, but this fact isn’t up for debate. Only the looming specter of ‘nooses’, ‘burning crosses’, and people dressed in ghost paraphernalia can be brought up in a white person dare assert that the white community has interests.

Just like in the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin story, we will soon read that those Latinos in this apartment complex were merely ‘white Hispanics’…

Telling the truth… it’s a revolutionary act, one that instantly causes Organized Blackness to go into spasms, knowing Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) donations are close to being secured in the war on hate.  

But in each moment… a few new people are introduced to the truth, the realization that this experiment in white people being color-blind and every other race on earth bathing in the illuminating light of their color is… a rigged game.



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