Chicago vs. Newtown III: A Horse of a Different Color

The Blog ‘Crime in Chicago’ reports that 62 school age children have been murdered in Chicago this year; the site also reports that 446 school age children have been shot this year in Chicago. They didn’t list any names, just numbers; no links to the stories, just numbers. 

Not cool. Always back your story with irrefutable facts and document your claims kids. 

Just a few minutes of investigating turned up this story from The Daily Beast, published on June 29 of this year [Obama Must Speak Out on Chicago Carnage That Kills Too Many Kids], detailing the death of a young black girl – seven year old Heaven Sutton – who was killed by a black gangbanger:

The 20th youngster under age 17 to join the list of people shot to death in Chicago this year was a magical little girl who loved to dress up, who always had a way of making people smile, and who proved in every way how right it was she was named Heaven. 

She was not the youngest little girl on the list. That tragic distinction belongs to 6-year-old Aliyah Shell, who also was sitting outside with her mother when gunfire erupted on her block. The mother, Diana Aguilera, was doing Aliyah’s hair in preparation for a birthday party on a sunny March afternoon and pitched forward to shield her. But Aliyah was seized by the same impulse that would grab Heaven, and she leapt up to seek the sanctuary of home. A bullet fatally struck her before she could take a step. 

A 13-year-old boy was shot to death a few days after Aliyah was killed, and another 13-year old was shot to death a few days before Heaven was killed, and there were too many other youngsters in between. But the two little girls are what should force Obama to finally break his shameful silence about the carnage in his home city.

Who is doing the living and dying in Chicago; and who pays for it

All a story like the death of Heaven Sutton does is reinforce why white people choose not to live around black people; why expose yourself to what can only be called acts of “Spontaneous Blackness” that are so common to not even elicit a reaction anymore. The Daily Beast editorialized that President Obama must do something about gun violence – really, it’s just black people using guns to engage in violent acts – and no one cared. 

But the Sandy Hook Massacre in 95 percent white Newtown… that’s a horse of different color. 

MSNBC caught on to this reality, the cold indifference of most people to the reality of gun crime in America (it being largely a black problem), juxtaposed with the reaction to Newtown [In Newtown’s shadow, Chicago’s bleak gun toll goes on, PoliticsNation, 12-20-12]:

Her name never made national news. There were no headlines screaming for gun control. There were no teary eyes in the White House. And no one dared utter the obligatory, ‘it’s not supposed to happen here,’ as they so often do when the young and innocent are so tragically taken.

Heaven Sutton was seven years old when she was killed last summer, struck by a stray bullet as she sold candy and snow cones in her front yard on the eve of Chicago’s hottest day of the year.

Her grief stricken mother pleaded for peace. The mayor expressed his outrage. And Chicago—where gun violence is as routine as the L train into the South Side—buried yet another of its young. Heaven joined the more than 270 school aged children to be killed in Chicago in just three years.

Few outsiders will know the names on that list.

But last Friday, on the heels of the horrific killing of 27 people in Newtown, Conn., including 20 first graders, a renewed national debate over America’s access to guns has been sparked. With it a closer look at gun control and gun violence in cities like Chicago, where young people—some of them as young as those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary—have been dying for years in steady, violent trickles with little more than local notice.

Some have died over turf. Some over the spoils of the city’s lucrative drug trade. Still others, particularly the youngest among them, are far too frequently caught in the abyss between a bullet and the lack of effective gun legislation to keep illegal weapons off the streets.

“These mass shootings get the news but they are just the tip of the iceberg, a tiny percent of the gun violence we see in America,” said David Hemenway of the Harvard School of Public Health. “The big issue is always guns. And if we can figure out a way to make it more difficult for inner city gangs to have very easy access to guns, we’ll be making a tremendous difference.”

