Just Who is Doing the Killing and the Dying on the Streets of Chicago?

“Never let a good crisis go waste.” Someone said that, right? 

Well, the good folks at Jesse Jackson’s non-profit tax scheme, Rainbow PUSH, came together in late December to have a vigil for those white kids killed in Newtown. Knowing that the endless parade of blacks faces gunned down in violence on the nightly news of – well – every major city in America’s local news telecast only serves as a reminder of why white people enjoy the comfort and peace residential segregation brings, Jackson made his pitch for taking guns [Rainbow PUSH holds vigil for gun violence victims, ABC 7, 12-17-12]:

A call for action against gun violence was made at Rainbow PUSH in Chicago Monday evening. 

The vigil, which came in the wake of a massacre Friday at a Connecticut elementary school, was made in the memory of the young people killed by gun violence in Chicago this year. 

The chapel at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters was crowded with people who came to pray for the victims of the Newtown shooting and demand that their elected officials take action to prevent any further gun violence. 

“Congress should revive the ban on assault weapons. Number 2, universal background checks. Number 3, stop conceal and carry,” said Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow PUSH. 

Congressman Bobby Rush said he plans to jump into the gun control debate and reintroduce a bill that would require all guns to have identification numbers similar to vehicles. 

Also appearing at the vigil was Willie Williams, whose son, Willie Williams III, was shot and killed six years ago at the Ford City Mall. 

His son’s killer was sentenced to 110-years in prison just today. Williams says if the Newtown shooting doesn’t lead to gun regulations, he doesn’t know what will.“This is a disease, and we need everyone to come together to stop this,” said Williams.

 Mr. Williams is right, but we are misdiagnosing the virus here Rainbow PUSH. 

Quickly latching onto the momentum and grief generated by the Sandy Hook massacre is a smart-move, considering no such national sympathy can be garnered by the long-list of black (and brown) kids gunned down in Chicago. 

The only response to such black violence in Chicago is for moving vans to quickly arrive and pack away the belongings of the few remaining white people living near black neighborhoods. 

That’s it. 

Looking at the 2011 Chicago Murder Analysis PDF, provided by the City of Chicago Police Department, I believe I’ve concluded an reasonable theory as to why no one cares about the violence in Chicago, and, conversely, why so many were have allowed the emotional response to the mass-murder of white kids in Newtown to convince them of the need for gun control. 

Looking at five charts detailing murder, the victims of murder, and the arrest record of those murdered in Chicago will provide the clues: 

Murder Victims with Prior Arrest History in Chicago (1991-2011) [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Murder Victims in Chicago (1991-2011) with prior arrest histories [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Racial breakdown of murderers in Chicago (1991-2011) [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Breaking down the racial percentages of murderers (1991-2011) [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Murder Victims by Race in Chicago (1991-2011)

You see, the violence in Chicago – much of which took place while President Obama was a lowly community organizer there – is largely an act of thinning the herd, so to speak. The percentage of murder victims with a prior arrest record continues to rise, illustrating one particularly important legal fact: longer jail sentences might be needed. 

What do you see in the data, kindly supplied by the City of Chicago Police Department, that sticks out to you?



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