Picture This: Son of Obama (Wearing Hoodie) Strikes in New York City

CCTV tape in a New York City taxi captures a “Son of Obama” moments before he fired five bullets into a cab driver. Ghost of Trayvon Martin?

Ever wonder what George Zimmerman saw when he questioned Trayvon Martin? Well, the same thing Mr. Raphael Martinez saw before an unknown black assailant pulled a gun on him in New York City and shot him five times (though Mr. Martin didn’t have a gun, he was wearing a hoodie)…
[Caught on camera: Terrifying moment hooded gunman pointed his weapon at New York taxi driver – just seconds before he shot him three times, Daily Mail, 1-15-13]:  

This is the chilling moment a gunman was caught on security camera just seconds before shooting a taxi driver three times.

The bearded man jumped into the back of a cab in the Bronx area of New York in the early hours of Sunday, police said.

He then pulled out a gun and threatened driver Raphael Martinez, 54, in his cab around 5.10am when the driver did not understand his demands.

The attack was captured on the in-car security cameras.

According to the New York Post, police said he shot at the cab driver five times, hitting him twice, before waiting until the wounded, married father of three stumbled outside the vehicle — and shot him again.

Police said the incident happened at White Plains Road and Lafayette Avenue in the Soundview section.

Now do you you understand why taxi drivers, who are in the business of getting both tips and living, don’t pick up black people?

Is that the ghost of Trayvon Martin in the photo? No… just another black male working hard to destabilize a society that coddles them from cradle-to-the-grave. 



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