And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth (With Your Tax Dollars): Another Section 8 Riot

Not to be outdone by the black (okay, Somalian) subsidized housing riot in Columbus, Ohio only a month ago, black people in Taylor, Michigan have attempted to put to bed the memory of the Atlanta Section 8 Voucher of 2010 [Section 8 Housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control, ABC 7, 1-13-13]:

A chaotic scene erupted at the Taylor Human Services Center when the crowd waiting for a Section 8 Housing voucher distribution got out of control.

The center is located at Eureka and Lange Roads. That’s between on Eureka, between Beech Daly and Inkster.

Police say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center. Many were homeless, single moms, or disabled.  They were hoping to get help paying for their housing from the government.

“There was elderly, disabled people, pregnant single women. They were here for help, to get their section 8 vouchers.  It just shows you what a desperate need… some were here since yesterday,” said Rhianna Rodriguez.

7 Action News is being told there were 1,000 vouchers available and 5,000 people showed up trying to get one.

The crowd had grown overnight as more and more people arrived.  Witnesses say the line stretched for a mile down Lange Road.

Police say, when the time came for the vouchers to be distributed, there was a mad rush for the door.  Officers tried to control the crowd, but couldn’t.

Officers had to shut down several lanes of Eureka Road until the situation could be brought under control. The road is now reopened.

Several people were arrested. The rest were sent home. Today’s distribution has been canceled and will be rescheduled.

“There was a lady with an oxygen tank. She was elderly. When they told everybody they had to go home and they weren’t going to help, she was in tears,” said Rodriguez.

This act of Spontaneous Blackness is brought to you courtesy of the taxpayer, who subsidizes the cradle-to-grade society that allows the proliferation of an ever-growing underclass in America.
Six times the amount of people showed up in East Point (Atlanta) hoping to obtain Section 8 housing applications in what was an exclusively black affair. And yes, a riot erupted  [Housing crisis reaches full boil in East Point; 62 injured, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 8-11-10]:
Thirty thousand people turned out in East Point on Wednesday seeking applications for government-subsidized housing, and their confusion and frustration, combined with the summer heat, led to a chaotic mob scene that left 62 people injured.
At the Tri-Cities Plaza Shopping Center, emergency vehicles passed each other, transporting 20 people to hospitals. Medical and police command posts were set up on scene. East Point police wore riot gear. Officers from four other agencies supported them. Yet no arrests were made.
All of this resulted from people attempting to obtain Section 8 housing applications and, against long odds, later securing vouchers for affordable residences. Some waited in line for two days for the applications.
Renee Gray, a single mother holding her one-year-old daughter, Marion, came looking for a housing break and nearly got trampled, forcing her to run from the crowd and into the street.
“It could have been better organized,” said Gray, a customer service employee. “A lot of adults lost focus.”
Jacquelyn Cuffie, 50, of Duluth, used a walker to cross the parking lot and navigate the huge gathering, determined to improve her living situation. It didn’t matter how hot or crowded it got.
“It’s difficult to pay [the rent] with a disability check,” Cuffie said.
Offering applications for the first time since 2002, East Point Housing Authority officials had triple the crowd they anticipated, and one that was three-fourths of the 40,000 population of the south Fulton city. Things got out of hand when people started cutting into lines and authorities attempted to move groups to different areas.
Sgt. Cliff Chandler, East Point Police Department spokesman, said one flash point occurred early on. Authorities originally had lined up people to come into the front entrance of the Central Station Sports Cafe and receive the applications. However, when they saw the sheer number of people, the officials set up kiosks around the parking lot to hand out the applications, Chandler said.
Felecia McGhee, who came in search of her own Section 8 assistance, saw two small children trampled when people rushed the building that held the applications. When a group of people who had been waiting hours in a line were told to move to another line, people started pushing, shoving and cursing, witnesses said.

There’s nothing else to say, but this: We could have been on Mars… but we had to fund a black underclass instead; worse, we are importing poverty, crime, and greater government dependency through massive immigration. 



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