"These white folks need to be made believers that they are not in control.": American Exceptionalism and 2013 Detroit

Breaking down Detroit’s black population by decade (from “Now is the time!: Detroit black politics and grassroots activism” by Todd Shaw)

Detroit is nothing more then an example of “racial democracy”; when black people, no matter what percentage of a minority they may be, vote as a monolith, they can eventual take control of a city. 

Never forget that Detroit was 1.4 percent black in 1900; a century later, Detroit was 82 percent black. Today, Detroit is more than 90 percent black. 

“These white folks need to be made believers that they are not in control.” So texted Bobby Ferguson to then Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in 2012, discussing a white-owned construction company he would allegedly extort $5 million from, the Detroit News reported [Day 48: Bulging jeans, bank accounts, racial slurs, 1-4-13]:

Bobby Ferguson used racial terms to complain about a white-owned construction company that he laterallegedly extorted $5 million from, according to text messages shown to jurors Friday.

The racial terms were contained in text messages Ferguson sent to his pal Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in fall 2002 regarding construction company Walbridge Aldinger.

Ferguson sent a text message to Kilpatrick on Sept. 11, 2002, asking the mayor to meet with Walbridge CEO John Rakolta Jr., a national finance co-chair for failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The next month, Ferguson sent Kilpatrick another text.

“Walbridge is not playing ball black man,” Ferguson texted the mayor on Oct. 21, 2002. “These white folks need to be made believers that they are not in control.”
“Will call later,” Kilpatrick texted.

Walbridge eventually partnered with Ferguson on a Detroit water project called Baby Creek.

According to prosecutors, Ferguson, former Kilpatrick aide Derrick Miller and former Detroit Water boss Victor Mercado extorted Walbridge out of $5 million in work for Ferguson’s company. 

Funny, 92 percent black Detroit has a 100 percent city council… white’s aren’t in charge…

Yes, Detroit’s condition in 2013 is nothing more then a reflection of the contributions of its majority population: an entirely black politically-run city, with a majority black police force, and an exclusively black city council

More importantly, when looking at the demographic breakdown by decade for Detroit from “Now is the time!: Detroit black politics and grassroots activism” by Todd Shaw, notice the drop in the white population from 1960 – 1990 — a 72 percent white city became 75 percent black in the span of, as the cosmos are concerned, the blink of an eye. 

As Detroit is concerned — it was merely the undoing of civilization [Detroit’s 2012 murder rate higher than when it was Murder Capital, Detroit News, 1-3-13]:

The city’s murder total for 2012 continued an upward trend as the city recorded 386 homicides, up 42 from 2011’s killings. 

There were a total of 411 murders in the city last year when 25 justifiable homicides are added, including three police shootings. Last year’s 386 homicides was also up over 2010’s total of 308. 

With a homicide rate among the highest in the nation, Detroit residents are more likely to be killed now than nearly 40 years ago when the city was known as the Murder Capital, according to earlier unofficial data. 

Mayor Dave Bing and interim Police Chief Chester Logan announced the city’s official 2012 crime statistics Thursday morning during a press conference at City Hall. 

“We’ve just lost respect for each other, we’ve lost respect for life,” Bing said. “And in some kind of way, all of us have to get back involved in this to give back to this next generation.” 

Homicides increased about 10 percent in 2012, pushing the murder rate to 53 per 100,000 residents. That’s the highest among the nation’s top 20 most populous cities and had Detroit neck-and-neck with New Orleans for the worst rate among cities with more than 200,000 residents. 

Murders have declined nationwide for years, but by Thanksgiving, Detroit homicides in 2012 had surpassed the 344 tally for 2011. 

With a dwindling population, that’s the highest murder rate since the crack cocaine epidemic of the late 1980s, when it was about 60 per 100,000 residents. The rate is worse than 1974, when the city had a record 714 murders, or 51 per 100,000 residents. 

Detroit public safety officials specifically noted the prevalence of gun violence still in city streets. Police reported that guns were involved in 333 of the 386 criminal homicides. 

In addition, police also reported 1,263 non-fatal shootings in 2012, a rise over 1,244 in 2011. 

Among cities of more than 200,000 residents, poverty and murder are often linked. Detroit’s unofficial 2012 murder rate data ranked the city just below that of New Orleans, whose rate was 53 per 100,000 residents. Both have high levels of poverty — 41 percent in Detroit and nearly 30 percent in New Orleans. 