Others blame a criminal justice system that fails to prosecute people caught with illegal weapons to the fullest extent of the law. Still others on police cutbacks.
Regardless of the roots, the cost of gun violence is astonishingly high in Chicago, calculated in both deaths and bullet- battered communities, but also dollars.

Roseanna Ander, executive director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab, said the resulting hospital stays, court cases and law enforcement costs related to gun violence, as well as indirect costs associated with residents and businesses leaving the city because of fear of crime and violence are extraordinary.

Anders estimates the cost to be about $2.5 billion annually, or $2,500 per household.
“If you removed the homicides that involve guns, the homicide rates would look like the U.K., London, and Western Europe,” Anders said. “It’s the guns that drive the homicide problems in Chicago.”

The city’s summer death toll even drew comparisons to war zones: 144 American soldiers had been killed in Afghanistan by June of this year; 228 Chicagoans had been killed during that same time period. Many of the dead were school age or teenagers.
The morning after Friday’s killings in Newtown, a headline in the Chicago Tribune read, “10 shot, including 4 teens, Friday afternoon and night.”

The sweeping tallies of violence have become a staple in local newspapers. The names of the victims have become almost secondary to the sheer volume of the violent episodes engulfing them.

“I think a lot of times in communities where this kind of violence takes place often, a lot of us become desensitized. But I think what this incident at Sandy Hook did is show that it can happen in places that you don’t expect,” said Norman Kerr, a youth advocate and outreach director for UCAN in Chicago.  “And I think that’s the way we should look at these things when they happen in Newtown or any other city. These things should always happen where you don’t expect it.”

The author of the MSNBC article, Trymaine Lee, never discusses the racial reality of these murders, shootings, or violence in Chicago. As you’ve no doubt learned from reading SBPDL, “guns don’t kill people, dangerous minorities do.” If you remove black people – be they law-abiding or a gangbanger -from Chicago’s population, the cost of gun violence would be a fraction of the purported $2.5 billion.


That’s the wonderful reality of the cost of “Manifest Destruction” to the city of Chicago, or what is still commonly known in polite parlance as the “Great Migration” of blacks from the southern states. 

This is why people buy guns; to protect themselves from dangerous black people. This is also why people live far away from black people and move away from communities or cities that see an increase in the overall black percentage of the population; to protect themselves from dangerous black people.

On May 23, 2012, The Black Star Journal reported on the incredible number of children killed in Chicago (recall that Chicago Public Schools – 400,000+ student enrollment – is only 8 percent white) and lists the names of each young person murdered [Between March of 2011 and March of 2012, 107 children and youth were killed in Chicago]:

