Charlie LeDuff: Refusing to Acknowledge the Black Contribution to Detroit’s Death

Life in a 92 percent black city, as documented by the Fox Detroit Investigative Reporter Charlie LeDuff.

Charlie LeDuff, left, has put together a greatest hit video of 92% black Detroit in 2012

LeDuff is a funny guy (though he blocked the infamous SBPDL Twitter account for getting too real about the cause of Detroit’s demise: black people), reporting this on the nosedive black dominated Detroit took in 2012:

The year 2012, the Mayans said the world was going to end. It didn’t. We’re still here. But if you live in southeast Michigan, sometimes it felt like it was.

We tried to capture the whole thing on videotape. We’re telling the story of broken down ambulances, fire trucks that couldn’t pump water and police that sometimes never showed up. Public safety. It’s the No. 1 complaint. Although perhaps closely followed by a slue of sex scandals and a county exec in hot water. It was an interesting 2012 to say the least.

But it wasn’t all bad. Use the video player to watch all four parts of my year-special and even relive a few good stories from the past 12 months.

 Charlie, the demise of Detroit is directly correlated with the downfall of Birmingham: it’s race stupid.

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