In contrast, just one-fifth of New York City’s population is in poverty, and the murder rate there is drastically lower. New York had 414 murders as of Friday; if it had Detroit’s rate, it would have had 4,400. 

“The difference of the city of New York and the city of Detroit is like night and day…” Logan said. “We as a community need to put our arms around one another and start to talk about some of these issues.” 

Officials also released statistics for other serious crimes, including: 

— Aggravated assaults dropped by 1.86 percent— Burglaries dropped by 12.85 percent— Larcenies were down by .12 percent— Unauthorized Driving Away of an Automobile rose by 6.44 percent— Rape dropped by 6.82 percent— Robberies increased by 1.92 percent

No, what is linked is this: that black people as individuals/families create a community (be it Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, etc.) where economic activity is impossible due to high rates of criminality and lower intelligence then their white/asian/hispanic counterparts are capable of creating.

Use the graph above to understand this graph…

Social trust and capital is non-existent in black communities, no matter how often you read/hear black people claim they are a “conservative” people who vote liberal.

Detroit is the example of the road to perdition that Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) sentimentality and logic will lead us; worse, as long as white conservatives (who cling to the robe of Saint Martin Luther King) remain color-blind, then we’ll continue slouching, not to Gomorra, but directly to Detroit.

The rise in the black population of Detroit between 1950 and 1970 was directly correlated to the rise in crime in the city; thus, the rise in the black population convinced white people to seek safer out safer communities free from the ravages of black crime.

The last ditch effort to make Detroit safe, when white people still controlled the city, was the implementation of the Stop The Robberies, Ensure Safe Streets initiative. Known as “STRESS” the police unit primarily targeted black people, since black people held a monopoly on violent crime in Detroit in the 1960s.

Coleman Young ran on a platform to disband STRESS, which was the last attempt of the white political machine in Detroit to maintain law and order; with his inauguration in 1973, the city became America’s Black Metropolis.

The rise in the black population, however, made it impossible for a white person to be judged by the content of their character when running for public office, because the black population found the color of their skin to be politically damning.

This rings true for Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis and an increasing number of cities across the nation as the concept of “racial democracy” becomes entrenched in city hall’s the country over.

Here’s the Detroit Free Press on the murder rate in 2012 [2012 was Detroit’s most violent in nearly 20 years; shootings, bloodshed have ‘become the norm’, 1-4-13]:

In 2012, Detroit saw 54.6 homicides per 100,000 residents. The highest rate before that was in 1993, when the city had a homicide rate of 57.6 per 100,000 residents.Since 1960, the bloodiest year in Detroit was 1987, when the city logged 686 killings and a homicide rate of 63.5 per 100,000 residents. 

The bulk of Detroit’s killings are the result of gun violence. In 2012, 333 of the city’s homicides were shootings, city officials said. 

Most of the victims were young, black men, based on information the Free Press obtained from the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office on all Detroit deaths deemed homicides through Dec. 14. 

The oldest victim during that time period, according to the medical examiner’s office, was 84-year-old Joseph Lewis, a church security guard who was fatally shot, and the youngest was 9-month-old Delric Miller IV, killed when his home was riddled with bullets from an assault rifle.City and police officials also announced Thursday an uptick in nonfatal shootings, from 1,244 in 2011 to 1,263 in 2012. 

On the first day of this year, a 16-year-old was shot at 2 p.m. while driving on the city’s west side, according to police.That’s just a slice of the gun violence that has plagued Detroit’s residents.“Gun play is a national problem,” Interim Chief Chester Logan said. “The problem lies not only with the police department; it lies with the press, it lies with the principal and it lies with the preacher and it lies with the parent.”

What the Detroit Free Press fails to mention is that, just like Chicago, Birmingham, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Baltimore, St. Louis, and hundreds of other cities in America, it is black males who are committing the murder, crime, and mayhem.

There’s your “American Exceptionalism” in 2013 — the black violence in America is everyone’s fault except black people themselves.

White folks aren’t in charge of America anymore, but it’s in their absence that Detroit has become 92 percent black; it’s with a 92 percent black population and a completely black dominated political landscape that Detroit has become a national disgrace.

American Exceptionalism — leave such talk for the 1950s, when Detroit was still an American city. 



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