1) Anthony Scott 19 3/16/2012 West Ridge Gunshot
2) Johnny Vargas 19 3/14/2012 South Lawndale Gunshot
3) Aliyah Shell 6 3/17/2012 South Lawndale Gunshot
4) Gustavo Reyes 19 3/14/2012 West Lawn Gunshot
5) Joshua Williams 16 3/8/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot -sidewalk
6) Chris Wormely 17 3/1/2012 South Deering Stabbing – School
7) Abert Guyton 15 2/28/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – sidewalk
8 ) George Howard 15 2/27/2012 Washington Park Gunshot – sidewalk
9) Damion Rolle 14 2/21/2012 Greater Grand Crossing Gunshot – apartment
10) Jamal Harris 19 2/19/2012 South Shore Gunshot
11) Edgar Delgado 17 2/18/2012 Avondale Gunshot – street
12) Deshun Winfert 15 2/5/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – street
13) Anton Sanders 15 1/20/2012 Rogers Park Gunshot-alley
14) Devonte Pippen 18 1/19/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – gas station
15) Kurtis Stanton 19 1/17/2012 Washington Heights Gunshot – sidewalk
16) Cory Campbell 18 1/10/2012 Auburn Gresham Gunshot – sidewalk
17) Christian Peggs 18 1/8/2012 Greater Grand Crossing Gunshot
18) Valentin Bahena 17 1/8/2012 Belmont Cragin Gunshot-apartment
19) Mark Watts 15 1/4/2012 West Englewood Gunshot-porch/hallway
20) Christina Thomas 6 mo. 1/2/2012 Englewood Child abuse
21) Nicholas Camacho 19 1/2/2012 Albany Park Gunshot – alley
22) Name Unknown 18 12/31/2011 Englewood Gunshot – vehicle
23) Jewels Selvie 19 12/28/2011 New City Gunshot – porch/hallway
24) Deontae Malone 15 12/28/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – street
25) Jawan Ross 16 12/27/2011 Englewood Gunshot – restaurant
26) Dantril Brown 17 12/27/2011 Englewood Gunshot – restaurant
27) Onay Lundy 18 12/12/2011 West Garfield Park Gunshot – streeet
28) Leon Deaknye 17 12/12/2011 Albany Park Gunshot – sidewalk
29) Kevin Branch 17 12/4/2011 Morgan Park Gunshot – residential yard
30) Dale Fisher 16 12/3/2011 Woodlawn Gunshot – sidewalk
31) Javon Saffore 17 11/28/2011 Austin Gunshot – street
32) Christopher Valdez 4 11/25/2011 Gage Park Child abuse – residence
33) Carlton Archer 17 11/10/2011 Woodlawn Gunshot – alley
34) Tarik Mandie 18 11/10/2011 Chatham Gunshot – street
35) Juan Sanchez 19 11/5/2011 West Town Gunshot – street
36) Alex Spikes 17 11/2/2011 Riverdale Gunshot – small retail store
37) Ravon Martin 18 11/1/2011 South Shore Gunshot – sidewalk
38) Marcus Nunn 17 10/28/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – sidewalk
39) Delvonta Porter 18 10/24/2011 South Shore Gunshot – widewalk
40) August Ayala 19 10/22/2011 North Lawndale Assault – street
41) Andre Vasquez 16 10/18/2011 Avondale Gunshot – residence
42) Marqwell Seaborn 17 10/17/2011 West Pullman Gunshot – sidewalk
43) Jayden Tufele 3 mo. 10/10/2011 Jefferson Park Child Abuse – residence
44) Ray Gibson 17 10/6/2011 Woodlawn Gunshot – street
45) Antonio Johnson 15 9/25/2011 Humboldt Park Gunshot – porch/alley
46) Omaria Beckon 2 mo. 9/22/2011 South Shore Child abuse – apartment
47) Steve McGee 17 9/19/2011 Washington Park Gunshot – sidewalk
48) Marvis Brown, Jr. 17 9/18/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – porch/alley
49) Devon Varner 18 9/13/2011 Washington Park Gunshot – sidewalk
50) Sadarius Sims 18 9/5/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot – sidewalk
51) Deandre Boatman 18 9/3/2011 East Garfield Park Gunshot – sidewalk
52) Rodney Kyles Jr. 19 9/3/2011 Lincoln Park Stabbing – sidewalk
53) Jaivon Sandifer 3 9/2/2011 Austin Stabbing – apartment
54) Davares Robinson 17 8/31/2011 East Garfield Park Gunshot – sidewalk
55) Joseph Price 14 8/21/2011 Austin Gunshot – sidewalk
56) Charinez Jefferson 17 8/16/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – sidewalk
