A Preview of the Paul Kersey speech tomorrow at the VDare Webinar

It took some time to come up with a subject matter for my talk at the VDare Webinar tomorrow (be sure check it out). I’ll be joining Steve Sailer and James Kirpatrick for what should be a highly entertaining and provocative panel discussion on the types of topics Conservatism Inc. would – quite literally – fall over themselves running away from.

Be sure to join others in watching the Webinar live from the comfort of your own home.

I was having trouble coming up with a topic, because I wanted to talk about something new and fresh. So no Atlanta, Chicago, Birmingham, or Detroit.

No comparison of the “Great Migration” of blacks to northern cities of yesterday (poetic justice for the Civil War in the form of “Manifest Destruction”?) to the waves of legal and illegal immigrants of today…

No sports; no movies. No pop culture.

But then, on the flight to the location of the Webinar, it dawned on me: a quick search of YouTube provided the ultimate inspiration.

So, until tomorrow, I leave you with a tease…



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