Demography is Destiny: Chicago as a Case-Study for America’s Future

New column up at — Mitt Romney, Bernard Epton, And The Chicagoization Of America:

The 1983 Chicago Mayoral Race = A Case-Study for the future of US Politics?

Another day in the death of Chicago: The South Side funeral of a murdered gang member was disrupted Monday by what appears to have been a revenge shooting (Cops: Gang member killed, another seriously wounded at funeral, By Jeremy Gorner, Liam Ford and Carlos Sadovi, Chicago Tribune, November 26, 2012).

But Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the Second City is the blueprint for the New America. And certainly with a population that is almost 1/3 white, 1/3 black, and 1/3 Hispanic, Chicago looks like the racial pie that both Democrats and Republicans seem hurried to bake as the future of the United States.
Emanuel wrote recently:

 “Demographics alone are not destiny. There is nothing in this year’s election returns that guarantees Democrats a permanent majority in the years to come. President Obama and the Democratic Party earned the support of key groups—young people, single women, Latinos, African Americans, auto workers in the Rust Belt and millions of other middle-class Americans—because of our ideas.” [How to Rebuild America, Washington Post, November 23, 2012]

Emanuel’s “ideas” are just neoliberal boilerplate about public-private “coordinated investment” a.k.a. spending, plus (of course) “comprehensive immigration reform.”
But, actually, demographics are destiny. Obama won reelection from black voters primarily because he too is black; he won reelection from other minority groups because of anti-white racism and, as Patrick J. Buchanan noted in defense of Mitt Romney, because he offered more goodies.

Read the rest over at VDare, but be sure to send this one to your Republican friends who still holds out hope that the “black vote” will turn around, or that Hispanics are natural conservatives. 



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