57) Ricardo Vasquez 17 8/13/2011 New City Gunshot – street
58) William Sturgeon 19 8/10/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot – sidewalk
59) Arianna Gibson 6 8/7/2011 Englewood Gunshot – residence
60) Marshaun Taylor 16 8/7/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – street
61) Jose Serrano 17 8/4/2011 West Pullman Gunshot – alley
62) Ianah Sherrod 3 mo. 8/3/2011 Roseland Child abuse – apartment
63) Jermaine Smith 18 8/3/2011 South Shore Gunshot – sidewalk
64) Darius Brown 13 8/3/2011 Grand Boulevard Gunshot – park property
65) Ewonte Butler 18 7/29/2011 Austin Gunshot – sidewalk
66) Dazaray Brunt 17 7/26/2011 Englewood Gunshot – sidewalk
67) Sergio Torrez 15 7/22/2011 West Ridge Gunshot – sidewalk
68) Theodore Thomas 18 7/19/2011 Englewood Gunshot – street
69) Marcus London 19 7/17/2011 Washington Park Gunshot – sidewalk
70) Aiki Muhammad 17 7/16/2011 Englewood Gunshot – sidewalk
71) Cordre Hayes 18 7/12/2011 West Pullman Gunshot – street
72) Deonre Douglas 19 7/9/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot – sidewalk
73) Jeffrey Butler 19 7/9/2011 Englewood Gunshot – residential yard
74) Devonte Childress 18 7/6/2011 Englewood Gunshot – sidewalk
75) Martel Field 17 7/4/2011 Roseland Gunshot – alley
76) Ricardo Hall 19 7/3/2011 West Englewood Gunshot – street
77) Juan Baustista 16 6/29/2011 Brighton Park Gunshot – alley
78) Aaron Leonard 19 6/28/2011 Roseland Gunshot – street
79) Christopher Clark 17 6/27/2011 New City Gunshot – street
80) Adonis Bright 1 6/26/2011 Grand Boulevard Child abuse – apartment
81) Tony Morgan 19 6/23/2011 West Englewood Gunshot – street
82) Richard Gutierrez 13 6/22/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – sidewalk
83) Niko Santiago 17 6/16/2011 Lower West Side Gunshot – sidewalk
84) James Thomas 19 6/14/2011 West Garfield Park Gunshot – retail store
85) Jovany Diaz 15 6/13/2011 Humboldt Park Gunshot – residential yard
86) Estavion Green 18 6/13/2011 New City Gunshot – sidewalk
87) Jonathon Banks 19 6/10/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot – sidewalk
88) Dante Smallwood 18 6/8/2011 Ashburn Gunshot – sidewalk
89) Lamont Gogins 19 6/5/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot – gas station
90) Karla Allen 16 5/30/2011 New City Gunshot – street
91) Larry Parks 16 5/26/2011 Roseland Gunshot – sidewalk
92) Christian Pichardo 18 5/23/2011 South Chicago Gunshot – sidewalk
93) Terrance Boyd 16 5/21/2011 Austin Gunshot – sidewalk
94) Markell Stribling 16 5/20/2011 Loop Gunshot – sidewalk
95) Omar Estrada 18 5/19/2011 Rogers Park Gunshot – park
96) Timothy Wordlow 19 5/11/2011 Oakland Gunshot – street
97) Kabiru Adewunmi 18 4/26/2011 Chatham Gunshot – alley
98) Kingquintav Davis-Ringold 1 4/17/2011 Roseland Child abuse – residence
99) Luis Cordova 19 4/15/2011 Brighton Park Gunshot – alley
100) Omar Mendez 16 4/14/2011 South Lawndale Gunshot – sidewalk
101) Arturio Santana 16 4/13/2011 South Lawndale Stabbing – residential yard
103) Timothy Collins 19 4/12/2011 Ashburn Gunshot – street
104) Christopher Young 18 4/10/2012 Greater Grand Crossing Gunshot – sidewalk
105) Quintin Turner 18 4/8/2011 Kenwood Gunshot – street
106) Thurman Williams 18 3/28/2011 Hermosa Gunshot – sidewalk
107) Mokece Brown 17 3/27/2011 Austin Gunshot – alley

All these names are a reminder of why the Chicago Public School system is only 8 percent white; why white parents spend incredible sums of money to insulate their children from the real dangers of diversity; and why white people chose to commute two-hours everyday to work and back home instead of living near… diversity.

Do you understand what Chicago represents now? 



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